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Bussemand is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Crestholm Channels and Costlemark Tower, and during the Baby Snatchers hunt. They are goblin-like daemons that have some backstory with the now-abandoned Saxham Outpost.

The official guide conflates the two versions of bussemand, but the hunt version does have superior stats compared to the regular enemy version.


A formidable goblin that resides within old ruins and waterways. These violent, vindictive creatures boast both an affinity for aggression and a penchant for pilfering the precious possessions of others.
Size: 8.79 ft. Weight: 566.8 lb.
A destructive daemon that often appears in large numbers. Seventeen years ago a dozen or so bussemand stormed the Saxham Outpost killing countless adults and kidnapping their children. Many parents went off in search of the lost boys and girls, leaving a ghost town in their wake.
Size: 8.82 ft. Weight: 568.8 lb.


Baby SnatchersCauthess Rest Area5
Red Hunt Icon
Bussemand x3, Hobgoblin x5Saxham Outpost (Nighttime)448,890 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★





They may steal ingredients from the party. Bussemands appear in groups and can gang up on a single target. They are weak to greatswords, machinery, fire and light and resist lightning. They jump to strike down with their fists and deal swift uppercuts and quick pummels. Their attacks can be phased through and parried.


Throwing fire-elemental elemancy at them while they are grouped together can engulf them in a fire storm and deal continuous damage from the burning. Prompto's Gravisphere Tech can be used to gather them in one place. Holding the defense button and waiting for parry opportunities works well.

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The word bogey could also be linked to many similar words in other European languages: such as bussemand (Danish), however the most common use of the word bussemand (Danish) relates to bugger. A bogey, or bogeyman, is a type of poltergeist in European folklore that haunts households. They are said to be formless and can change shape and move objects, but are more mischievous than harmful.

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