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Braver is Cloud's first level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII, and his default Limit. It is a physical attack on a single target that strikes a target for three times Cloud's normal damage. Using it eight times unlocks Cross-slash.

The Braver attack is performed by Cloud by with a jump upwards followed by a downward slash to strike an enemy.

In the demo release, Braver also inflicted Paralyzed, an effect given to Cross-slash in the final release.


Braver is a physical attack that deals three times Cloud's normal damage, meaning it relies on his Strength stat and his currently equipped weapon when determining damage. It can be used to deal heavy damage to a larger enemy, or finish off a smaller one.

Braver is outclassed by Cross-slash, Cloud's second level 1 Limit, which deals slightly more damage than Braver and has a chance to inflict Paralyzed. Once the player has used Braver eight times and obtained Cross-slash, there is no need to use Braver again.