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Canis Major is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Sand Wolf's model from Final Fantasy X. Canis Major is a fairly easy enemy with low Defense and Magic Defense. Use either magic or physical attacks to bring it down.

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G-Get away from me! I swear I'll bite you! Those hands better not be going where I think they are! S-Stop that! Don't touch me!! Ack, enough! I'm horribly ticklish!
Unhhh... I'm starving! Ugggh, just a little something to eat. Even just a morsel! Oh? Wh-What's this then? Food? Food? Where? Like I could have it. I'm just a fiend! B-But... this smell! I can barely contain myself. Grrraaaaaah!
Ahhh, is there nothing fun to do? So bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. I can barely stand it! You mean... you'll play with me? Don't bother. It's too embarrassing. Gah! Stop it! Stop, I say! Don't tickle me! I'm way too sensitive! It's too much, but... so fun.
C'mon, Shinra, play with me! Hey, why not? Busy? Busy!? Are you suuure? All right, I've no choice but to call the boss! BOOOOOOSSS! Hey, Boss! Will ya take me for a walk? Please? Pretty please?

In the Fiend Tale ending, Shinra, who turned the lone wolf into an excitable and playful puppy, runs off so Canis Major can live freely, using a game as a distraction.

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Canis Major is a constellation with the well-known bright star Sirius.

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