Cactuar King is an optional enemy in Final Fantasy X bred at the Area Conquest section of the Monster Arena. It is, in essence, a tougher version of a normal Cactuar. It becomes available after capturing at least one of each fiend at the Thunder Plains, and the prize for unlocking it is 99 Chocobo Wings. Defeating it will net some Blessed Gems.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Cactuar King is immune to all five elements. It will counter all attacks with 10,000 Needles, meaning only those with the Break HP Limit ability can withstand it. On its turn the King may unleash 99,999 Needles (50% of the time), which cannot be blocked and is always fatal. Alternatively, he may use 10,000 Needles (40% of the time), or simply do nothing. Once he has done nothing twice, he will no longer do so, but instead has a chance of escaping (10% of the time). Unlike Qactuar and Cactuar, his remaining HP has no influence on the chance of him escaping. Despite the Cactuar King's relatively low HP compared to other Arena creations, his high Evasion makes him difficult to hit with normal attacks, even if the character's Accuracy is at maximum.

If the Cactuar King escapes, the player will get nothing.

Cactuar King drops weapons with Strength +% abilities and armor with Defense +% abilities, Strength +20% and Defense +20% being fixed abilities.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Cactuar King is extremely evasive; the Accuracy stat has no impact on the chance of connecting, which is always 25% before Luck is taken into account. Thus, the remaining 75% must be made up with the Luck stat, or use of Aim, Luck or Jinx. It is often simpler to use attacks that cannot miss; while Cactuar King's magic defense is too high for magic to be practical, Overdrives are an effective method of damage.

AP farming[edit | edit source]

Although not as effective as Don Tonberry, Cactuar King is also well-suited for the AP trick. By equipping weapons with Overdrive → AP, and optionally some combination of Double AP, Triple AP, SOS Overdrive, Double Overdrive or Triple Overdrive, and using Stoic or Comrade Overdrive Mode, it is possible to gain sphere levels very quickly.

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