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Burgeoning Dread is a a recurring event in Final Fantasy XIV featuring Shantotto from Final Fantasy XI.

The event first occurred in January 2014. It was repeated in August 2014 in celebration of the anniversary of A Realm Reborn.


Official image for the event.

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Five years past, Eorzea was gripped with terror as Dalamud, a prison once thought to be one of Hydaelyn's two moons, began its inexorable descent upon her people. Day by day this celestial body grew larger in the sky, the people became more restless, and the Garleans ever bolder. Eorzea's leaders made a valiant effort to forestall the coming cataclysm, but nothing could prevent the unleashing of Bahamut, and the Calamity that would forever alter our realm.

Why do I now recount this grim chapter in our history, I hear the inquiring reader ask. The answer is an unnerving one─rumors of late would lead me to believe that another Calamity might not be far off in the coming. Strange happenings not unlike those that did presage the end of the Sixth Astral Era have been reported in all corners of the realm. More dreadful still, an ominous shadowy figure has been sighted at the eye of these sorcerous storms. Though none who gazed upon this fiend in truth have lived to tell the tale, rumors speak of maniacal laughter─a spine-chilling cackle─that can be heard from malms away.

While the locals live in fear of vast and imminent destruction, officials claim this is merely a plot of Garlean origin─a diversion, if you will. Although I am wont to disagree with this assertion, let us suppose for a moment that this is indeed the case. Before the release of Bahamut, harbinger of the Seventh Umbral Era, the realm experienced a number of otherwise inexplicable phenomena. From rains of fire to strange behavior in wildlife, Dalamud's influence reverberated deeply within the realm, and its fateful descent can be traced back to the Garlean Empire, and the scheming of one Nael van Darnus. Would it not stand to reason that these telltale signs pose a threat that demands swift investigation? That if left unchecked, this simple plot may once again reshape our realm for the worse?

There is no question in my mind that powerful forces are at work here. But alas, mine is the realm of pen and paper, and such matters are beyond my power. To that end, I would ask any willing adventurer who reads these words to hear my plea. Seek out the truth of these otherwordly disturbances, that the truth may put our realm at ease.

- Oliver Goodfellow

That Old Black Magic[1]

Players participating in the Tower of Power Tower of Power FATE.

To start the event, players must speak with Khloe Bajhiri in New Gridania to begin the event storyline. They eventually be asked by Twin Adder Commander Vorsaile Heuloix to investigate the rumors of strange events.

Throughout Eorzea, they may encounter a special FATE called "Embiggened Spriggans" featuring large spriggans and one spriggolem called a "Magicked Spriggan". Once it is defeated, the FATE changes into "Tower of Power" and a gigantic "Monstrous Sorceress" appears. Once the FATE is completed, players receive a key item doll as proof needed for Vorsaile.

A scene of the event's final cutscene.

As they go to report to Adder's Nest in Gridania, the ground starts shaking and the Monstrous Sorceress approaches Twin Adder command. As Vorsaile and other Company personnel approach the visitor, a voice reveals the presence of Shantotto standing atop the colossal construct. She introduces herself and reveals she is an interdimensional traveler and had designs on conquering Eorzea. The towering doll was to test the defenses of the realm, but since adventurers bested it, she decides it's not worth the trouble. As a final parting gift, she shrinks the construct into a "Wind-up Shantotto" for the player to summon as a Minion—adding a final warning that "If you fail to treat her right, I'll set your pants alight".

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Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Boss FATE. Embiggened Spriggans 10-15 Western Thanalan (x25 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the magicked spriggan.
11-16 East Shroud (x12 y26)
12-17 Middle La Noscea (x15 y12)
31-36 Southern Thanalan (x14 y38)
32-37 Eastern La Noscea (x30 y34)
33-38 South Shroud (x15 y30)
A magically enhanced pack of spriggans runs rampant, causing no end of stress. What foul sorcery could be responsible for such a mess? Slay the cute but ruinous beasts, and restore to the land a measure of peace.
Boss FATE. Tower of Power 10-15 Western Thanalan (x25 y19) 15 minutes Defeat the monstrous sorceress.
11-16 East Shroud (x12 y26)
12-17 Middle La Noscea (x15 y12)
31-36 Southern Thanalan (x14 y38)
32-37 Eastern La Noscea (x30 y34)
33-38 South Shroud (x15 y30)
An otherworldly being has come to Eorzea to unleash its wrath, leaving wanton destruction in its path. Put down this towering foe, that the realm be saved from further woe.

Spawn conditions:


Official image for the event's reward.

The only reward acquired when completing the event's quest is the Wind-up Shantotto minion.


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