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The ANIMIST uses the abilities of the beasts of the wild.


Calling is the Animist job's skillset in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
100% Wool Glass Bell Self 200 8
Wrap the unit in soft, fluffy wool. Grants Protect and SHELL.
Catnip War Trumpet 1 200 8
Bombard the target with catnip, driving it into a BERSERK frenzy.
Chocobo Rush Satyr Flute Line in front of and behind user 250 8
Send a flock of charging chocobos to trample anything in their path.
Toadsong Blueleaf Flute 4 400 22
This mysterious song transforms the target into a TOAD.
Cuisine Heal Chime 1 350 22
Feed the target a hearty meal that sticks to the ribs. Fully restores HP.
Friend Shining Lute 4 400 4
Calls a random summon.
Tail Wag Frigid Viol 1 350 12
CHARM the target with the wiles of a cute barnyard animal.
Sheep Count Hurdy-gurdy 4 150 12
Summon a flock of softly bleating sheep. Lulls units in a small area to SLEEP.