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Ultimania guide solution to first two versions of Butterfly Hunt.

A butterfly with rainbow wings will lead the way to secret things.


Butterfly Hunt is a minigame that can be played in Final Fantasy X. Shortly after arriving in Macalania Woods, the party will come across a bird-like creature with a harp, called Borra, who will tell about the game in a bit of a riddle.

To start the game, the player must find and touch one of the rainbow-colored butterflies scattered throughout the woods. Several can be found, each triggering the minigame in that particular section. The minigame must be played to obtain the Saturn Sigil for Kimahri's Celestial Weapon, the Spirit Lance.

The minigame can be made easier by using pause. The player can use this to spot the location of next red/blue butterfly (if they are up or down) and more easily avoid the red butterflies.

The Rules[]

-Macalania Wood Butterfly Hunt-
Approach the butterfly of many hues, and its red and blue brethren shall appear.
Try to catch seven of the blue butterflies, but beware the reds, for they call powerful fiends when threatened.
Butterflies disappear after a certain time. Try catching the blue butterflies while avoiding the red ones.

The player must collect the blue butterflies while avoiding the red ones. When the game begins, a transparent treasure chest will appear somewhere on the screen. Each time the player collects a blue butterfly, the chest becomes more and more corporeal. One must collect all seven within the time limit and the chest becomes solid, with the prize inside.

  • Once the game starts, random encounters are suspended. Even after the event is over, win or lose, random encounters will remain suspended until the player leaves the area.
  • Touching a red butterfly triggers a battle composed of fiends found in Macalania Woods. They cannot be escaped from, and they have higher Defense and Magic Defense.
    • All fiends in Macalania Woods have these stats by default as either 1 or 120; those that are 1 will be increased to 90, while those that are 120 will be increased to 170.
  • Touching a red butterfly costs the player a few seconds of time as Tidus bends down to pick it up before the battle starts.
  • Once the hunt is over, the player must leave the area and return to reset the minigame. If the player has collected all seven butterflies but accidentally leaves the area before collecting the prize, they must try again.
    • It is very easy to accidentally leave the area when completing the central catch.
  • If the time runs out, the player loses and is transported back to the start point. If the player wins, they remain where they were at the game's end.


Game moment Time (sec) Prize - Central Prize - North
Before Spherimorph battle 40 MP Sphere Ether
After Spherimorph battle 30 Megalixir x2 Elixir x2
After gaining Airship 30 Teleport Sphere/Saturn Sigil Teleport Sphere/Saturn Sigil

After mastering both areas, the player earns the Saturn Sigil; the first prize is the Teleport Sphere. It doesn't matter which order the areas are played.