Artwork from Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

Gloves made of bronze.

Recurring description

Bronze Gloves (ブロンズのこて or せいどうのこて, Buronzu no Kote or Seidō no Kote?, lit. Bronze Bracer or Bronze Glove), also known as Copper, Bronze Gauntlets and Wooden Gauntlets, is a recurring armor in the series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Bronze Gloves is a low-ranked glove that provides 2 Defense, -3 Evade, and 3 Weight. It can be bought for 200 gil (160 in Easy Mode) at Melmond or found in Elven Castle.

Final Fantasy II[edit | edit source]

Bronze Gloves is a low-ranked arm armor that provides 3 Defense, -8% Evasion, and -24 Int/Spr. It can be bought for 150 gil (300 in the NES/PSX version) at Paloom, Poft, Bafsk, and Salamand.

Final Fantasy IX[edit | edit source]

Bronze Gloves is the weakest gauntlet providing 8 Defense, 2 Magic Evasion, +1 Spirit, and teaches Antibody. It can be bought for 480 gil at Dali and Lindblum (disc 1), or found in the Evil Forest. It can only be equipped by Steiner and Freya.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[edit | edit source]

Bronze Gauntlets is a low-ranked armor for the Lilty, providing 8 Defense.

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Final Fantasy Legend II[edit | edit source]

Bronze an gauntlet icon before its name. It can be bought in First Town for 25 GP. It gives 1 to defense, add 9 HP to Robots, and increases their Def by 2.

Final Fantasy Legend III[edit | edit source]

Bronze has a glove icon before its name. It provides a defense of 2 and magic defense of 1. It can be bought in Elan in the Past and Present for 400 GP.

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