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Bribe in Final Fantasy X.

Offer gil to persuade one enemy to leave battle.

Final Fantasy X "Help" description

Bribe (わいろ, Wairo?), also called Payoff, is a recurring ability in the series. It involves giving the opponents gil to win the battle without a fight while gaining rare items in exchange.


Final Fantasy X[]

Bribe is a special skill learned on the Sphere Grid with Rikku starting out the closest to it. If successful, the bribed enemy leaves the battle and the player receives items, but the amounts of gil needed are considerable.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Bribe is a command ability used by the Lady Luck dressphere either via the Bribe command via the Slots reels. As it is available through the Slots, bribing is made easier. Most bribed items are actually equipment.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

In Bravely Default, Payoff is the job level 14 ability for the Merchant. The user spends money to buy off the enemy and end the battle. The usual pg, exp, JP and items are still gained.

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Payoff is the job level 10 command ability for the Merchant. It allows the user to spend money to buy off the enemy and end the battle. The usual pg, experience, JP, and items will still be obtained.