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Deals lethal damage to insects.


Bug Killer is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for physical attackers, allowing them to increase the power of their Attack toward insect and worm enemies. It costs 2 Magic Stones to equip.

Killer abilities in Final Fantasy IX are reminiscent of weapons in the Nintendo-era Final Fantasy games that dealt more damage to specific types of enemies.


Bug Killer is learned from Bronze Helm, Mythril Gloves, and Mythril Armlet for variable amounts of AP; Amarant learns it the fastest at 10 AP, where Freya requires the most at 30 AP. Equipping multiple equipment pieces that all teach Bug Killer learns the ability faster.

Bronze Helm teaches the ability to Steiner and Freya, and is sold in Dali. Mythril Gloves for Steiner and Freya are first sold in Burmecia, and a free pair is found along Cleyra's Trunk. Mythril Armlet teaches Bug Killer to Zidane and Amarant, first bought in Cleyra and a free pair is found in Pinnacle Rocks.


With Bug Killer active, using Attack deals 150% normal damage to insect enemies. It does not stack with other Killer abilities if the enemy belongs to more than one category, but does stack with MP Attack and Elem-Atk gear, and the attack can still critical. If the attacker also has Healer (only possible with Amarant), the amount healed with Attack is increased against insect enemies. Bug Killer affects any use of Attack command against insects: via Attack, Charge!, or Counter. It does not affect damage from any other move besides the basic Attack command.



Bug enemies are fairly common early on, but their prevalence tapers off, and after going through the Shimmering Island, there are no enemies that are solely in the Bug category against whom Bird Killer would also not work against in the areas the player needs to visit. Bugs are some of the weaker random encounters, and there is a single boss in this enemy type, Deathguise.

The Land Worm in the Kiera Desert is a good enemy to farm Ores from to empower Odin, as one can easily be stolen, and another will reliably drop upon defeat. Farming Hornets in Gizamaluke's Grotto in the endgame can be done for those wanting to earn the 10,000 kills achievement.

Bug enemies