Jump into the air and strike your foe with a powerful attack.


Braver is Cloud's default ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a simple physical damage ability, in which Cloud leaps into the air and strikes an opponent, dealing burst damage in an area of effect.

Braver is a returning ability from the original Final Fantasy VII, in which it was a level 1 limit break for Cloud.

Use[edit | edit source]

Braver provides raw damage to a single target. Before Cloud unlocks further abilities, Braver is the best attack for Cloud to finish off a single enemy without spending MP for a spell. Braver is optimally used on enemies who are staggered or against groups of enemies clustered together, as it can spread damage across them. Braver is also useful to catch low-flying enemies, where Cloud's other weapon abilities can't reach, though it still can't reach high-flyers. Early on, the alternative to Braver is Cloud's Focused Thrust, which deals less damage, but is better at increasing an opponent's stagger gauge, and should be used first on larger opponents who need to be staggered before they can be killed more easily.

As Cloud obtains more weapons, many alternatives to Braver become preferable in more circumstances. For dealing pure burst damage, though slower and requiring more ATB charges, Infinity's End deals much more damage. Triple Slash can also be better both at damaging multiple enemies, and against the last target remaining. Blade Burst instead deals magical damage and does so at range, while Disorder allows Cloud to quickly switch his stance.

Using Braver on Rufus instantly staggers him. It is normally hard to hit Rufus with Braver, requiring precise timing, but inflicting Sleep Sleep or Stop Stop first allows the player to easily win.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Braver in trailer footage.

Braver was used in the 2015 trailer shown for Final Fantasy VII Remake at the PlayStation Experience in December 5th, 2015.

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