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The Cactuar Hollow is a dungeon that appears in Final Fantasy X-2. It is located in the Cactuar Nation in Bikanel.


The Last CactuarEdit

Who'd have thought the last cactuar would be so close? Use the help of the nine gatekeepers you've already tracked down to bring that rascal home!


Find the tenth gatekeeper

Passage of SandEdit

Those sneaky cactuars have set a trap! Hurry through the tunnel before it fills with sand!

The player must run through a narrow passage that slowly fills with sand. There is a time limit of 60 seconds and when the time runs out, the sand engulfs Yuna and sends her back to the beginning of the passage. The player can climb of various ledges to obtain items and if any items are missed, they can simply allow time to run out in order to redo the passage.



In Chapter 5:

Musical themesEdit

"YuRiPa, Fight! No. 1" (called "YRP, Fight! No. 1" in the North American sphere theater) plays as the main theme in the Cactuar Hollow. "Discord" plays during the Passage of Sand section. "Rikku's Theme" plays during the cactuar minigame.


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