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The Camoa area.

Camoa is a famed gathering spot for adventurers. The countryside surrounding the city is a verdant patchwork of crops and pastureland.

Camoa is one of the locations in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is the first major residential location, and one of the five areas where players can enter an auction for land and, later on, items.

Locations Edit

Camoa Edit

This ancient city has been a favorite gathering spot for adventurers. Throngs of people bustle along the cities.

Shaug Tablelands Edit

This high plateau offers a splendid view of Camoa. Take care should the weather turn foul: the paths here can be treacherous in the rain.

Quests Edit

"Knowing the Beast"
Help save the wounded dreamhare!

The clan encounters Ceva, a nu mou Beastmaster and his injured dreamhare. Ceva requests that the clan hold off the monster swarm that wants to cross the bridge to get to them. The clan holds off the Wolf and Baknamy attacks until the dreamhare managed to recover. As gratitude, Ceva teaches the clan the job of Beastmaster.

Dias Plain Edit

Narrow paths crisscross this airy plain. The sun-weary traveler will find welcome shelter in the cool shade of the trees.

Quests Edit

"Wanted: The Cyanwolf"

Description: New strain of wolf.

This is the first of many wanted mark missions, and pits the clan against a group of wolves, one of them a different color from the rest. Defeating the cyanwolf completes the mission.

Adventurer's Rest Edit

Soft breezes caress this gently rolling grasslands. An idyllic resting spot for the footsore adventurer.

Secret locations Edit

Tulque Grove Edit

Faeries are said to gather beneath the trees of this secluded grove. The sound of rustling leaves is borne upon the breeze.

This area is unlocked after completing the quest "The Moon Seal".

Recruitment point Edit

Viera can be found here during the months of Ashleaf and Mistleaf. The jobs that can be found here are Fencer, Archer, White Mage, Green Mage, and Red Mage.

Highroads Edit

Targ Highroad Edit

This road leads south to Targ Wood. The level grade makes for an easy journey.

Baptiste Highroad Edit

The road climbs gradually north toward Baptiste Hill.

Bisga Highroad Edit

This road leads west to the Bisga Greenlands. A sea of emerald grass glimmers on either side.

Missions Edit

  • "You Say Tomato"
  • "Pirate Problems"
  • "The Perfect Gift"
  • "A Voice From The Well"
  • "The Camoa Cup"
  • "The Moon Seal"
  • "Wanted: The Cyan Wolf"
  • "Odd Places"
  • "Wanted: Caretaker"
  • "Sun-Ripened Mayhem"
  • "Beetle In A Haystack"
  • "Prepared With Love"
  • "Our Playground"
  • "Knowing The Beast"
  • "Great Land Festival"
  • "Strong Lady"
  • "Three-Point Strategy"
  • "An Earnest Quandary"
  • "Seeding The Harvest"
  • "A Harvest Hand"
  • "The Towns Of Loar"
  • "Of Kupos And Cannons"
  • "Cilawa the Gluttonous"
  • "The Camoa Nightwatch"
  • "Bonga Bugle - Ashleaf"
  • "From 'Cross the Sea"
  • 'Cross the Sea"
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