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Byregot, the Builder, is one of the Twelve in Final Fantasy XIV. is a god of the arts who commands the element of lightning and is tied to the Fourth Astral Moon (seventh month). A purveyor of architecture and industry, he is depicted as an ardent smith holding a two-headed hammer, and his symbol is the hand. Byregot is the son of Rhalgr and the elder brother of Halone. Byregot is also Thaliak's pupil.[1]


Creation myth[]

According to the creation myth, when the Whorl awoke from its slumber and beckoned forth Byregot and Halone, it was feared that the untamed and ambitious siblings might once again usher chaos unto the world. So to see that they were properly disciplined, Nymeia quickly made them wards of Rhalgr, the Destroyer. Byregot, the Builder resented His new stepfather who could teach him only of destruction, choosing instead to spend most of His time in the tutelage of Thaliak. The Scholar bestowed upon His eager student the knowledge He would use to forge the tools and techniques of creation.[2]

When the Twelve considered their work in Eorzea complete, they proceeded to create a realm in which they could reside and watch over their creation, thus leaving the rule of Eorzea to mankind. This realm is known as the seven heavens that were associated with each of the six elements. In the Heaven of Lightning, one will find a towering clockwork spire built by Byregot with metal forged from a comet and powered by Rhalgr’s levinbolts. Here rest engineers and architects, revolutionaries and conquerors of evil. Levin-charged fragments of the comet plummet to the Pit to form the Hell of Lightning, a place of damnation for vandals, slumlords, and warmongers. This Heaven is represented in Sharlayan astrology by the constellation of the Spire.[3][4]

Eorzean worship[]

Throughout the Eorzea it is believed that those who have skills with any kind of craft are blessed by Byregot.

Byregot has one saint canonized by the Council of Loetstym. He is Saint Basqual, a captain who during an enemy invasion, stripped off his own armor to inspire and give courage to his men. The soldiers fought to protect their exposed superior, and in their determination managed to repel the invaders.[5]

In preparation for the Seventh Umbral Calamity, the archon Louisoix Leveilleur carved the symbols of the Twelve across Eorzea and encouraged adventurers to pilgrimage and pray to the Twelve. When the Calamity finally arrived, Louisoix used the accumulated aether from the prayers to summon a primal manifestation of the Twelve in an attempt to defend the realm from the elder primal Bahamut.[6][7]

Myths of the Realm[]

The Twelve reveal themselves to the Warrior of Light.

After the events of Final Days, the Warrior of Light, along with G'raha Tia and Deryk, investigated a mysterious phantom realm. During the investigation, Byregot, Rhalgr, Azeyma and Nald'thal make an appearance claiming to be of true divinity and not mere primals, they warned the explorers that they were intruding upon the realm of the gods, and revealed their intention to replace the now deceased Hydaelyn as Will of the Star. They then challenged the Warrior to gather as as many allies that they could to stop their "ascension" before leaving.[7]

After the Warrior traveled through the Heavens of Lightning and Fire and bested them in combat, the gods revealed their claims of taking over the world were a lie to spur the Warrior into action, and referred to the Warrior and their comrades as their "children". They reaffirmed they were not primals, but true divinities. When questioned further, the Twelve refused to divulge their exact nature as they were unable to do so at the time, but stated they had "hopes" similar to mortals. They told the Warrior to continue challenging the other gods to face further trials and uncover what they actually were before leaving.[7]




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After creating a character and choosing a birth date, players must align to one of the twelve deities. Originally, this slightly raised the character's elemental resistances based on the element of the chosen deity. As of Patch 4.2, elemental resistance stats were removed, leaving this decision with no in game effect.


Byregot is the first opponent faced in the Aglaia Aglaia raid, faced in the Heaven of Lightning.


Stone with Byregot's symbol in A Realm Reborn.

The Living on a Prayer quest in version 1.0 required the player to visit all the Twelve symbols throughout Eorzea. Once completed this rewarded with the ring of one of the Twelve, this included the Byregot's Ring Byregot's Ring. Although the original quest was removed with the re-release of the game, in patch 2.45 the quest The Ties That Bind The Ties That Bind was added, which repeats the same pilgrimage through the marks of the Twelve. The mark of Byregot is located northwest of Camp Tranquil in South Shroud. Prior to the Calamity, it could be found in a lake near Camp Crimson Bark in Pixie Falls, Black Shroud.

The Byregot's Brow Byregot's Brow, an ability shared with all Disciples of the Hand, increased the item quality and Inner Quiet effect ended upon use. This ability was removed in patch 5.0 and replaced by Byregot's Blessing Byregot's Blessing, an ability that increases quality by 100% plus 20% for each bonus to control granted by Inner Quiet. The removed Miner action Byregot's Ward Byregot's Ward increased the drop rate of lightning shards, lightning crystals, or lightning clusters while gathering. The Byregot's Miracle Byregot's Miracle was a specialist action common to Alchemist and Carpenter, it increased quality and Inner Quiet stack is halved upon used. The Astrologian card The Spire The Spire represents the Heaven of Lightning, the card artwork depicts Ralghr throwing his levinbolts over Byregot's tower.

Behind the scenes[]

Byregot's Strike in Southern Thanalan.

According to the Sons of Saint Coinach, the Sagolii Desert was once a verdant sea of lush plains capable of sustaining great civilizations, as is evidenced by the Allagan ruins recently discovered in the area. A massive drilling device designed to crack the rock beneath the sands and reveal the secrets beneath has since been constructed on the site. This structure was named as Byregot's Strike.[8]