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A cactuar who's never seen without his signature red cap. (The hat, not the goblin.) Artist behind the hit record Johnny B. Prickly, which just went double mythril! (What do you mean, "What's a record?" Next you're going to ask us what a rotary phone is. Yeesh...)
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Cactuar Johnny is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy that can be fought after acquiring a Coliseum Ticket through the PSN Digital Day One Preorder DLC. In the standalone version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, this Coliseum Ticket is already available.

Cactuar Johnnies can be fought in the "The Red-capped Speed Demon" match at the Coliseum.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

The Coliseum Edit


Location Formation
The Coliseum - The Red-capped Speed Demon Cactuar Johnny x3

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"Cactuar" may be a portmanteau of "cactus" and "liar".

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