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Owner and operator of the Inn at Kalm. He bears a grudge against Shinra, offering to help Cloud and friends escape their would-be corporate captors. His gaunt appearance may be due to his recent bout with an unknown illness.


Broden is a character in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He is the owner and operator of the inn at Kalm, and a former member of SOLDIER. He is a middle-aged man who begrudges the experiences he had while working for Shinra Electric Power Company.


Even while stricken with a mysterious ailment, Broden offered Cloud Strife and his company exodus from his inn just as Shinra forces stormed into Kalm looking for them. When the party wondered why he would help them at the cost of endangering himself, they learned that Broden resented his former employer. When the party later returned to Kalm after Shinra had left, they found Broden's health had deteriorated, something he blamed for the procedures he underwent in the employ of SOLDIER.

Broden as a black cloak from FFVII Rebirth

Broden as a "robed man".

Later on, the party looked for a protorelic in the Nibel Region. The robed men whom had been brought to Nibelheim's sanatorium had begun to roam the landscape and converge around mysterious extradimensional objects Chadley had dubbed "protorelics" and asked Cloud to locate. Broden was among the robed figures, but when Cloud tried to get his attention, Broden had seemingly lost all his humanity and only muttered on about "Reunion", shuffling along to places unknown.



FFV7Rebirth Broden

Close-up of Broden.

Broden is a thin seemingly middle-aged man with dark hair and a gaunt appearance. He has green "mako eyes" due to being a former member of SOLDIER. As the proprietor of an inn, he wears a white dress shirt under a gray vest, matching dress pants, a red scarf, and black shoes.

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As a "robed man", Broden's skin turns pallid and he wears a floor-length black cloak with a white symbol on the back.


A humble innkeeper of a quaint town, Broden comes off as an affable individual willing to lend a helping hand to all wayward travelers. Not all of his actions are entirely altruistic, however. He harbors lingering resentments towards Shinra, inciting his willingness to help a known enemy of those he despises find safe passage away from them.

When Cloud and party meet Broden in the Nibel Region, Broden is barely a shadow of his former self. His condition had deteriorated further due to his SOLDIER enhancements leading to anatomical and psychological failing, rendering the once kindly businessman a pale walking corpse headed by a phalanx of robed men trailing off towards wherever Sephiroth lies in wait. Not so much as even reacting to Cloud's attempts of getting his attention, Broden's only response is the harping on his instinct of Reunion.

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Talking to Broden in Kalm lets the player stay at the inn in Kalm to restore health and MP. He is involved in an odd job in the Grasslands Area, but if the player already started the protorelic quest in the Nibel Region, his role as both the innkeeper in Kalm and in the odd job is taken by a different NPC.

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