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Calm magic beasts.


Calm, also called Tame, is a Beastmaster command ability in Final Fantasy V. It attempts to inflict Stop on an enemy that is not a human or mechanic-type enemy.


Calm is not innate to Beastmasters, and cannot be used until reaching job level 1 as a Beastmaster. However, this only requires 10 AP, making it very quick to learn.


Calm will naturally work against creature enemies. In the Game Boy Advance version, Calm is bugged and will only work on non-creature enemies (including Omega).


Calm has minor utility in being able to inflict Stop without needing to use any MP, as the Time Magic spell Stop would require. The main drawback is that Calm requires an ability slot, whereas equipping Time Magic to have access to Stop among other spells is much more slot-efficient, on top of being able to work against all enemy types.