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Originally just a checkpoint at the entrance of a giant bridge to the Prison Sands, it became a haven for old Lilty craftsmen who grew tired of the aristocratic lifestyle. Years of haphazard yet imaginative tinkering have given to the town its current 'junk-chic' image.

Originally, this was a town named after a former Elder Councilman who was given an 'honorary' role as a guardian of the entrance to the Prison Sands, but he was quickly booted out by the old Lilty craftsmen who then claimed the town for themselves. It is now simply called Bridge Town.

Local News Board

Bridge Town is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is an industrial village some distance away from the city. The atmosphere is dominated by iron and dust. Notably, it is the location of Cid's Workshop, where Cid lives and works. Layle goes here a number of times in the game, mostly to see Cid.

The older Lilty craftsmen mentioned in the News Board can be found near the entrance, wearing uniforms and head accessories appropriate for tinkering.

Lilty children and Selkies hang around the area, supervised by Royal Guards. A Selkie boy insistently throws dynamite at his feet, blowing himself up and people nearby away.

Near the Bridge Town Passage's entrance, Layle can find a Selkie woman with a knack for kicking things. The Lilty children are scared of her, as she can easily kick them as well.

On the upper part, there are three levers. Pulling them in a certain combination opens a door that leads directly to Cid's Workshop Zone.

Three moogle shops are placed in a lower area, and are unavailable in Layle's first visit.

Bridge Town Passage[]

This area reminds one of earlier times when Bridge Town was just a bridge, and not the junk-metal spectacle it is now. To the west of the bridge is the Izbor River, upon which the great dam that powers Bridge Town is built.

Recently, concerns have been raised regarding the pollution of the Izbor River by the industrial waste that pours into it daily from Bridge Town. The intelligentsia blame the pollution for the recent increase in monster sightings, but the residents of Bridge Town seem to be unfazed.

Local News Board

The area between the Town and Cid's Workshop Zone. A metallic bridge-like location stands above the river that runs below, containing structures that blow off steam. Off to the side is a railway, where a train runs through every once in a while.

Cid's Workshop Zone[]

The last area in Bridge Town before entering the Prison Sands. Cid, a central figure in Bridge Town, runs his workshop here. He is currently hard at work developing steam engine technology said to be '100 times eco-friendlier' than crystal reactors.

Perhaps it is a tell-tale sign of surprisingly lax security, but escaped prisoners come fleeing into this area periodically. The inevitable cat and mouse game with the prison guards is a sight to behold.

Local News Board

An open and wide area, with Cid's workshop being the most notable building. A grand gear-like door leads to the Prison Sands.

Later, the zone is littered with garbage bags, which Garbage Moogles collect to throw in a secluded area meant for dumping. If Layle causes mischief around the place, one of the moogles might pick him up to drop him at the dump. Layle can, otherwise, pick up the garbage himself to help with the task.

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