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Burst Mode (stylized as BURST and abbreviated BT) is a gameplay feature of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Available to select major characters including one protagonist and one antagonist per game represented, Burst Mode allows the player to execute a series of attacks and complete the combo with a powerful finishing move that can exceed typical 5-digit caps on both BRV and HP.


Standard Burst Mode[]

Burst Mode requires the player to obtain a rare BT relic from the in-game gacha, with the probability of such a relic appearing as the +1 in a multi-draw stated as 3%. The first BT relic obtained by the player will trigger a short tutorial. Once obtained, the BT relic must be equipped on the character or mastered to make Burst Mode usable. Each BT relic has a level cap of 50 and a fixed CP capacity of 130, superseding all other relics equipped by the character. BT relics are selectively eligible for realization and limit-breaking in the Global version according to a predetermined schedule, and can be sold for or obtained with Burst Power Tokens through the Token Exchange.

When a character enters Burst Mode, the player will be given six consecutive turns without adding to the normal turn count to select from a dedicated pool of abilities equal to one (1) of each Command Ability learned by the character and create a combination attack, finishing with the designated final attack (Finishing Burst) that can exceed the 99999 limit. The total sum of all damage is displayed after the Burst Mode is complete. The character executing the Burst Mode also gains a temporary Burst Effect for several turns after finishing.

Burst Modes are usable only once per battle, and preclude any summons or friend support the party has equipped; conversely, Burst Modes cannot be activated during summoning because the two features are mechanically similar. When invoked on solo mode support characters, only the Finishing Burst will be executed in a given turn.

Burst+ Mode[]

Once a BT weapon has been realized, it may gain additional abilities aimed at raising built-in damage caps. Although potential damage incurred by the ability may decrease as a result of reduced HP and BRV hit counts, the Burst Mode period adds a seventh turn for the player's use and the Burst Effect gains additional turns. Players may also use the Finishing Burst as a separate ability once per battle. However, if the Burst Effect is already in play, activating the Finishing Burst by itself will not reset the Burst Effect's turn count and will still decrement the counter by one turn. The restrictions on solo mode support remain in effect; therefore, the player will not be able to use a second instance of a Finishing Burst called from a friend support. In co-op battles, each participant can use both instances once each.

Finishing Bursts[]

(NOTE: Moves with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version.)

Character Finishing Burst Weapon Image
Warrior of Light Ultimate Shield DFFOO Sun Blade (I).png Sun Blade (I) 200px
Garland Ultimate Conflict
DFFOO Zanmato (I).png Zanmato (I) DFFOO Ultimate conflict BT.gif
Firion Fervid Blazer DFFOO Wild Rose (II).png Wild Rose (II) DFFOO Fervid Blazer BT.gif
The Emperor Absolute Dominion DFFOO Karmic Rod (II).png Karmic Rod (II) 200px
Onion Knight Ninjutsu
DFFOO Kiku-Ichimonji (III).png Kiku-ichimonji (III) 200px
DFFOO Spellbook BT.gif
Cloud of Darkness Ultra Particle Beam DFFOO Dream Eaters (III).png Dream Eaters (III) DFFOO Ultra particle beam BT.gif
Cecil (Paladin) Soul Shift DFFOO Waxing Blade (IV).png Waxing Blade (IV) 200px
Golbez Twin Moon DFFOO Clairvoyant Scales (IV).png Heavens' Eye Scales (IV) 200px
Bartz Quick Spellblade Dual-Wield Rapid Fire DFFOO Enhancer (V).png Enhancer (V) DFFOO Quick spellblade dual wield rapid fire BT.gif
Exdeath Absolute Power of the Void DFFOO Void Sword (V).png Void Sword (V) 200px
Terra Trance Ultima DFFOO Zantetsuken (VI).png Zantetsuken (VI) 200px
Kefka Forsaken DFFOO Courtly Headdress (VI).png Courtly Headdress (VI) 200px
Zack The Price of Freedom 50px Ragnarok (VII) DFFOO Price for freedom BT.gif
Cloud Omnislash Version 5 DFFOO Fusion Sword (VII).png Fusion Sword (VII) DFFOO Ommislash V 5 BT.gif
Sephiroth Heaven's Light DFFOO Second Coming (VII).png Second Coming (VII) 200px
Squall Blasting Zone DFFOO Blasting Edge (VIII).png Blasting Edge (VIII) DFFOO Blasting Zone BT.gif
Ultimecia Sorceress Heart DFFOO Hours (VIII).png Hours (VIII) 200px
Laguna Desperado 50px Ultimate Machine Gun (VIII) 200px
Zidane Grand Lethal DFFOO The Tower (IX).png The Tower (IX) DFFOO Grand lethal BT.gif
Kuja Flare Star DFFOO Quartz Cores (IX).png Quartz Cores (IX) DFFOO Flare star BT.gif
Garnet Divine Judgment 50px Whale Whisker (IX) 200px
Tidus Blitz Ace DFFOO Apocalypse (X).png Apocalypse (X) DFFOO Blitz Ace BT.gif
Yuna The Sending DFFOO Nirvana (X).png Nirvana (X) DFFOO Ikai Okuri.png
Shantotto Vidohunir DFFOO Plenitas Virga (XI).png Plenitas Virga (XI) DFFOO Vfolnir BT.gif
Eald'narche Divine Might DFFOO Divine Might (XI).png Divine Might (XI) 200px
Vaan Calamitous Orb DFFOO Durandal (XII).png Durandal (XII) 200px
Vayne Gigaflare Sword DFFOO Immortal (XII).png Immortal (XII) 200px
Lightning Gestalt Drive DFFOO Durandal (XIII).png Durandal (XIII) DFFOO Gesalt Drive BT.gif
Caius Incarnate Summoning 50px Eternity of Chaos (XIII) 200px
Y'shtola Spiritual Ray DFFOO Truth Seeker (XIV).png Truth Seeker (XIV) DFFOO Spiritual ray BT.gif
Noctis Legacy of the Lucii DFFOO Sword of the Wise (XV).png Sword of the Wise (XV) DFFOO Legacy of lucii BT.gif
Ardyn Royal Retribution DFFOO Blade of Ruin (XV).png Blade of Ruin (XV) DFFOO Royal retribution BT.gif
Ramza Ultima DFFOO Excalibur (FFT).png Excalibur (FFT) DFFOO Ultima BT.gif
Ace VB Type 100 DFFOO Crazy Eights (0).png Crazy Eights (0) 200px
Layle The Big Finale DFFOO Alfitaria Hero (FFCC).png Alfitaria Hero (FFCC) 200px
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  • The Onion Knight's Finishing Burst depends on his active job buff; if Ninja, Ninjutsu will be selected; and if Sage, Spellbook will be selected.
  • Several characters appear to deal more damage to larger waves of enemies.