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It's cactus central out here!

The Cactuar Nation is a location in Final Fantasy X-2 found in the middle of Bikanel Desert. It is home to a many cactuars and their matured form, the giant cacti. It is the location for the Cactuar Search mission. The Cactuar Hollow is located here.

The Cactuar Nation is founded by the cacti that have watched over the sands of Bikanel Desert ever since "the dawn of time", as mentioned by their leader, Marnela. Marnela, the largest of the cacti, leads the giant cacti, including the Cactuar Mothers of the Ten Gatekeepers.

This location already appeared in Final Fantasy X as part of the Sanubia Desert, and was known as the Village of the Cactuars. The ten Cactuars the player had to find in order to enter the village reappear here as the Ten Gatekeepers, although the American translation changed their names.


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Marnela greeting Benzo and YRP.

Recently, the Cactuar Nation established diplomatic ties with the Al Bhed excavation camp in Bikanel. Benzo, a young Al Bhed who understands the language of the cactuar, acts as their interpreter. It is through him that Marnela presents their plight.

In ancient times, the cacti of the nation sealed an Angra Mainyu deep within the desert, but it reawakened recently, and Marnela fears it might target the Cactuar Nation to exact its revenge. The Ten Gatekeepers are able to summon a magical barrier called the Great Haboob that steers fiends away from the Nation.

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Cactuar SearchEdit

The mission can be started on Chapter 3, but cannot be finished until Chapter 5. In the mission, the Gullwings must find the Ten Gatekeepers hidden all over Spira.

Cactuar Name Cactuar Mother's Clue Location
Lobivia I am Lobivia's mother. Lobivia was supposed to head north from the Oasis with his friends. But I haven't heard a thing from him since. Oh, I suppose Lobivia's always had a bit of wanderlust. He's probably off wasting time in some good-for-nothing place this very moment. Call it motherly instinct. Bikanel Oasis.
Toumeya She says she's Toumeya's mother. Toumeya always dreamed of seeing waters vaster than our little Oasis. And now he's finally getting his wish. Sands whiter than the desert, a gentle breeze, glistening sunlight... and more water than can be imagined. I can't wait to hear the tales he'll have to tell. Besaid Beach; won't appear during the Gunner's Gauntlet minigame.
Lobeira According to his mother, Lobeira loves getting into cramped spaces. He left with only one thing in mind: finding the most comfortable box in existence. He finally found a most splendid treasure chest in the home of a sphere hunter. How long it's been since I heard from him, I can hardly say... Oh, my careless little Lobeira. I've told you a thousand times to be careful of boxes with locks on them. Chateau Leblanc, inside a treasure chest in a room in the hidden passage.
Areq & Arroja I am the mother of those inseparable brothers, Areq & Arroja. Areq & Arroja love being together. It seems they met some large yellow birds on a wide, open plain. Arroja is having such a good time he said he's put off seeing snow, whatever that is. The north of Calm Lands right before Mt. Gagazet.
Islaya I am the mother of Islaya the sage. I am often called the wise Mother. Islaya embarked to follow in the footsteps of our cactuar forebears who left the desert in ages past. Islaya, my sage son, have you found the Cactuar Stones they left so long ago? Try, not to get burned to a crisp, and take good care of yourself. Thunder Plains - North End, near a cactuar stone in the east.
Chiapa I am Chiapa's mother. He says he's going to meet up with some friends. The meeting point? It's some secret place high, high, high up somewhere he can take in town and the woods. Kilika Woods, on the east side climb up the tree (press Circle button).
Erio I've gotten word from Erio. His message read: Two brothers, my friends, to a spring went we, I get to see snow... what rhymes with we? He may never listen to his parents, but I can't help but love my sweet little Erio. Mt. Gagazet Prominence, sitting near the cliff.
Bartschalla I am Bartschalla's mother. My daughter simply adores money. She left the desert in search of a 'man of means' - whatever that is. It turns out our 'man of means' isn't quite what you'd expect, hoho! Managed to save up quite a bundle. Turns out it's a former summoner! Don't get caught green-handed, Bartschalla! Dona's home in Kilika Port.
Frailea I hate to admit, but my Frailea can be a bit of a handful. He's really a very nice boy who just wants to be around friends. But he always seems to be falling in with the wrong crowd. I'm worried he may not even be traveling at all. Talk to Marnela to find about the last Gatekeeper.

Talking to Marnela about the last gatekeeper will begin a mission in the Cactuar Hollow cave.

The player won't have to defeat all gatekeepers to gain the Covenant of Growth Garment Grid, which grants double EXP and AP; all that is needed is to beat the last Gatekeeper. If the player does not win in the first try, they can still visit the Gatekeepers at the Cactuar Nation after beating Angra Mainyu.

Musical themesEdit

"The Bevelle Underground" plays during Chapter 5 before Angra Mainyu is defeated.


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