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The Burning of Figaro Castle is an event in Final Fantasy VI, during the Third Gestahlian Campaign. The attack marks the end of the alliance between the Gestahlian Empire and the Kingdom of Figaro, an alliance that had lasted for eight years.[1]


Following the Raid on Narshe, Terra Branford regains her free will and is rescued by Locke Cole. Locke, a member of the Returners, an anti-Imperial resistance army, brings Terra to Figaro Castle. King Edgar Roni Figaro is officially allied with the Gestahlian Empire, but provides clandestine support for the Returners.

The attack[]

Shortly after Terra arrives at Figaro Castle, Kefka Palazzo shows up looking for her. He immediately suspects that King Edgar is hiding her. The king denies this, although he does not deny that Terra might be in the castle without him knowing. Kefka sees through the lie, and states that he "hopes nothing happens" to Figaro Castle. Edgar, rightly expecting an attack, meets with the Chancellor to plan his countermove.

The next morning, Kefka sets the castle on fire, and Imperial soldiers prevent anyone from leaving. The castle guards make no attempt to break past the Imperial soldiers, nor does King Edgar order them to do so. However, the king is prepared; together with Locke and Terra, he jumps from the castle and the trio escape on chocobos. As soon as the three are on their way, Figaro Castle's burrow mechanism is activated, and the castle sinks into the desert sand. Kefka is caught off-guard by this, although this mechanism had been in place for 68 years and was well-known; Figaro Castle was known as the "illusory castle" because of it.[2]

Furious, Kefka sends two Magitek Knights in pursuit of Edgar, Locke and Terra. Revealing her magical abilities for the first time, Terra kills the Magitek Knights.


King Edgar's defiance marks the end of the alliance with the Gestahlian Empire. The Kingdom of Figaro now openly supported the Returners, and the Empire planned to target the kingdom next. Figaro's army holds nothing against the Imperial Magitek war machine, and the kingdom's southern city of South Figaro is exposed to Imperial attacks.

Edgar, Locke and Terra head to the Returner Hideout, where Terra agrees to join the Returners. Shortly thereafter, the Empire invades South Figaro and Mt. Kolts. Fearing an imminent attack on their hideout, the Returners are forced to escape down the Lethe River. Both Figaro and the Returners were now in a state of retreat, and the Empire could clear the way to launch an all-out assault on Narshe.


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