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Brutal Bee is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the To Sting in Anger hunt.


Subspecies of killer bee tasked with keeping the queen from harm. Its red pigmentation serves as a warning to predators. Those who approach the hive undaunted by danger suffer a series of stings they will not soon forget. This specimen's aggressive tendencies have earned it a top spot on the Hunters' bounty list.
Size: 3.93 ft. Weight: 48.0 lb.


To Sting in AngerLestallum – Surgate's Beanmine1
Red Hunt Icon
Brutal Bee x3 gil, Killer Bee x5Coernix Bypass (All Times)223,390 gil, Green Choker★★



The bees appear in a swarm alongside killer bees and their stings inflict Poison. They are weak to one-handed swords, firearms and ice. When vulnerable, they lie on the floor and don't attack for a time. Their stinging attack can be parried.


There are rocks around the area where the player can point-warp to replenish MP and to escape the swarm. The player can throw ice Elemancy at them to damage many bees at once. Higher level Elemancy engulfs the area in a blizzard to deal continuous damage to them. Ignis can bestow the ice element to Noctis's weapon with Enhancement to boost his damage.

Warp-striking can take the bees down and leave the vulnerable. The player can point-warp to a rock and then warp-strike the bees from a distance for a good damage multiplier. One can use a weapon that deals area damage with warp-strikes, like the Shield of the Just, to warp-strike numerous bees grouped close together.

If the player has the Cerberus sniper rifle the player can stand back and pick the bees out one-by-one (easy in Wait Mode). The player can also character-swap to Prompto, or use his Piercer, which hits all bees in a line and can debuff them. Gladiolus's area of effect techniques can be good, as can be Ignis's Mark.

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