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The Bully Cap is an enemy from Final Fantasy X-2.

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Its low HP and weakness to Fire make it a fairly easy enemy to take care of. Equipping Fire or Water-resistant or absorbing equipment makes its attacks near harmless, while having any equipment or ability that prevents Blind renders its Ebon Powder completely useless, or at least carrying several Eye Drops or having an Alchemist that knows the Eye Drop ability. It is possible to learn White Wind by inflicting Confuse on the enemy when not Oversouled.

Creature Creator Edit

Fiend Tale Edit

Story Level 1: "Are you familiar with the Youth League Headquarters? When I was human, I oversaw its construction. That building was...a dream that our leader, Nooj, and I shared."
Story Level 2: "When the plans to build Youth League Headquarters first came up... Nooj and I decided that the building site should be where Operation Mi'ihen took place. Then, we had the idea to use the machina gun destroyed in the battle with Sin as a league symbol. A symbol for a new start for Crusaders, we were nearly annihilated on that fateful day. It was also to be a memorial, to honor the souls of our fallen comrades."
—Bully Cap's fiend tale.

One notable Bully Cap was created from the spirit of Crusader who was among one of the first members of the Youth League, but died during the construction of their base. It was after seeing the Youth League base completed that the Bully Cap is able to enter the Farplane.

Stats Edit

Level HP MP Strength Magic Defense Magic Defense Agility Accuracy Evasion Luck
3 175 53 6 42 8 17 43 88 1 8

Abilities Edit

Command Abilities Auto-Abilities
  • Water
  • Nausea Powder
  • White Wind
  • Ailment Def.

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