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The Cadet being created.

The Cadet (候補生, Kōho-sei?) is the principle protagonist of Final Fantasy Agito. Created and customized by the player, the Cadet, an Agito Cadet at Akademeia, becomes involved in a war that consumed Orience.



The gender and appearance of the Cadet are determined by the player: those used in promotional art and trailers include a dark-haired boy and green or pink-haired girls. They can wield either a dragoon lance, twin swords or magical guns.


They take on the role of a silent protagonist, with the player's actions determining their standing with other people and the actions they perform.


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The Cadet is originally a member of Class Twelfth at Akademeia. One day, s/he encounters Ace outside Akademeia when they are attacked by a Behemoth. Ace fights off the Behemoth and brings the Cadet back to Akademeia. When Orience is plunged into war, the Cadet is deployed on the battlefield, and gradually becomes eligible to become part of Class Zero, the elite student body who are working to become Agito. S/he is supervised by Miyu Kagirohi, the woman in charge of handling new cadets.[1] When Tempus Finis arrives and Kagerohi reveals herself as Judge Myuria, the Cadet fights and defeats her. Unfortunately, when s/he fights the Arbiter of Rursan, they fall in battle. According to the developers, at some future point in the lifetime of Final Fantasy Agito, a Cadet will be chosen to become the Agito.[2]

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A cadet is a trainee. The term is frequently used to refer those training to become an officer in the military, often a person who is a junior trainee.


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