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Very strong Earth magic. Sometimes causes [Petrify]


Break is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Contain Materia. It is the strongest Earth-elemental spell that can be cast by the player, and has a 32% chance of inflicting Petrify.


Magic Materia Contain, Master Magic
Effect High earth-elemental damage
32% chance of inflicting Petrify
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut
Final Attack
HP Absorb
Magic Counter
MP Absorb
MP Turbo
Quadra Magic
Sneak Attack
Steal as well

Damage formula:

where "Level" is the caster's current level and "Magical Attack" is their Magic atk stat. This is effectively 6.25x the base magic damage.


Break can be used by characters with the Contain Materia at level 2. It deals significant damage and has a small chance of inflicting Petrify, which effectively instantly kills enemies that are not immune to it. This makes it useful in various situations, including battles against larger enemies and bosses, especially those weak to Earth. Though many larger enemies are immune to Petrify, inflicting this effect is merely a bonus of using the spell.

Break should be amplified by pairing the Contain Materia with Support Materia. MP Absorb can mitigate its high MP cost, while HP Absorb can provide great durability to those that cast it. MP Turbo amplifies its already strong damage against single targets, while Quadra Magic does this in addition to providing multiple attempts to inflict Petrify. Pairing it with All, or equipping Mega All, allows the spell to clear groups of enemies. If Contain is at level 2, Magic Counter will use the spell as a counterattack.

Break is more powerful than Quake3, and its chance to inflict Petrify is also a good bonus. Its drawback is that it has a very high MP cost even compared to Quake3. As the characters' max MP improves, however, it becomes easier to cast it more frequently. Break should never be used against enemies that absorb or resist Earth.

Though Final Fantasy VII has no "flying" state, most flying enemies have their Earth affinity set to immune. In the case of Earth, rather than dealing 0 damage, it will miss. This means that Break should not be used against flying enemies, even if they are grounded.

Break can be cast by Safer∙Sephiroth.