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Calendar Bonuses are a feature in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. On certain days, the player may receive up to four bonuses, receiving more AP, PP, gil, and/or Exp from battles. The bonuses have levels, which determine how effective they are. The player can purchase upgrades for their bonuses in the PP Catalog. At max level, the AP bonus grants +3 AP per battle, the PP bonus grants +30 PP, and the gil and Exp bonuses double the amount of gil and exp earned.

The Bonus Day icon.

When the Bonus Day icon appears, all four bonuses will be active, and the player may also receive discounts at the Shop, or get a larger price for selling items. Which bonuses are received on which days is random, but the Bonus Day always occurs on the day the player says they play the most on. This date is selected when beginning a new game, and can be changed under Options, but this will delay any calendar bonuses for the next week.

The player can exploit the system by changing the PSP's internal clock to be on a date that falls on their Bonus Day freely, allowing them to keep the bonuses active continuously as long as they quit the game to change the date every day. Doing this will change the bonuses earned for the rest of the week, but this is unimportant since the Bonus Day will not change.