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Denied earthly pleasure, surely Paradise as well...But vengeance I shall know!
—Bremondt Freitberg

Celebrant Bremondt Freitberg is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. While he does not appear in the original game, his name is mentioned in the PS1 Person (Personae in War of the Lions) entries of both Beowulf Cadmus and Reis Duelar by the name of Buremonda. He is the secret boss at the end of a sidequest in The War of the Lions.


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Bremondt is the antagonist in the side story of Beowulf Cadmus. He comes off as possessive, delusional, undoubtedly lustful and weak-willed. This turned Reis into a dragon, although the curse was originally meant to target Beowulf.

Bremondt graduated from the Royal Magick Akademy in Gariland, which earned him the title to Lionel Castle following the death of Cardinal Delacroix at the hands of Ramza Beoulve. Despite his magickal prowess, Bremondt cowers behind the mercenaries he recruits to halt Beowulf and Ramza from rescuing Reis. He convinces himself that he is Reis's true love, and that Beowulf has tricked her.

Once his recruits fall, Bremondt transforms into a Dark Dragon, but is beaten. Even unto his last breath, he claims, "Reis... is... mine..." to which Beowulf reveals the depth of his pure love and selflessness, and replies, "Reis belongs to no one."

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In the first phase, Bremondt is a level 51 Celebrant with 10 Bravery and 80 Faith, and comes equipped with the Zeus Mace, Celebrant's Miter, Lordly Robes, and Ribbon. Oddly enough, the Ribbon happens to be a head equipment equipped in his accessory slot.

He has access to the Priest Magicks and Fundaments commands, and can utilize the abilities Counter Tackle, Safeguard, and Lifefont. He is innately immune to all negative statuses except Blind, Oil, Slow, Confuse, and Berserk (but since he has a Ribbon, this doesn't matter).

In his Dark Dragon form, he is level 42 with 80 Bravery and 10 Faith, and has about 3150 HP and 220 MP. He has access to the Breath command, as well as Counter, Attack Boost, Arcane Defense, and Arcane Strength. In this form, he is immune to all negative statuses except Blind, Slow, and Immobilize.


When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, he is level 99 and starts with 15 Bravery and 75 Faith. He doesn't have his Celebrant's primary ability equipped, but has the Throw command on his secondary slot. His other abilities are Counter Tackle, Safeguard, and Lifefont. He's equipped with Zeus Mace, Gold Hairpin, Lordly Robes, and Featherweave Cape.

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