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The Burmecians are a race of ratlike people in Final Fantasy IX who live in Burmecia and Cleyra. Freya Crescent is a Burmecian.


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The Cleyrans live in a giant tree in the desert protected by a sandstorm that has raged for 1,000 years; the Cleyrans split from the Burmecians when the latter started to appreciate "the art of war", and have had no contact with Burmecia in over 100 years.

Attack on Burmecia and Cleyra[]

The Burmecians are almost wiped out by successive attacks on their two main cities, leaving Burmecia in ruins, and Cleyra totally destroyed. First, Burmecia is attacked by black mages sent by Queen Brahne; the King of Burmecia and some survivors make their way to Cleyra, while others head to Lindblum or stay in the ruins of the city.

Later, Queen Brahne launches an attack on Cleyra to get a powerful relic from the peaceful inhabitants. After obtaining the gem, she summons the eidolon Odin to destroy the tree that Cleyra was built on. The only (known) survivors of the attack are Freya, Zidane, Vivi, Quina (an optional character at this point), Sir Fratley, Prince Puck, Forest Oracle Kildea, Flower Maiden Shannon (one of the Cleyran maidens), and a few moogles. The king is believed to have perished in Cleyra.

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