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The party camping.

When you make camp at a haven, your EXP is tallied, and the four friends enjoy a meal. Tallying EXP is required in order to increase characters' levels. Status boosts earned from meals take effect the next morning. Both aspects are vital for surviving the adventure.

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Camp (キャンプ, Kyanpu?) is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy XV. At predesignated sites called havens, Noctis Lucis Caelum and his allies fast-forward time until the dawn of the next day. They use accumulated EXP to level up, and Ignis Scientia cooks food for his comrades that fully restores their HP and provides them with a variety of status buffs. Noctis can train at campsites by fighting against his comrades.

Noctis and his friends can also sleep in trailers, inns, and other civil accommodations. These offer the same benefits as camping, but they also increase the amount of experience the party has earned in accordance with their cost. Ignis does not cook in these facilities, and Noctis cannot train.


So those out on the road at dusk should seek refuge at a haven?

Newscaster on radio

Rather than just being a gameplay element, the existence of havens is acknowledged in the world. After Insomnia's fall, Hunter Dave is interviewed on radio, the interviewer asking if those on the road at dusk should seek refuge at a haven. Dave affirms, saying that the havens are "holding strong" despite the world having lost the Oracle's protection. He reminds that the havens lasted the four years the world was without a working Oracle after Lady Sylva passed away, before Lady Lunafreya took up the position. Dave says that the hunters patrol the havens to make sure they stay safe. The exchange implies that the people of Eos believe that the havens repel daemons due to the powers of the Oracle.

Kimya Auburnbrie, Dave's now-estranged aunt, was expelled by the hunters due to her "black magic" potion-brewing, but she is said to be crafting concoctions that strengthen the charms on havens. The menace dungeons' havens have monoliths with blue glowing runes, similar to the ones on havens found in the wild. Whether the havens are naturally occurring, or specifically erected by an Oracle or another divine host, is unknown. Royal tombs used to likewise repel daemons, but this effect has since been lost.

The magical nature of havens is also exemplified in the elemental deposits found near them.


Campsites are represented by tent-shaped icons on the map. On the field, they appear as trails of smoke that rise from an inactive campfire, and the campgrounds are covered in glowing blue runes. For player convenience, Noctis and his friends can fast-travel to their last resting place. Patch 1.21 implements a standby option at camp to advance the time of day until morning (8 AM) or until nightfall (5 PM) (the night grows longer every chapter until resetting in Chapter 15).

The Food menu.

At camp, Ignis cooks many types of food. Each dish has a variety of effects. Food is cooked using ingredients the player collects from shops, felled monsters, procurement points, and fishing. Some foods do not require ingredients; this enables the player to camp despite an empty inventory. Rented chocobos can be fed at camp; they receive buffs like Noctis and his friends through attribute-boosting greens. The buffs' duration can be extended via Ascension unlocks, and fast-forwarding time does not lose food buffs.

After making camp, Prompto showcases the photos he took during the day's adventures. The player can save and archive their favorites.

Tours begin at camp; these are special sidequests in which Noctis teams up with one of his companions to explore a specific area near their chosen campsite. The time of day does not change until a tour has been completed. Quests that require for the quest-giver to call Noctis initiate the call after the player rests either at camp or a lodging after the requirements are met.

When driving Regalia Type-D, the player can't park on havens. While the scenes that play when Noctis and his friends go camping are random, only their tent appears onscreen if it is raining.

The Exploration grid on the Ascension unlocks abilities that enhance camping.

Name Effect AP
Aftertaste Extends the effects of camp meals to the following sunrise. 18
Lingering Aftertaste Extends food effects from camp to the sunset of the next day. 99
Persistent Aftertaste Extends food effects from camp to the sunrise after the next day. 333
Appetize Gain 1 AP from cooking a party member's favorite food. 20
Happy Camping Increases AP gained from camping to 2. 20
Happier Camping Increases AP gained from camping to 3. 48

Training sessions[]

Final Trial.

Noctis can train at camp by battling his allies. New training sessions are gradually unlocked, and Aranea was added in patch 1.21. Finishing a training session the first time yields 5 AP. Aranea can first be fought when she is a guest as part of the story; the player can stay at the haven by the Vesperpool and choose to train. She is later available in Chapter 15 for her high level trials. Training is available on havens on the continent of Lucis when the required party members are present. When Gladiolus is away in Chapter 7, the player can only train with Aranea while she is a guest.

The player can use the Ring of the Lucii against the bros in Chapter 15. The player can use Armiger, but there are no point-warp spots and summons never trigger. The player can train in any time of day and in any weather. The training partners' stats and gear are not the same as when they are party members, and their food buffs don't carry over to their training partner forms.

Train with Gladiolus
Name Level Opponent(s) Reward
Basic Drills 5 Gladiolus (Crownsguard Fatigues) None
Serious Practice 10 Gladiolus (Casual Outfit) None
Vs. Gladiolus and Ignis 20 Gladiolus & Ignis (Crownsguard Fatigues) None
Vs. Gladiolus and Prompto 30 Gladiolus & Prompto (Crownsguard Fatigues) None
Vs. Everyone 45 Gladiolus, Ignis & Prompto (Casual Outfit) Gold Bangle
Final Trial 90 Gladiolus, Ignis & Prompto (Crownsguard Fatigues [No Jacket]) Blue Diamond Bracelet
Train with Aranea
Name Level Reward
Basic Drills 27 None
Advanced Drills 50 None
Applied Practice 99 Anklet of the Gods
Final Exam 120 Dark Matter Bracelet

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus[]

Gladiolus and Cor at camp.

The player can replenish HP and save their game at havens, but the player won't earn EXP and can't cook. Gladiolus will eat Cup Noodle when he stays at a haven and has an option to chat with Cor Leonis.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto[]

Haven in arctic wilderness.

Ebony coffee vending machines serve in lieu of havens, where the player can replenish HP and save their game. When out in the wilderness there is a haven by a thawed lake where the player can stay, but Prompto only has canned food to eat.

The A Fireside Chat Archive Highlight is obtained at the camp with Aranea in the party.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis[]

Ignis and Ravus at a haven.

Stacks of relief supplies serve in lieu of havens, where the player can replenish HP and save their game. The party is not depicted eating, but Ignis still gains buffs from resting at the havens.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn[]

Ardyn reads a magazine in FFXV Episode Ardyn.png

Park benches serve in lieu of havens, where the player can save their game. Ardyn will read a magazine and drink a can of Ebony.


List of havens[]

Haven Location Map Info
Cotisse Haven North from Hammerhead. Cotisse-Haven-Map-FFXV.png Stirred, not Shaken tour with Ignis.
Criclawe Haven Southwest of Hammerhead, near the Three Valleys Criclawe-Haven-Map FFXV.png
Brackham Haven Ostium Gorge near Insomnia blockade Brackham-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Pallebram Haven In the western valley of the Three Valleys Pallebram-Haven-FFXV.png
Merrioth Haven Three Valleys (south from parking spot) Merrioth-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Palmaugh Haven Just west of the inaccessible imperial base near the gate to Insomnia Palmaugh Haven in FFXV.png The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead tour with Prompto
Fayemoor Haven Northwest of Hammerhead Fayemoor Haven map in FFXV.png
Lepellieth Haven South of Prairie Outpost Lepellieth-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Entethina Haven Near Norduscaen Blockade at the western edge of Leide, next to parking spot Entethina-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Emmelle Haven North of Balouve Mines parking spot Emmelle Haven map in FFXV.png
Vennaugh Haven North of Galdin Quay, along the canyon road Vennaugh-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Lachyrte Haven By the beach north of Galdin Quay Lachyrte-Haven-Map-FFXV.png Rise and Shine and Run tour with Gladiolus
Noctis can camp here with Umbra in Chapter 14
Digythe Haven Southeast of Coernix Station - Alstor along the road, near the northern end of the Nebulawood Digythe-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Ausace Haven North of Wiz Chocobo Post, near the Nebulawood Ausace-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Killiam Haven East of Wiz Chocobo Post, near Fociaugh Hollow Killiam-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Pullmoor Haven Northwest of Alstor Slough Pullmoor-Haven-Map-FFXV.png Up Close and Personal tour with Prompto
Lingagh Haven Rydielle Ley Lingagh-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Sothmocke Haven East of Aracheole Stronghold Sothmocke Haven map in FFXV.png The party must camp here before invading Aracheole Stronghold in Chapter 5.
Turncouth Haven Southeast from Disc of Cauthess, near parking spot Turncouth-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Oathe Haven West of Costlemark Tower Oathe-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Fallaughns Haven West of Cauthess Rest Area Fallaughns-Haven-Map-FFXV.png The Chopping Block tour with Ignis
Narcie Haven Southeast of Lestallum Narcie Haven map in FFXV.png
Wainterre Haven Kelbass Grasslands west from the imperial base Wainterre-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Dainse Haven North of Fort Vaullerey Dainse-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Lambath Haven Southwest of Burbost Souvenir Emporium Lambath Haven map in FFXV.png A Flower for Iris tour with Gladiolus
Mynbrum Haven Northeast of Burbost Souvenir Emporium Mynbrum Haven map icon in FFXV.png
Alkyrie Haven Coernix Bypass Alkyrie-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Telghey Haven East of Malmalam Thicket by the parking spot Telghey-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Kellebram Haven Inside Malmalam Thicket Kellebram-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Owlyss Haven On the Rock of Ravatogh Owlyss-Haven-Map-FFXV.png
Spelcray Haven West of Cape Caem on the shoreline Spelcray-Haven-Map-FFXV.png The party can camp here with Iris in Ch.6
Strike a Pose! tour with Prompto
Capitis Haven Near the Vesperpool parking spot Capitis-Haven-Map-FFXV.png The party can camp and train here with Aranea in Ch.7
Liege of the Lake tour with Gladiolus
Pectriche Haven Inside the Myrlwood Pectriche-Haven-Map-FFXV.png Case of the Stolen Specs tour with Ignis
Monoth Haven South of Pitioss Ruins Monoth Haven map in FFXV.png Only accessed with Regalia Type-F
Plantagh Haven Fodina Caestino Plantagh Haven in Fodina Caestino from FFXV.png Only accessed in Chapter 10. Ignis will not cook.

Musical themes[]

The track that plays during camping is "Relax and Reflect". While on the level up screen, "Day's End Fanfare" plays, which is an arrangement of the series's victory fanfare.

Behind the scenes[]


Concept art.

In Final Fantasy XV, the characters' camping equipment is product placement for the Coleman brand. It belongs to Gladiolus, an outdoors enthusiast. During the development of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix staff camped in a tent similar to the one that appears in the game. They cooked food players can find ingredients for by using camping equipment, as well. This was done to bring verisimilitude to the game's camping mechanics.[1]

There have been two versions of the ending campfire scene, one where the camera pans up into the black sky and the screen turns black upon Noctis's line "What can I say? You guys are the best,"[2] and another where Noctis stands up from his chair to address the others, the camera focuses on his face for the first sentence and blacks out after "You guys".[3] It appears the first version only happens if the player doesn't update their game at all after installing from the disc.


Glowing blue runes on a haven.

The glowing blue runes that denote havens allude to save points from early games, especially Final Fantasy IV. The whale Bismarck and the menace dungeon doors and walls also have markings similar to those found in havens. The markings glow blue on havens, but the similar markings on the sealed doors glow red. Both menace dungeons and havens are believed to have been blessed by Oracles to ward off daemons (in the menace dungeons' case, to keep the daemons sealed).


The playing cards on the floor of the tent that the party is also seen playing with in some lodging scenes, are reused assets from the Serendipity card games from Final Fantasy XIII-2. They thus display l'Cie brands and their numbers are written in Etro script.

The camping scene that depicts Gladiolus doing squats alludes to Zack Fair, the main protagonist of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, who often does the same.