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Template:Infobox TVseries Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is a six-episode anime series that depicts the backstories of Noctis Lucis Caelum, Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia, and Prompto Argentum. It is part of the Final Fantasy XV Universe and a lead-in to Final Fantasy XV.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Episode 1: Before the Storm

Young Noctis lies in a pool of his blood after he is injured by Marilith.

Together with his friends Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto, Prince Noctis travels to Caem to rendezvous with Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. In the Regalia, the group's car, the prince dreams of his past, in which he was gravely injured by a Marilith and rescued by his father, Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII.

Noctis and his friends stop at a diner where they learn the Kingdom of Lucis has fallen under Niflheim's control. Outside, an Imperial airship drops off Magitek troops to scout the surroundings. This prompts Noctis and company to continue traveling.

The next day, Noctis and his friends find their path blocked by Imperial troops. The four ambush the robotic soldiers, but when victory seems within their grasp, reinforcements arrive. Among their number is the Marilith that almost killed Noctis in his youth. In a rage, he charges forward and attacks.

Episode 2: Dogged Runner

Young Prompto eats a salad in an attempt to lose weight.

Noctis and his friends resume their journey to Caem. Prompto drives the Regalia but is forced to make a pit stop when he comes across an injured puppy. Tending to the puppy's wound reminds Prompto of how he and Noctis first became friends.

As a child, Prompto kept to himself, enjoyed taking pictures of animals, and struggled with his weight. One day, he came across a wounded puppy after school and decided to take care of her until her owner could be found. Prompto nicknamed the puppy "Tiny" and became very attached to her; he was greatly worried when he woke up to find the puppy missing.

It turned out the puppy Prompto found was the property of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret and named "Pryna." Pryna returned home to Luna and was happily reunited with another puppy in the princess's care, Umbra. When Luna saw a bandage on Pryna's leg with Prompto's name on it, she decided to write a letter to the boy to thank him for taking care of her puppy.

Through Luna's letter, Prompto learned about Pryna and how the puppy had been sent to see Noctis, the prince who attended his school. Prompto decided to do as Luna's letter requested and be a friend to Noctis, but the prince commented on his weight, inadvertently embarrassing him. Prompto decided he could not face Noctis again until he slimmed down, thus he started running daily and eating healthier. Finally, as a teenager, a physically fit Prompto reached out to Noctis and became the prince's friend.

Back in the present, Prompto finishes tending to the wounds of the puppy he found and watches as the puppy returns to its mother. Prompto goes back to the Regalia as Noctis awakens from a nap. After updating Noctis on what has happened, Prompto and his friends resume their journey. Noctis agrees that Prompto can meet Luna when they reach Altissia.

Episode 3: Sword and Shield

Young Iris and Noctis.

Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto are out hunting in a grassy field and are pleased at their successful defeat of a large horned beast. Prompto is happy that meat is on the menu for the night, but just then two more of the same type of monster approach the party. They prepare for the battle when an imperial airship approaches from the other direction.

The group decides to stay and fight, but the monsters charge the Empire's line. After dodging the second monster the group is forced to engage the imperial soldiers. Gladiolus puts in a strong showing, and Prompto tells him that he "really is the king's shield." Gladiolus challenges the group to "let the numbers decide" who will be eating meat that night. As his sword clashes with an imperial soldier's, a memory of the past is recalled.

A young Noctis is practicing swordplay with Gladiolus using wooden swords, but becomes frustrated and quits the session, saying that it's time for dinner. Noctis speaks with his father regarding his classes and is scolded for not eating his carrots. Elsewhere in the palace, Gladiolus complains to himself about Noctis being "stuck up." Iris, his younger sister, says that she's "telling papa" he said something mean and he playfully tickles her in response. He calls Noctis a "young punk" that will never be king, but when Iris demands to know why, he tells her to go to bed.

Noctis has cake for dessert when Iris comes to see him. Gladiolus tells her that this isn't allowed, but she retorts that he sees him all the time. She has a tantrum and it's agreed that the request can be made to see him, while Gladiolus goes back to work. As Iris waits, she is distracted by a cat in the palace garden. As Noctis heads for the meeting, he observes her darting through the garden and breaks free of the maid who's escorting him to go after her. He discovers her chasing the cat in underground tunnels and pursues. She eventually goes back above-ground and finds some pretty rocks, distracting her from the cat.

Back in the palace, Gladiolus is shocked to discover that Noctis and Iris are gone. It is now raining outside and Iris, lost, tumbles down a hill. Noctis catches her up and asks her name. He knows the way back because he sometimes plays there and they agree to head back and that the exit she found will be their secret. She reveals that Gladiolus is her brother.

Gladiolus is beside himself with anger at Iris's disappearance. Noctis takes the blame, claiming that he went to play outside and asked her to come along. He is chastised for leaving the palace alone without telling anyone and is grounded. Gladiolus receives an apology, but takes the blame himself, saying it was his fault for letting her out of his sight. Later, Iris admits to him the truth, that she was the one responsible and Noctis had saved her.

The next day, Gladiolus finds Noctis at his desk, working on a project he's being made to do because he's grounded. Gladiolus notes that he can still train, and that he's not the only one being punished. The two spar with wooden swords again. Noctis is again clumsy, but this time Gladiolus tells him he has guts, revealing that Iris told him the truth. He tells Noctis that he has a lot to learn to be king. "Then teach me," Noctis replies. They fist bump and Noctis gets back up to his ready stance, promising that he won't lose this time.

In the present, the two are victorious against the Empire's soldiers and the remaining monster retreats. Prompto asks if they can eat, but Ignis says they must first replenish their supply of spices. Noctis and Gladiolus take score and find that they tied against the soldiers. Gladiolus says that he won't make it easy on them and they fist bump, ready to enjoy some steak.

Episode 4: Bittersweet Memories

Spoilers end here.

Creation and development

A promotional poster for Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV.

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV was conceived by marketing producer Akio Ofuji and the director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata, as a method to introduce the game's main characters and to help people better understand the game's character dynamic. Prompto in particular was subject to scrutiny, as he had ranked low in fan polls.[1] Tabata has stated that while a typical role-playing game gradually assembles its cast, the heroes of Final Fantasy XV are together from the start. Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV shows how Noctis and his friends came together; developers hope the series would allow fans to familiarize themselves with the characters before playing Final Fantasy XV.[2]

Within Square Enix, there was initially resistance to the idea of an anime due to the production costs and it being released for free. It was decided that half of the anime's budget would be allocated from that assigned to Final Fantasy XV, and the other half would be covered by sales of physical discs. Ofuji conceived the overall scenario, then handed off the writing duties to writers.[1]

The anime was announced at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event. While the first five episodes are available on the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel, the sixth episode is exclusive to a disc included in the game's Ultimate Collector's Edition.[3] The first episode, titled "Before the Storm," was released on March 30, 2016. The second episode, "Dogged Runner," was released on June 14. The third episode, "Sword and Shield," was released on July 7. The fourth episode, "Bittersweet Memories," was released on August 17.


The reception of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV was more positive than Square Enix expected. Developers promised to keep feedback the series received in mind while working on it.[4]



Director Soichi Masui[5]
Composers Yasuhisa Inoue
Susumi Akizuki[6]

Voice cast

Character Japanese
Noctis Lucis Caelum Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Adult)
Miyuki Satō (Young)
Ignis Scientia Mamoru Miyano
Gladiolus Amicitia Kenta Miyake
Prompto Argentum Tetsuya Kakihara (Adult)
Aki Kaneda (Young)
Lunafreya Nox Fleuret Rina Kitagawa
Gentiana Sayaka Kinoshita
Iris Amicitia Megumi Han


Fraternity refers to "a group of people sharing a common profession or interests." It also describes "the state or feeling of friendship and mutual support within a group."

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