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Cactus Island is an unmarked island just south of Cosmo Canyon in Final Fantasy VII. The island is mostly desert but has a small portion of grass on which the Highwind can land. A fight against a Cactuer is the exclusive encounter on the desert areas. Cactuer yield high AP and EXP gains, and can be morphed into Tetra Elemental accessories. The Cactuer can otherwise be encountered in the North Corel Area, but to access it requires Chocobo breeding and it is not a guaranteed encounter.

A smaller grass island next to the main Cactus Island is recognized as Cactus Island in the menu. The island is too small to land on with a Highwind, but can be traversed to with a gold chocobo. As the terrain is grass, the Cactuer cannot be encountered on this island.



Location of Cactus Island, indicated by crosshair.

Cactus Island is located to the South of Gaia's Western continent.

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