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Elder Bughe.

Live with the planet, die with the planet. Maybe this is the way it should be. Who knows? I'm full of booze... It's when I think about the children. I wonder if we could just save our own children.

Elder Bugah

Elder Bughe, originally called Elder Bugah in the PlayStation version, is a minor non-player character from Final Fantasy VII. He, along with Hargo, is a wise man in Cosmo Canyon met in the Shildra Inn and knew Professor Gast when he was working on the Jenova Project.

If the player talks to Bughe in Cosmo Canyon after seeing the display in Bugenhagen's planetarium, but before reuniting with the others around the Cosmo Candle, Bughe tells the story of Gast and how he used to visit Cosmo Canyon. Bughe explains that Gast was a Shinra scientist who spent his life studying the Ancients, and that 30 years ago he had found the remains of an Ancient whom he named Jenova. One day Gast had shown up in Cosmo Canyon looking distressed, saying Jenova was not an Ancient and that he had done something terrible. Bughe asks the player to relay Gast his best wishes if they ever bump into him.