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The Gullwings are on the job. We'll even give you our special bargain price.


Buddy is a close friend of Brother, co-founder of the Gullwings and navigator of the airship Celsius in Final Fantasy X-2. Yuna must speak to him when choosing a destination on the airship. He can be fought as a boss and be recruited to the party via the Creature Creator system in the International and HD Remastered versions.



Buddy is an Al Bhed man with dark blond hair who wears a purple shirt and blue pants. He is always wearing goggles.


Buddy acts as the more focused and level-headed counterpart to the erratic Brother. He often gets annoyed by Brother's antics. Buddy is a well-spoken individual, as shown when he negotiates with their clients in bargaining the price.


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Final Fantasy X-2[]

Buddy was on the airship Fahrenheit with Yuna during her battle with Sin, but is disappointed to discover she does not remember him.

After the start of the Eternal Calm, Buddy and Brother journeyed to Spira's north where they found an airship after being led to it by a gull. Freezing and starving, Buddy and Brother ate the gull to survive. Buddy and Brother salvaged the airship, named it Celsius, and made it the headquarters of their new sphere hunting group, which they called "Gullwings" in honor of the gull.

Buddy keeps supporting the group and acts as a meliorating influence to the hot-headed Brother. He gives the Gullwings' field operatives—Yuna, Rikku and Paine, or "YRP" for short—readings from the Sphere Oscillo-finder and tips on where to find lost spheres. He is usually stationed on the Celsius's cockpit, but when the group delivers the Awesome Sphere to either Youth League or New Yevon, Buddy comes along. After the sphere is delivered, Buddy receives a distress signal from the Celsius: the Leblanc Syndicate has broken into their airship and stolen their half of the sphere they obtained from Zanarkand. The Gullwings decide to procure three syndicate uniforms to sneak to Chateau Leblanc and take back the stolen sphere.

The Gullwings and the Leblanc Syndicate put their differences aside after the Gullwings discover that the syndicate had the other half of the stolen sphere, and the restored sphere shows the location of a powerful machina weapon called Vegnagun. After the groups pursue it and discover that Vegnagun has disappeared, Brother contacts Yuna, telling her that they should return to Celsius immediately. At the airship, Buddy and Brother tell YRP that fiends are appearing from the former temples of Yevon. They decide to take up the moniker of "Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings" and take out fiends while charging for it. While YRP battles the fiends, Buddy negotiates with the clients.

After learning of the latest strange events in Spira have been orchestrated by a malevolent spirit called Shuyin, the Gullwings plan to hold a concert to lessen the conflict between the Youth League and New Yevon factions. Buddy brings Yuna to the Moonflow to ask Tobli for help, but accidentally drops her off at the wrong place. When YRP finally catch up to Tobli, Buddy contacts them, telling them that Brother orders them to bring all of Tobli's Hypello assistants to the airship. Buddy drops the Hypello off to various places in Spira to promote the Gullwings' concert. After picking up the spectators, Buddy drops YRP to the Thunder Plains. After they defeat a fiend disrupting their plans, Buddy drops all the spectators off.

YRP return to the airship, Buddy telling them that the Youth League and New Yevon members have been locking horns ever since they got on the airship. After the concert, they see the factions' missing leaders, Nooj and Gippal, talking via a CommSphere that Gippal had fixed, which the Gullwings had dropped to the Farplane.

The Gullwings decide to go to the Farplane to help Nooj and Gippal free their friend Baralai from Shuyin's influence. Yuna wants to talk to Shuyin to soothe the vengeful shadow, the concert having revealed Shuyin's tragic past through Yuna's Songstress dressphere. After they destroy Vegnagun, and put Shuyin's spirit to rest, the Gullwings decide not to attend the event in Luca held by Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, and go home to Besaid.

Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~[]

After landing in Besaid for Tidus and Yuna's reunion, the Celsius malfunctions and even Shinra is stumped on how to repair it and the Gullwings stay in the village. When Buddy, Brother and Shinra talk among themselves in Al Bhed, a man named Briar points Shinra out as a "Bedore" and tries to attack him. Paine and the other Gullwings subdue him and tie him up at the Besaid Temple.

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Talking to Buddy when he is on his navigator's seat on the Celsius let's the player fast-travel.


Buddy appears as a member of the "Gull Wings" blitzball team when the Besaid Aurochs allow them to take their place in the new season as they are too busy helping Wakka and Lulu take care of their baby.

Creature Creator[]

Buddy can be recruited as a party member in the International and HD Remaster versions through the Creature Creator system. To recruit Buddy, the player must set up a Special Monster Pod in one of various locations in Chapter 3, including Besaid and Kilika. Buddy wields a wrench in battle and can use any of the common dresspheres. One of his most useful abilities involves him running behind the enemy and then attacking, making him deal double damage.

Fiend Arena[]

Buddy is fought in the Fiend Arena in the International and HD Remaster versions, paired up with Brother. His weapon of choice is a large, heavy wrench.


Buddy is voiced by Ken Taira in Japanese and by Ogie Banks III in English.



Buddy's Japanese name is "Dachi". In Japanese language, "dachi" (だち) or (ダチ) is a shortened version of "tomodachi" (友達, ともだち, or トモダチ), meaning "friend."