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Cait Sith in Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess.

Cait Siths are mysterious avatars created by Altana to carry out the task of negating the future where the Crystal War continues, setting up the events of the Final Fantasy XI expansion Wings of the Goddess. Little is known about the Cait Siths, but they are initially referred to as the "Regal Felines" and see their mission more important than their lives.

There are initially 10 black Cait Siths and 10 white Cait Siths from a different dimension associated with Voidwatch. At one point in the story, the black Cait Siths combined to form a single entity. It is this entity that is a summonable Avatar available to players who complete the Wings of the Goddess expansion as well as the quest "Champion of the Dawn" or "The Dawn Also Rises".

Known Cait Siths[]

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  • Aon: Enjoys floating upside-down.
  • Dha: Enjoys lying on her side. Killed by Spitewarden Aquila.
  • Tri: Enjoys lying prone.
  • Ceithir: Enjoys floating and rotating about. A male Cait Sith, he is a traitor who sided with Lady Lilith. However, he is killed by her when he recklessly endangered Portia's life.
  • Coig: Enjoys floating in a "sidestroke" swim.
  • Sia: Enjoys keeping her tail in front of her. Killed by the Spitewarden Aquila.
  • Seachd: Enjoys sitting splayed.
  • Ochd: Enjoys floating about while supine. Killed by Spitewarden Aquila.
  • Naoi: Enjoys sitting properly. Lilisette's ally, the last of her kind before she ceases to be upon fulfilling her mission. It is this consciousness that is retained in the combined Cait Sith.
  • Deich: Merged with Lehko Habhoka to rescue him from execution and bring him to Robel-Akbel in the Crystal War. They part after a battle in Castle Oztroja.
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Involved in Missions
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 1: Cavernous Maws
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 3: Cait Sith
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 4: The Queen of the Dance
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 5: While the Cat Is Away
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 6: A Timeswept Butterfly
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 7: Purple, the New Black
  • Wings of the Goddess Mission 8: In the Name of the Father
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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

CaitSith XI TCG.png

Cait Sith appears on a card.



The Cat sìth (pronounced "Caught Shee") is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands. It literally translates to "mound cat", referencing the fairy forts commonly held to house fairies of all kinds. English speakers may be familiar with its usage in the term bean sí, banshee.

Some common folklore suggested that the Cat Sìth was not a fairy, but a witch who could transform into a cat and back up to nine times. After the ninth transformation, they would be unable to return to human form. This is speculated to be the origin of the proverb "a cat has nine lives", as opposed to some other number.