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Prevents Darkness.


Bright Eyes is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for physical attackers. It prevents Darkness from taking effect for the cost of 4 Magic Stones.


Bright Eyes is learned from Feather Hat, Iron Helm, Ritual Hat, and Cachusha for variable amounts of AP; Freya learns it the fastest at 20 AP, while Zidane learns it the slowest at 35 AP.

The Feather Hat for Zidane is first bought in Dali. The Iron Helm for Steiner and Freya is first stolen from the Plant Brain and is also found in Dali Underground DaliStorageArea2. The Ritual Hat for Zidane and Amarant is bought in shops in the Outer Continent, and Cachusha for Freya is made in many synthesis shops from Treno onwards.


With Bright Eyes, the character will be immune to blinding abilities. Darkness halves the accuracy of physical attacks, but has no effect on magic or many other abilities from the characters' unique skillsets. Therefore, even if some tough enemies like Ozma, Quale, Hades, and the final boss may induce this effect, if the player is using skills like Thievery or Dragon's Crest, Darkness may be of no hindrance.

Darkness persists after battle (Eiko with her Guardian Mog is an exception); equipping Bright Eyes onto a character who already has an ailment does not cure it.