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Cactite is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII. It is not a threat, and is docile until attacked. Cactites are young offshoots of the Cactoid, and such do not have cactus sprouts on top. However, there are certain Cactoids that carry this appearance, such as the Level 27 Cactoids found at the shores of The Yoma in Dalmasca Estersand. Four Cactites are also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode Stage 3.

Bestiary entry Edit

Note: The Cactite and Cactoid share the Cactoid entry.

Page 1: Observations Edit

Being a mischievous, mean-spirited beastie, mercifully lacking the intelligence to do any real damage. Sproutlings are called cactites. A rare strain is notable for its proclivity to sprout a scarlet blossom; that being seldom seen, of the highest value, and considered a sign of miraculous good fortune by sensitive young lovers with a tolerance for needles.


Page 2: The Adventurer's Handbook Edit

Ye adventurers only beginning on your travels: your first task should well be the collection of 1,000 needles from the fickle cactoid. Upon plucking this collection, you will find yourself not only the proud owner of a bundle of needles, but possessed of great experience in interminable combat withal, and, should you sell it, a pittance of coin. If making a bundle exceeds your capabilities, the adventurer is urged to reconsider his or her vocation and take up employ about town. Adventuring is not all fun and games, mark you.



Dalmasca Estersand

Dalmasca Westersand

AI script Edit

RamAny time (50%).
TargetingAttacks enemy with highest enmity.
Other InformationMay run away when HP < 50%.

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Cactite

Cactite appears as an enemy.

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