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Lady Yuna, are you going to bring us the Calm?

Calli to Yuna

Calli is a non-player character character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. She is a young girl seen on the Mi'ihen Highroad, longing for the Calm. She has a small role in Final Fantasy X, but can have more of a role in optional events in Final Fantasy X-2.



Calli is a young girl with pigtails. She has brown hair and eyes. In Final Fantasy X she wears a pale yellow short and long red skirt and brown boots.

Two years later in Final Fantasy X-2, she wears a white bandage top and brown shorts with orange triangle patterns. She now goes barefoot and has anklets on her right ankle. Calli's model in Final Fantasy X-2 is the same model as the mortal form of Mindy of the Magus Sisters. Calli is the only non-playable character in Final Fantasy X-2 to change her appearance significantly from the previous game.


Calli is a happy girl longing for the Calm to come in Spira. In Final Fantasy X-2, she wants to ride a chocobo and, depending on Yuna's actions, may be able to. If she is unable to ride on a chocobo, she appears to be okay with it, but it is possible for her to become a culprit in the Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery, showing that she is still determined to ride. Later, Calli reveals that she likes Brother, noting that his mohawk makes him look like a chocobo.


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Final Fantasy X[]

Calli and her mother meet Yuna in Final Fantasy X.

Yuna's party meets Calli on the Mi'ihen Highroad where she is with her mother. Yuna promises to bring the Calm to Spira soon, much to the girl's delight.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Calli can be pinned as the Mi'ihen Highroad Mystery culprit.

Calli has matured into her teenage years, looking for chocobos to ride. The party can assist her in a chocobo hunt along the Highroad in Chapter 2 in a mission called "Cuckoo For Chocobos!".

Calli will be attacked by the Chocobo Eater and the party has limited time to reach her on the Old Road, although, if Clasko was invited onto the Celsius earlier, he will buy YRP some time. The party will receive the Selene Guard garment grid for completing the mission, and if the player returns to the Highroad, they can invite Calli, Clasko, and (possibly) a chocobo to come aboard the Celsius. Calli will later reveal she likes Brother, the leader of the Gullwings, noting that his mohawk "makes him look like a chocobo."

Calli can be implicated in the Chapter 4 mission "Detective Rin", if the correct evidence is found to support this scenario. This will initiate Episode Complete for the Highroad.

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Calli is voiced by Cathy Cavadini in the English version of Final Fantasy X and by Cree Summer and Rio Natsuki in Final Fantasy X-2.