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Buffalo is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI. They are typically found only in the frigid Uleguerand Range. Buffaloes are naturally aggressive and detect by sight, but their massive size makes for slow movement and they are very easily outrun by adventurers.

Their strong hides make them tough to kill using melee weapons, but they are susceptible to magic attacks. The meat and hide they drop are prized for its use in cooking up buffalo steak and crafting leather armor respectively.

Buffaloes have been involved in the annual Blazing Buffaloes seasonal event since its inception in 2008.

Special abilities[]

  • Big Horn: Single target damage.
  • Lowing: AoE Plague effect.
  • Rabid Dance: Evasion Boost effect.
  • Rampant Gnaw: Single target damage and Paralyze.
  • Snort: Conal Wind damage and Knockback.
  • Bull Rush: Single target Knockback. (Blazing Buffaloes event only)
  • Cattlepult: Single target ability which teleports the target to the nearest capital city. (Blazing Buffaloes event only)