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Call Shop menu.

Call Shop (ショップ呼び出し, Shoppu Yobidashi?) is an ability in Final Fantasy VIII learned by the Guardian Force Tonberry. It requires the ability Familiar to be learned first, and requires 200 AP to learn before it becomes available in the menu. It allows the player to visit any shop they have visited throughout the game. The Call Shop ability and CC Joker in Ragnarok are the only means of shopping during the endgame, as most locations are sealed off.

There is also a dummied out shop called Trabia Shop. It is possible to get this entry to the Call Shop menu by hacking the game, but there is no shop in Trabia in the actual game. If the player hacks the Trabia Shop to their Call Shop menu, it will have the same items as every other generic shop, as most item shops in Final Fantasy VIII just have the same inventory.


A call shop is a business providing on-site access to telephones for long-distance calling in countries without widespread home long-distance service.