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Yeah, I'd like to find a gorgeous chick and have a great time.


Butch is a non-playable character and a storekeeper in Final Fantasy VII. He resides in Costa del Sol holding a Materia and souvenir shop. If the player asks the woman at the entrance to Costa del Sol "where're the stores" she will recommend Butch's shop for souvenirs. He holds no new Materia in his shop, and the player can't buy any of his souvenirs.

He hopes of finding a gorgeous chick to have a great time with. If Yuffie has been recruited Butch hires her part-time on the first visit to Costa del Sol if she isn't assigned in Cloud's party. He seems to find Yuffie attractive and calls her a "cutie". However the next day he finds Yuffie has stolen all of his Materia and profits as payment for her services.