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Jump into the air and strike your foe with a powerful attack.


Braver is Cloud's default ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cloud leaps into the air and strikes an opponent, leaving behind a trail of light and dealing burst damage in an area of effect. The ability was improved in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Braver is a returning ability from the original Final Fantasy VII, where it was a level 1 limit break for Cloud.


Character Ability Cloud Strife
Effects - Close range
- Deals physical melee damage
- Hits low-flying enemies
- Moderate area-of-effect radius
Interrupt stats - Interrupts targets with ≤50 interrupt defense
- Interrupted by attacks with ≥40 interrupt strength
Compatible Support Materia Support Materia Elemental Materia Elemental Materia
Synergy Materia Synergy Materia
Applicable weapon passive bonuses - Critical Hit Rate Up
- Enemy Parts Damage Up
- Critical Damage Up
- Desperate Striker
Damage formula:

Where 5 is used rather than 4 in Intergrade, Cloud's Attack Power is his respective attribute, and Target's Defense is the respective attribute of the target
Power Modifier
VII Remake (PS4): 4
Intergrade (PS5): 5
Stagger formula:

Where 6 is used rather than 2 if the target is pressured, and Target's Physical Melee Rate Modifier is the respective stagger rate modifier of the target
Stagger Rate: 2
Pressured Rate: 6


Braver is used to deal physical burst damage to a target. It can hit low-flying enemies as well as multiple enemies close to the impact zone.

Before Cloud unlocks further abilities, Braver is good to finish off a single enemy without spending MP for a spell. Since the wind up is slow, Cloud may miss the target. Braver is optimally used on staggered enemies or against groups clustered together, as it can spread damage across them. Braver is also useful to catch low-flying enemies, where Cloud's other weapon abilities can't reach, though it still can't reach high-flyers. Triple Slash outclasses Braver against multiple enemies. Infinity's End is stronger, particularly against staggered targets, but costs 2 ATB. Blade Burst deals better damage against enemies with strong physical resistance, or if Cloud is magic damage focused.

In Intergrade, Braver deals more damage, and has improved tracking around Cloud. This makes Braver a considerably stronger and more reliable choice for damage output against single targets over Triple Slash, although Triple Slash still reigns supreme against multiple targets. Infinity's End was also improved, to retain its superiority over Braver.

Using Braver on Rufus instantly staggers him. It is normally hard to hit Rufus with Braver, requiring precise timing when he reloads. Inflicting Sleep Sleep or Stop Stop on him will leave him open to Braver.

Behind the scenes[]

Braver was used in the 2015 trailer shown for Final Fantasy VII Remake at the PlayStation Experience in December 5th, 2015.