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Below is a list of weapons in Bravely Second: End Layer.

Swords[edit | edit source]

All swords deal 50% more damage to demonkind. The jobs best suited for wielding swords are the Fencer, Exorcist, Dark Knight, Templar, Kaiser, and Knight. Any job can be well suited to wield swords when equipped with the Sword Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Rapier RapierBS.jpg 5 90 50 Buy: Gathelatio
A sword popular among nobles thanks to its elegant design. Though not as sturdy as broader blades, it is well suited to exploiting gaps in armor, making it an effective weapon in battle.
Short Sword Short SwordBS.jpg 10 90 200 Buy: Eternia
A sword with more force than a dagger and versatility than a longer blade. Its widespread use among pioneers and adventurers contributed to the spread of human civilization in the early days of Luxendarc. For this reason, it is known as the "Adventurer's Arm."
Broadsword BroadswordBS.jpg 15 90 500 Buy: Al-Khampis
A sword mass produced by a simple manufacturing method that integrates the blade, guard, and hilt. Its simple, broad blade is designed to be easily wielded, even by weaker individuals. It is a popular weapon for self-defense thanks to its adequate length and ease of use.
Mythril Sword Mythril SwordBS.jpg 20 90 1000 Buy: Ancheim
A sword forged by a famous swordsmith using Eisenberg-mined mythril ore smelted at an extremely high temperature. While the blade length is on the short side due to mythril being so precious, it is far sharper than iron swords.
Defender DefenderBS.jpg 25 90 2000 Buy: Hartschild
Increase P.DEF by 5.
A thick sword made for both high attack power and ease of defense. Simply equipping it slightly raises defense. This makes it an effective weapon for raising the defense of those ill-suited for using shields.
Ice Brand Ice BrandBS.jpg 28 90 Find: Old Aqueduct
Weapon attacks deal water damage.
A sword forged from a rare metal as cold as ice that is mined from the Eternian permafrost. It adds a water effect to slash attacks, making it highly prized for eradicating monsters susceptible to water and ice.
Flametongue FlametongueBS.jpg 36 90 Find: Sagitta Forest
Element: Fire
Weapon attacks deal fire damage.
A sword imbued with the power of fire by the extended tempering of its mythril steel blade in Eisenberg's magma. Its beautiful blade seems to ripple like fire, but as soon as it is swung, it bursts into flame, allowing its wielder to deal a fire effect with each slash.
Scimitar ScimitarBS.jpg 35 90 5000 Buy: Florem
Steal: Janne (ch 2)
A slender, curved sword believed to have originated in the Harena region. This cruel weapon is well suited for carving chunks off an enemy with each swing of its beautifully bowed blade. This makes it the favored weapon of brigands and pirates.
Sleep Blade Sleep BladeBS.jpg 38 90 7500 Buy: Sagitta Village
Has a 25% chance to put target to sleep.
A slender sword made from a special metal that emits a sleep-inducing agent when it reacts to blood or body heat. It was originally intended for self-defense, but production was halted after these swords started falling into the wrong hands.
Colichemarde ColichemardeBS.jpg 41 90 10000 Buy: Grandship
Steal: Janne (ch 4)
A sword named after Duke Colichemarde, it is the final product of his efforts to improve on the rapier's strengths. Various parts of the sword were made lighter, and the base of the blade is thicker, tapering off towards the point. This design increases power without increasing the sword's weight.
Rune Blade Rune BladeBS.jpg 44 15 90 20000 Buy: Caldisla
Steal: Janne (ch 5)
A mystical sword with ancient runes inscribed on its blade. It is imbued with wondrous magic power that raises its wielder's magic attack. This makes it the perfect blade for those who combine sword-based melee combat with magic attacks.
Blood Blade Blood BladeBS.jpg 43 90 Find: Vampire Castle
Use: Drain a single target's HP.
When draining HP from undead foes, both the enemy and allies will take damage.
A slender magic sword into which a legendary master blacksmith forget the black magic drain by request of a certain patron. Upon seeing the blade, the patron is said to have gladly purchased it, leaving with the cryptic words, "This is positively vampiric!"
Excalibur II Excaliber IIBS.jpg 47 90 Find: Via Celestio
Element: Light
Use: Deal light-based magic damage to all targets.
*Potency of magic is determined by M.ATK.
A holy sword given to a great king by the Lady of the Lake, it is the counterpart to the blade with the selfsame name pulled from a great stone. Possessed not only of incredible power, it is bestowed with the blessings of the earth and sea, signifying its wielder as the rightful ruler of the world.
Night Emperor Night EmperorBS.jpg 50 90 Find: Dimension's Keep
A rare sword that has been steeped in a special aphrodisiac that charms those it cuts. Forged many years ago by request of a few eccentric dilettantes, the secrets of its creation are lost to the blacksmiths of today.
Darkbringer DarkbringerBS.jpg 49 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A sword given to Alternis Dim by Braev the Templar.
Alternis named this weapon Darkbringer, harkening the legend of the templar's greatsword, Lightbringer.
Bloodrose BloodroseBS.jpg 49 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A sword once wielded by Red Mage Fiore DeRosa.
Forged to order by one of Florem's preeminent smiths, its flimsy and "fashionabluh" design is a shining example of form over function.
Vendetta VendettaBS.jpg 49 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A slender sword granted to Janne Angard by the kaiser himself upon the former's induction into the Glanz Empire.
Janne named his sword Vendetta as a constant reminder of the grudge he bears toward the Crystalguard and the high houses who betrayed and slew his father.
Doomsday DoomsdayBS.jpg 49 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A sword wielded by Geist Grace, better known as Geist the Bloody.
As its name states, whoever faces the wrath of this blade will meet their final reckoning, perhaps many times over.
Stinger StingerBS.jpg 10 90 Initial: Janne
A rapier favored by Janne for many years. Its name refers not to the sword itself, but to the precision and ferocity with which Janne wields the weapon.
Spacetime Blade Spacetime BladeBS.jpg 65 90 Drop: Adventurer
A sword made from a fragment of the compass of space and time.
It is said to be able to slice through the very fabric of spacetime, opening pathways to parallel dimensions.

Axes[edit | edit source]

All axes deal 50% more damage to plantoids. The job best suited for wielding axes are the Catmancer and Pirate. Any job can be well suited to wield axes when equipped with the Axe Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Francisca FranciscaBS.jpg 12 85 -3 240 Buy: Eternia
A compact axe favored by tribal hunters. Originally intended to be used as a throwing axe, its simple construction has made it popular as a means of self-defense.
It is also well suited for cutting through stout tree trunks and thick underbrush.
Broadaxe BroadaxeBS.jpg 18 85 -3 600 Buy: Al-Khampis
Originally designed to chop lumber, this broad-headed axe becomes a formidable weapon in the hands of trained warriors. Owing to its versatility as both a tool and a weapon, many travelers keep one on hand at all times.
Mythril Axe Mythril AxeBS.jpg 24 85 -3 1200 Buy: Ancheim
Steal: Minette (ch 1)
A double-bladed axe that a stalwart blacksmith forged from mythril ore mined in Eisenberg. The use of rare and precious mythril necessitated a rather small axe head, but its keen edges can cut through the sturdiest of plate armor with ease.
War Axe War AxeBS.jpg 30 85 -3 2400 Buy: Hartschild
An axe forged in the best possible shape for use in battle.
Designed by a famous weaponsmith in Florem, its handle features wave-like patterns and other embellishments that speak to the aesthetic sensibilities of that nation's people.
Flare Hatchet Flare HatchetBS.jpg 44 85 -3 Find: Sagitta Forest
Element: Fire
A small axe imbued with the power of magma. Although it is mentioned in the myths surrounding Eisenberg's founding and images of it can be found graven into ruins throughout the land, no one has ever laid eyes upon it, or knows the secrets behind its forging.
Heavy Axe Heavy AxeBS.jpg 42 85 -3 6000 Buy: Florem
An incredibly heavy double-headed axe forged by a team of stalwart blacksmiths. It is thick and durable enough to withstand a point-blank cannon blast and sharp enough to chop down a ship's mast in a single swing.
Labrys LabrysBS.jpg 46 85 -3 9000 Buy: Sagitta Village
Steal: Barbarossa (ch 3, 5)
It is said that deep within the unsettled regions of Florem, hunting is seen as a sacred act that provides humans with sustenance and sends the souls of beasts peacefully to the Celestial Realm. This axe is imbued with spiritual energy that makes it especially potent against such beasts, ensuring a swift and painless departure.
Viking Axe Viking AxeBS.jpg 50 85 -3 12000 Buy: Grandship
An unrefined but practical axe for battles at sea. A favorite of pirates, its dual axe heads make it easy to wield, even in chaotic battles. Designed to defend against monsters of the deep, it is particularly effective against aquatic foes.
Grinder Axe Grinder AxeBS.jpg 36 85 -3 3940 Buy: Yunohana
25% chance to instill target with dread.
An infamous magic axe said to sow fear among mortals. Its name derives from an ancient parable about tenacity and determination—the story of a block of metal the size of an axe that was crafted and polished into the finest needle.
Death Axe Death AxeBS.jpg 51 85 -3 Find: Skyhold
Rumored to be a great axe that could exorcise the sins and sicknesses that infest the mortal world. A terrible curse said to be capable of eradicating all heathens and heretics is graven upon its gigantic crescent-shaped blades.
Kokusenpū KokusenpuBS.jpg 52 85 -3 Find: Starkfort, Engine Room
A jet-black axe wielded by the legendary minotaur king of Eisen. It was said that during battles the king flung himself into the enemy army, an axe in each hand slashing with ferocious speed. This whirlwind of death was the last sight of many a fallen soldier.
Giant Axe Giant AxeBS.jpg 55 60 -3 Find: Everlast Tower
A massive, single-bladed axe said to have been favored by a legendary race of giants. Extremely thick and heavy, its terrible destructive force is only matched by the terrible difficulty of wielded it.
An amusing legend tells of how it was once used as a ship anchor during the Golden Age of Piracy.
Cross Axe Cross AxeBS.jpg 53 85 -3 24000 Buy: Caldisla
Steal: Minette (ch 5)
A sacred axe said to have been wrought through divine guidance to banish evil during the long battle between man and demonkind that was waged in bygone times. True to the legend, it is particularly deadly against demonic foes.
Earthbreaker EarthbreakerBS.jpg 57 85 -3 Find: Via Celestio
Element: Earth
Weapon attacks deal earth damage.
An oddly shaped, double-headed axe that the gods bestowed upon the race of giants. It is said they showed their devotion to the gods by using this axe to carve the Sky Continent from the earth. This mighty axe can rend earth, bore through bedrock, carve out stone, and smash geological formations.
Parashu ParashuBS.jpg 60 85 -3 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
A divine axe bestowed upon a holy knight by the god of way. The knight was beset on all sides by demons wielding magic blades, but the claw that extends from the axe-head had the power to bend and break all weapons. One by one destroying the demons' fell blades, the knight escaped from the hellish battle unscathed.
Iron Duke Iron DukeBS.jpg 58 85 -3 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A mighty axe wielded by Captain Barbarossa.
It is named for a fearsome general that laid low the entire army of a nation once believed to be invincible.
Juggernaut JuggernautBS.jpg 58 85 -3 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A giant axe whose size belies the small stature of its wielder, Minette Napkatti.
The fuzzy ball on its pommel is meant to entertain Bismarck and is designed to be easily replaceable should the lion's sharp claws reduce it to tattered shreds.

Spears[edit | edit source]

All spears deal 50% more damage to insects and 25% more damage when attacking multiple foes. The job best suited for wielding spears are the Valkyrie, Guardian, and Merchant. Any job can be well suited to wield spears when equipped with the Spear Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Spear SpearBS.jpg 8 90 80 Buy: Gathelatio
A simple weapon consisting of a sharp metal point at the end of a long shaft. Spears and similar polearms are well suited to attacking multiple foes at once.
Mythril Spear Mythril SpearBS.jpg 18 90 900 Buy: Ancheim
Find: Eisen Bridge
Steal: Ba'al v; Urchin (Ba'al Crater)
A spear with a sharp tip and blades underneath. It was forged by a master smith from mythril ore mined in Eisenberg. Though its beautiful shape often results in this weapon being put on ceremonial display, when taken in hand it makes for a powerful weapon with deadly potential on the battlefield.
Glaive GlaiveBS.jpg 14 90 450 Buy: Al-Khampis
A polearm believed to have originated when some sort of blade or knife was affixed to the end of a long shaft. Refined through the ages, it came to resemble a large, bladed spear tip that even neophytes of the battlefield could wield with deadly effect.
Cross Spear Cross SpearBS.jpg 27 90 3150 Buy: Yunohana
Find: Grapp Keep
A cross-shaped spear fashioned after the weapon wield by a hero of Wa, an island nation that vanished centuries ago. It is imbued with the divine power of exorcism, allowing it to deal devastating damage to undead creatures.
Crimson Spear Crimson SpearBS.jpg 33 90 Find: Geyser Grotto
A spear of the land of Wa, an island nation that vanished centuries ago. Its bright red shaft was the symbol of a clan's mightiest warrior. They would boost morale by shouting, "Let our enemies' blood stain my spearpoint crimson!"
Valkyrie Halberd Valkyrie HalberdBS.jpg 32 90 4500 Buy: Florem
A winged spear fashioned after those wielded by mythical female warriors. Though designed by a famous weapon designer of Florem, critics call it difficult to use. It truly shines when used in jumping attacks, but only a select few can draw upon its full potential.
Lü Bu's Spear Lu Bus SpearBS.jpg 37 90 Find: Witherwood
The crescent, halberd-like weapon favored by Lü Bu, the legendary "Flying General" and great warrior who rode a crimson steed capable of traveling a thousand leagues a day.
Halberd HalberdBS.jpg 23 90 1800 Buy: Hartschild
A polearm with a small axe blade below its spearhead, and a bladed hook opposite that, enabling the weapon to be used for slashing, striking, and hooking. Even today, when soldiers are heavily armored and cannon use has spread throughout the lands, halberds are a common weapon of many armies.
Silver Glaive Silver GlaiveBS.jpg 35 90 6750 Buy: Sagitta Village
Steal: Einheria (ch 3, 5)
A glaive combining steel and silver. Although it has the strength of steel and the anti-magic properties of silver, its increased weight makes it a tad unwieldy.
Trident TridentBS.jpg 38 90 Find: Skyhold
Element: Lightning
The legendary three-pronged spear believed to have been to have been wielded by the sea go in the mythic age, before the advent of Crystalism. Its tip is imbued with lightning, granting attacks the power of this element.
Longinus LonginusBS.jpg 40 90 Find: Eternian Central Command (blue chest)
The fateful spear used in the execution of a legendary prophet. He was the savior of his people, but was eventually taken prisoner by the land's rulers, who feared his influence. It is said to be a holy relic because it was bathed in his blood. It is particularly effective against creature of the sea.
Gáe Bolg Gae BolgBS.jpg 39 90 Drop: Cú Chulainn (ch 5)
A legendary spear wielded by the warrior of old, Cú Chulainn. The winged blades extending from both sides dig onto enemies, rending them apart from the inside. Riding his trusted steed Sainglend into battle, Cú Chulainn boasts countless victories over myriad foes.
Roncone RonconeBS.jpg 41 90 18000 Buy: Caldisla
A spear with multiple blades and heads, enabling a variety of attacks with just one weapon. While effective at slashing, piercing, and toppling enemies, the spear is difficult to use. Some Some believe that mastery of this weapon is a sign of a true warrior.
Holy Lance Holy LanceBS.jpg 42 90 Find: Vestment Cave
A legendary weapon revered as a holy relic by the Crystal Orthodoxy, which believes it is imbued with divine power. The Orthodoxy uses it to stage miracles. Each attack adds a light effect.
Gungnir GungnirBS.jpg 43 90 Find: Via Celestio
A throwing spear from northern mythology that the god of death and war is said to have used to herald the outbreak of war and the death of his enemies. Its mystic power grants perfect accuracy, and the spear will return to the hands of its thrower.
Ama-no-Sakahoko Ama-no-SakahokoBS.jpg 45 90 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
A spear said to have been used by the gods in the creation of Luxendarc. Stirring the sea with the mighty weapon, they heaved the floor's sediment to the surface, creating the continents. Still possessed with the power of creation, the weapon strengthens the wielder's earth elemental attacks.
Moon Glaive Moon GlaiveBS.jpg 17 90 Initial: Magnolia
A spear wielded by Magnolia, and a symbol of her status as an elite Ba'al Buster.
Sharp enough to cut through any material easily, the spear shines with a mysterious hue unseen in any metal mined on Luxendarc.
Moon Glaive Type-0 Moon Glaive Type-0BS.jpg 44 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A prototype version of the Moon Glaive Magnolia now wields. Though its effectiveness was unmatched, the high cost of the materials along with its difficulty of use resulted in a reevaluation of construction and design, eventually resulting in the current Moon Glaive.
Rossweisse RossweisseBS.jpg 44 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A spear favored by Einheria the Valkyrie.
It is named after a warrior maiden appearing in the legends of northern lands, and also means "White Rose." The spear allows Einheria to take full advantage of her years of studying various combat arts.
Neo Gáe Bolg Neo Gae BolgBS.jpg 44 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A powerful polearm forged by the Glanz Empire. By analyzing Cú Chulainn's magic spear Gáe Bolg, the empire's scientists were able to recreate it from scratch, making a weapon perfectly suited to his fighting style.
Another Mind Another MindBS.jpg 44 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A spear once wielded by Revenant Grace.
It was found lying next to the armor Geist sealed his son's soul in. Though no different than many other mass-produced spears, Revenant took a fondness to it and bestowed upon it a special name.

Rods[edit | edit source]

All rods deal 50% more damage to insects. The job best suited for wielding rods are the Black Mage, Performer, Wizard, Astrologian, and Summoner. Any job can be well suited to wield rods when equipped with the Rod Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Rod RodBS.jpg 3 2 90 150 Buy: Eternia
A small, short staff employed by common clergy and mages for simple rituals and other uses. A jewel mounted at the tip heightens its bearer's magic power.
Wizard's Rod Wizards RodBS.jpg 8 6 90 375 Buy: Al-Khampis
A rod that raises magic attack more effectively than conventional rods. Invented and developed in Eternia and then successfully mass produced using the advanced technology in Ancheim.
Mythril Rod Mythril RodBS.jpg 12 12 90 750 Buy: Ancheim
Steal: Mephilia (ch 1, 5)
An exquisite rod with a head of high-grade Eisenberg mythril fashioned by a veteran craftsman. When equipped, it boosts magical attack potency more than normal rods, which is why it is also slightly more expensive.
Noxious Rod Noxious RodBS.jpg 13 15 90 2625 Buy: Yunohana
50% chance of poisoning target.
A rod filled with a poisonous crystal refined by a dark priest from the secluded and uncivilized regions. Poison enters the wound through the decorative bat wings, bringing the enemy steadily closer to death by the second.
Rod of Fire Rod of FireBS.jpg 18 17 90 3750 Buy: Florem
Find: Starkfort, Grandship
Fire attacks deal 10% more damage.
A rod crowned with a jewel imbued with the power of fire. When equipped, it boosts magical attack potency and effect of fire attacks.
Rod of Ice Rod of IceBS.jpg 21 19 90 7500 Buy: Grandship
Water attacks deal 10% more damage.
A rod crowned with a jewel imbued with the power of ice. When equipped, it boosts magical attack potency and effect of water attacks.
Demon's Rod Demons RodBS.jpg 23 21 90 Find: Geneolgia Crypts
A rod brimming with tremendous magic power, wrought in the form of a musical instrument of a barbarian tribe, said to be capable of communicating with demons. Its hollow tip enforces negative energy, increasing the effectiveness of dark magic.
Lilith's Rod Liliths RodBS.jpg 22 20 90 Steal: Lilith
The rod said to have been used by Lilith, a night demon and bringer of nightmares who appears in many myths throughout the ages. She is said to come at night in a beautiful guise to slay children and expectant mothers.
Wonder Rod Wonder RodBS.jpg 24 25 90 15000 Buy: Caldisla
Use: Randomly cast a black magic spell.
Certain spells are not accessible with this item.
A rod inadvertently created by a famous craftsman of magic items who served the Crystal Orthodoxy. Considered to be a failure, it can evoke a variety of black magic on command, but the wielder cannot name the target.
Caduceus CaduceusBS.jpg 24 25 90 Find: Dimension's Hollow
A rod belonging to a young god who was wasked with protecting thieves, merchants, and herdsmen. He was known as an impulsive god, and his weapon can end a battle on a whim, sending all it strikes into a deep slumber from which they will never wake.
Meggido Fire Megiddo FireBS.jpg 25 28 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A rod wielded by Ominas Crowe.
Its name derives from the mythical inferno said to consume the world in flames. Ominas named the rod himself, but after Holly Whyte mocked the name, he has kept it a secret from others.
Arianrhod ArianrhodBS.jpg 24 23 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A lovely rod favored by Mephilia Venus.
Its name comes from the goddess of fate appearing in ancient legends. Mephilia named the rod during a dark time in her life, and now feels slightly embarrassed by it.
Superstar's Mic Superstars MicBS.jpg 42 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A microphone once used by Praline à la Mode.
Even though it is only a microphone, it makes for a formidable weapon. The members of Praline's former group, the Pretty Cakes, cringe in fear whenever she starts swinging it around.
Eternal Grudge Eternal GrudgeBS.jpg 24 24 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A rod bearing the likeness of a doll, once wielded by the Dark Vestal Bella.
Originally made in jest of young weaponsmith from the Glanz Empire, it was found by Bella, who enveloped the poor man with shining mist, condemning him to three days and nights of sleeplessness.
Mace MaceBS.jpg 9 9 90 150 Buy: Eternia
A bludgeoning weapon made from thick steel plates fashioned into a cross shape and attached to a handle. It is effective against armored foes, but equipping it does not boost magic attack. This weapon was developed so black mages could join battles when they want to conserve their mystical energies.
Battle Mace Battle MaceBS.jpg 23 90 1500 Buy: Hartschild
A bludgeoning weapon made from a spiked iron ball attached to a handle. This cruel weapon delivers both bludgeoning damage due to its weight and piercing damage from its spikes.
Heiji's Jitte Heijis JitteBS.jpg 38 90 Find: Miasma Woods (blue chest)
Use: Spend your level 50 times in pg to deal an equivalent amount of damage to the enemy.
A striking weapon used by and named for a legendary constable of Yunohana. The man, Heiji, would daze criminals by throwing pg, and subdue them with this iron bar. The more tenacious criminals sometimes required more pg to subdue than the damage their misdeeds wrought.
Jadagna JadagnaBS.jpg 35 90 5625 Buy: Sagitta Village
A bludgeoning weapon used the tribes of uncivilized Florem. The head of weapon is inscribed with teeth marks of beasts the tribes claim as their ancestors. Although incredibly heavy, a seasoned fighter can crush steel armor in one swing. Some tribes consider mastery a sign of adulthood.
Hammer Mace Hammer MaceBS.jpg 40 90 15000 Buy: Caldisla
A simple, hammer-like mace that armies have been using since ancient times as both a tool and a weapon. Besides combat, it is used for driving stakes into the ground, building encampments, and battering down gates and other obstructions.
Ogre's Club Ogres ClubBS.jpg 43 90 Find: Via Celestio
Lightning attacks deal 10% more damage.
A mace fashioned in the likeness of the weapons said to have been wielded by the ogres of Wa, an island nation that vanished centuries ago. Though it is much smaller then the weapon of legend, it is still extremely heavy.
Mjöllnir MjollnirBS.jpg 45 90 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
A mace forged by the god of smithing at the behest of the god of way. According to legends, it was created from concentrated storm clouds. Possessed of the power to call the sky's wrath with a single wing, only one pure of heart can wield it. The god of war, lacking such virtue, cast it down to Luxendarc in anger.

Staves[edit | edit source]

All staves deal 50% more damage to undead and 25% more damage when attacking multiple targets. The job best suited for wielding staves are the White Mage, Performer, Merchant, Time Mage, Bishop, and Monk. Any job can be well suited to wield staves when equipped with the Staff Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Staff StaffBS.jpg 8 90 300 Find: Gathelatio
Buy: Al-Khampis
Increases the wielder's mind by 1.
A staff made from a branch imbued with the power of spirits. It raises mind and boosts the user's magic attack and healing magic powers. Staves add a power modifier when attacking multiple foes at once.
Mythril Staff Mythril StaffBS.jpg 10 90 600 Buy: Ancheim
Increases the wielder's mind by 3.
A staff crowned with a large piece of mythril that has been refined using a special technique. The mythril's magic power dramatically raises mind.
Jade Crosier Jade CrosierBS.jpg 15 90 2100 Buy: Yunohana
Steal: Holly (ch 1, 5)
Increases the wielder's mind by 2.
A staff crowned with a ring of jade imbued with spirit power. It is said to have been carried by priests from an island nation that vanished from the pages of history centuries ago.
Staff of Life Staff of LifeBS.jpg 18 90 3000 Buy: Florem
Find: Starkfort
Increases the wielder's mind by 4.
Use: Recover HP.
Imbued with the power of healing, this staff was developed through the white magic studies conducted at Everlast Tower. Raising it up and chanting bestows the cure effect on desired targets.
Gale Staff Gale StaffBS.jpg 21 90 6000 Buy: Grandship
Increases the wielder's mind by 5.
Wind-based attacks deal 20% more damage.
A beautiful staff imbued with the power of the wind spirits. Long held by the vestals of the Temple of Wind, it was lost several generations ago when it was lent to the King of Anchiem, straining relations between the temple and royal family to this day.
Yggdrasil Staff Yggdrasil StaffBS.jpg 22 90 Find: Skyhold
A staff with a surface layer of wood from Yggdrasil, which is believed to grow somewhere in this world. The staff is imbued with great spiritual and exorcism power. Raising it up and chanting bestows the esuna effect on a single target.
Demon's Staff Demons StaffBS.jpg 24 90 Find: Florem Gardens
Element: Dark
A dark staff said to be imbued with the power of a demon feared by mortals long before the advent of Crystalism. The menacing power ceaselessly emanating from this staff is believed to add a dark effect to its attacks.
Sage's Staff Sages StaffBS.jpg 23 90 12000 Buy: Caldisla
Steal: Nikolai (ch 5)
Increases the wielder's mind by 7.

Use: Revive target from K.O.

A miraculous staff that a great sage long ago is said to have imbued with the power to resurrect the dead. Raising it up and chanting bestows the raise effect on a single target.
Asclepius AsclepiusBS.jpg 26 90 Find: Dimension's Hollow
In ancient times lived a skilled doctor who received even the patronage of the gods. Able to restore life to the dead, he was loved by many. However, he was killed by those who wished death on others. His body transformed into a snake that wrapped around his staff, which is said to possess the power of resurrection.
Oaken Pole Oaken PoleBS.jpg 12 90 300 Buy: Al-Khampis
Find: Pilgrim's Grove
A quarterstaff made from the branch from a hardwood tree. This long, unrefined bludgeoning weapon does not deliver any added effects, such as increased mental power. Popular among martial artists and combat-savvy healers, there have also been sightings of battlefield divas dual-wielding these big sticks.
Iron Pole Iron PoleBS.jpg 20 90 1200 Buy: Hartschild
An incredibly heavy yet flexible quarterstaff made from a bundle of iron rods, wrapped in several layers of thin steel sheets. This long bludgeoning weapon is strong enough to easily snap an ordinary sword in two.
Diamond Staff Diamond StaffBS.jpg 31 90 4500 Buy: Sagitta Village
Steal: Praline (ch 3, 5)
A quarterstaff formed by crystallizing diamond powder by means of a special technique. It is revered for its beautiful form and often used for ceremonial purposes. While not as hard as actual diamond, this bludgeoning weapon still manages to be highly flexible as well as durable.
Musashi's Oar Musashis OarBS.jpg 34 90 Find: Witherwood (blue chest)
An oar wielded by a master swordsman of Wa, an island nation that vanished centuries ago. With more range and less weight than a blade, the swordsman swung it with ferocity in many battles. No record remains of his death, but it is said that he was summoned to be a hero for another world.
Simian Staff Simian StaffBS.jpg 36 90 12000 Buy: Caldisla
A quarterstaff fashioned to resemble a legendary weapon said to have been used by the Monkey King. It does not lengthen and contract at will as told of in legends, but it is an unexpectedly effective weapon.
Vajra VajraBS.jpg 40 90 Find: Via Celestio
Lightning-based attacks deal 20% more damage.
A holy tool forged when a priest of the thunder god sacrificed his body. The tool enhanced the god's energy, letting him win a close victory over his mortal enemy. Grateful for the priest's sacrifice, the thunder god elevated him to the realm of gods.
Laevateinn LaevateinnBS.jpg 38 90 Find: Dimension's Keep
A flaming sword forged by the serpent deity, who envied birds' flight and wished to see them slain. Each butchered bird dulled the sword little by little, at last snuffing out its flame. The serpent god took offense to this, turning the sword into a staff, and vowed to continue his hunt until not a bird remained.
Gambanteinn GambanteinnBS.jpg 25 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
Increases the wielder's mind by 10.
A rod once wielded by Holly Whyte.
The name comes from the rod used in northern legends of a god courting a maiden giant. Holly berated Ominas for close to an hour when he made fun of the name's childish origins.
Kronos Scepter Kronos Scepter.jpg 38 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A rod in the shape of a clock hand, once wielded by Khamer.
Khamer had always wanted to place the rod in front of his face and yell, "It's six o'clock," but the former king's pride would never let him make such a cringe-inducing joke.
Swindler's Staff Swindlers StaffBS.jpg 38 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A staff once wielded by Erutus Profiteur.
The head is pure gold, and incredibly heavy. Profiteur enjoyed playing a game wherein he would place a ball into the mouths of delinquent debtors while they lay prostrate, and hit it out with his staff.
Nirvana NirvanaBS.jpg 38 90 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A staff crafted by one of the empire's preeminent weaponsmiths at the request of Nikolai Nikolanikov.
Though a pious man who abhors violence, Nikolai is committed to atoning for his sins, and thus carried this menacing staff as a symbol of the unwavering strength of his resolve.
Bishop's Staff Bishops StaffBS.jpg 9 90 Initial: Nikolai
Increases the wielder's mind by 5.
A staff given to bishops of the Orthodoxy upon their induction. The whirlwind pattern on the head is meant to symbolize the cycle of death and rebirth. The staff reminds its holders of the cycles that all things follow by the grace of the crystals' protection.
Grand M.'s Staff Grand M.s StaffBS.jpg 25 90
Increases the wielder's mind by 9.
No mere weapon, but a symbol for the one who would rule a great nation. Though such rulers might also carry sword and shield, the staff shows that a truly great leader need not always depend on might.

Daggers[edit | edit source]

All daggers deal 50% more damage to beasts. The jobs best suited for wielding daggers are the Thief, Merchant, Ninja, Patissier, Fencer, and Ranger. Any job can be well suited to wield daggers when equipped with the Dagger Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Dagger DaggerBS.jpg 4 95 3 140 Buy: Eternia
A common, double-edged dagger. It is one of the most popular self-defense weapons thanks to its light weight, ease of use, and low price.
Compact, easily wielded blades such as the dagger are particularly suited for cutting through the skin of wild beasts.
Mage Masher Mage MasherBS.jpg 8 95 3 Find: Eternian Central Command
A miraculous dagger that seals magic, developed to counter the fierce attacks of the Lontano Mage Legion during Caldisla's ancient war of unification. The method of its making has been lost, but those unearthed on ancient battlefields are being restored and used once more.
Magic Knife Magic KnifeBS.jpg 12 95 3 350 Buy: Al-Khampis
A broad dagger used in magic ceremonies. A stone is embedded in its pommel that increases its wielder's magic potency. Since this does not affect the dagger's physical attacking power, many student in Al-Khampis carry one as a means of self-defense from desert bandits and street toughs.
Thief's Knife Thiefs KnifeBS.jpg 13 95 3 Find: Harena Ruins
Use: Attack a single target and have a 50% chance of stealing an item.
The knife favored by a legendary thief that terrorized the people of the Harena region. It was lost after being stolen by another thief who was wearing thief gloves.
Mythril Dagger Mythril DaggerBS.jpg 15 95 3 700 Buy: Ancheim
A double-edged dagger with a blade forged from mythril steel from Eisenberg. Thanks to its extremely sharp blade, it has the potential to deal damage on par with an iron long sword.
Main-Gauche Main-GaucheBS.jpg 19 95 3 1400 Buy: Hartschild
The name of this dagger come from the term "left hand." It is used as a secondary weapon in combination with a long sword, the main weapon. It features a large guard and provides a boost to evasion comparable to equipping a shield.
Kunai KunaiBS.jpg 26 95 3 Find: Geyser Grotto
Steal: Kikyō (ch 2, 5)
A stealthy weapon from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. It is believed to be a kind of shuriken that was preferred weapon of a school of ninjas known as the Kōga.
Carving Knife Carving KnifeBS.jpg 23 95 3 2450 Buy: Yunohana
Though it may look like a regular kitchen knife, it is far from it. This single-edged knife is said to have belonged to the masked namahage monster from a festival event of an island nation that vanished centuries ago.
Orichal Dagger Orichal DaggerBS.jpg 25 95 3 Find: Mythril Mines
An extremely rare, double-edged dagger forged for one month, straight by a seasoned blacksmith who used a natural magma-heated smelting furnace to instantly melt orichalcum, a rare metal mined in Eisenberg. Current technology is unable to forge orichalcum weapons any larger than a dagger.
Kukri KukriBS.jpg 27 95 3 3500 Buy: Florem
Steal: Angelo (ch 2)
A curved knife used by a small tribe that lives in the tropics. Its main uses were originally limited to hunting foraging, but an arms trader who discovered its bloody potential brought it to Harena as an instrument of war.
Ripper RipperBS.jpg 27 95 3 Find: Everlast Tower
A curiously shaped knife said to have been favored by a certain maniacal murderer. The irregular shape of its blade allows it to reliably sever the victim's blood vessels and nerves.
Frenzy Dagger Frenzy DaggerBS.jpg 29 95 3 5250 Buy: Sagitta Village
25% chance of inflicting berserk on foes.
A cruelly shaped hunting dagger once used by a barbarian tribe wiped out by the Crystal Orthodoxy. The dagger bears a curse that can place those it cuts into a berserk state.
Assassin Dagger Assassin DaggerBS.jpg 31 95 3 7000 Buy: Grandship
25% chance of killing target instantly with standard attack.
Five centuries after the Crystal Orthodoxy was founded, assassins targeted many of its high officials. This dagger, favored by an assassin who was captured and executed by the high inquisitor of the time, is revered by the shadowy ones as the Orthodoxy's bane.
Gladius GladiusBS.jpg 32 95 3 Find: Skyhold
A variety of dagger supplied to the heavy foot soldiers of ancient Eisenberg. This one was excavated and restored to a battle-worthy state. It is one of the largest of all daggers and possesses a wide blade. Soldiers favor its simple, easy-to-wield form, which is very effective in hand-to-hand combat.
Falcon Knife Falcon KnifeBS.jpg 33 95 3 14000 Buy: Caldisla
Steal: Angelo (ch 5)
Wielder's speed increases by 5.
A dagger with the crest of a falcon engraved on its pommel. The ripples on the blade evoke the image of the raptor diving and rising with its prey. The dagger can rend through an enemy's flesh, making it easier to strike mortal blows.
Air Knife Air KnifeBS.jpg 34 95 3 Find: Harena Sea Caves (blue chest)
Element: Wind
Weapon attacks deal wind-based damage.
A knife wielded with mystical ornamentation on a beautiful blade imbued with the power of wind. Several air knives were stored at the Temple of Wind until a thief broke in and stole them.
Yatagarasu YatagarasuBS.jpg 36 95 3 Find: Via Celestio
A renowned wakizashi from Wa, a land vanished from the pages of history centuries ago. The short blade is said to hold the power of a sacred three-legged crow that appears in the legend of that land's birth.
Excalibur III Excalibur IIIBS.jpg 38 95 3 Find: Dimension's Hollow
Once there was a mage who served a selfish king, who returned the mage's loyal service with only trite words of thanks. Angered, the mage presented the king with a child's dagger instead of the legendary blade he had promised. Finally realizing his folly, the king became a far wiser ruler in his later years.
Kuzu-no-Ha Kuzu-no-HaBS.jpg 37 95 3 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A ninja dagger once wielded by the kunoichi Konoe Kikyō.
Kikyō's name derives from the name of a region in the lost land of Wa where foxes dwell. Her weapon is said to be named after a mythical fox from that selfsame land.
Highroad Star Highroad StarBS.jpg 37 95 3 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A knife once wielded by the Jackal.
The Jackal believed in speed above all else, boring holes in his own blades to decrease weight at the expense of durability. After much trial and error, he settled on the current design.
Sweet Kiss Sweet KissBS.jpg 37 95 3 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A knife wielded by Angelo Oscar Vincenzo Olivier Panettone, patissier to the kaiser.
His preferred method of assassination is to soften his enemies with his sweets, then slice then up with his deadly cooking knife.

Bows[edit | edit source]

All bows deal 50% more damage to undead. Damage is calculated based on DEX rather than STR. The job best suited for wielding bows is the Ranger. Any job can be well suited to wield bows when equipped with the Bow Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Iron Bow Iron BowBS.jpg 29 95 425 Buy: Al-Khampis
A simple bow made of iron. It is tightly drawn, but due to its low flex, it is difficult to use by all but the most physically strong of archers.
The mighty snapping sound that it makes upon loosing an arrow is said to have the added effect of sending the undead back to their graves.
Mythril Bow Mythril BowBS.jpg 38 95 850 Buy: Ancheim
Find: Ba'al Crater
A longbow with a reasonable amount of flex, thanks to the thin plating of Eisenberg mythril steel carefully wrapped around an inner steel frame. It has the potential to deliver a great deal of damage to flying targets.
Composite Bow Composite BowBS.jpg 48 95 1700 Buy: Hartschild
30% chance of poisoning enemy with standard attack.
A bow reinforced with a combination of materials that may include animal horn, tendon, bone, and different kinds of wood. This not only strengthens the bow, it raises its flexibility, allowing it to deliver even greater force with each arrow.
Birch Bow Birch BowBS.jpg 57 95 2975 Buy: Yunohana
A short bow made from wood of the birch tree, said to be the ideal material for bows. Its exquisite flew allows even weak individuals to loose arrows with a great deal of force. The sound of its bowstring is believed to have a warding effect, and it can deal heavy damage to demons.
Aeolian Bow Aeolian BowBS.jpg 67 95 4250 Buy: Florem
A powerful yet flexible bow made from the talons of a vulture, with the power to loose gale-force arrows. Crafted by one of Florem's most famed bowyers, its extravagant design unfortunately imparts no additional effectiveness to the weapon itself.
Angel's Bow Angels BowBS.jpg 69 95 Find: Twilight Ruins
25% chance of charming target with standard attack.
A whimsical bow made of silver and adorned with pink feathers. It offers excellent flex at normal temperatures. It comes with arrows tipped with heart-shaped arrowheads that have a charm effect on its targets.
Ancient Bow Ancient BowBS.jpg 71 95 Find: Skyhold
An arcane bow, its origins are lost far back in the mists of time. A spell-like engraving is carved into the back of the bow in ancient crystal runes. Archaeologists have determined that the inscriptions are a curse from a wife to her unfaithful husband, granting the bow power to paralyze foes.
Killer Bow Killer BowBS.jpg 73 95 6375 Buy: Sagitta Village
25% chance of killing target instantly with standard attack.
A bow specially constructed to be completely silent when loosing arrows. Though sacrificing range and power, it is favored by assassins and those seeking to fell their enemies from the shadows.
Gale Bow Gale BowBS.jpg 78 95 8500 Buy: Grandship
Use: Increase speed of a single target by 50% for four turns.
A rare bow made from the feathers and strong, flexible tendons of a giant vulture. Raising the bow to the heavens and whispering a prayer is said to impart its holder with the swiftness of this great bird.
Artemis's Bow Artemiss BowBS.jpg 80 95 Find: Skyhold
A bow said to have been used by Artemis, a goddess of hunting and chastity told of in ancient myth from before the time of Crystalism.
Yoichi's Bow Yoichis Bow.jpg 81 95 Find: Harena Ruins (blue chest)
An asymmetrical longbow said to have been used by the famous archer Yoichi from the land of Wa, an island nation that vanished several centuries ago. It delivers a high critical rate and overwhelming attack, but it is said to take considerable time before it can be mastered.
Elven Bow Elven BowBS.jpg 84 95 17000 Buy: Caldisla
25% chance of confusing target with standard attack.
A fairy bow with a lovely design attributed to elvenkind, a legendary race of humanoids who are said to have guarded Yggdrasil in ancient time. The mystic powers imbued in the wood by the playful elves are said to have the power to send foes into a state of confusion.
Failnaught FailnaughtBS.jpg 87 95 Find: Vestment Cave
A bow made when a bard attached bowstrings to his beloved lyre, and set out to save his beloved from an evil tyrant. The songs from the lyre imbue all loosed arrows with the power to fell any who would stand in love's way. Upon returning from his triumph, the bard was knighted for his bravery.
Ama-no-Kagoyumi Ama-no-KagoyumiBS.jpg 90 95 Find: Via Celestio
A bow bestowed by the gods to a great hero tasked with slaying a dark god who sought to seize dominion over all of Luxendarc. The hero met a sad fate when, tempted to the evil by his sworn enemy, he turned his bow against his own masters, only to see his arrow reverse course in mid-flight and pierce his own breast.
Gandiva GandivaBS.jpg 95 95 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
A bow carried by the gods themselves into battle. Arrows loosed burn with an all-consuming flame that can inflict grave pain even on immortal opponents. The bow proved more deadly than ever intended, showing that even divine beings are capable of folly.
Sylvan Bow Sylvan BowBS.jpg 93 95 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A bow used by Artemia.
Although most of her bows have been carved from the bones of her prey, she made this one from the bones of the woodland orochi, the great and ancient serpents revered as the guardian spirits of Florem. Next to her frosti purse strap, it is her second-favorite self-made accessory.

Katanas[edit | edit source]

All katanas deal 50% more damage to aquatic foes. The jobs best suited for wielding katanas are the Yōkai, Swordmaster, and Dark Knight. Any job can be well suited to wield katanas when equipped with the Katana Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Nodachi NodachiBS.jpg 15 90 15 475 Buy: Al-Khampis
A razor-sharp, single-edged sword known as a katana. It originated in the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. Though they were once produced in large quantities, they are now quite rare. Its curved blade is well suited for slashing.
Ise-no-Kami Ise-no-KamiBS.jpg 16 90 15 Initial: Edea
A razor-sharp, single-edged sword known as a katana. It originated in the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. This is one of the blades favored by Swordmaster Kamiizumi, but he bestowed it upon his beloved pupil Edea for her first battle.
Osafune OsafuneBS.jpg 19 90 15 950 Buy: Ancheim
Steal: Kamiizumi (ch 1, 5)
A masterpiece made by a swordsmith from the land of Wa, which vanished centuries ago. It is forged from mythril steel in place of the special steel he usually used. The secret of its making was passed on from master to apprentice, down to the present day.
Samidare SamidareBS.jpg 24 90 15 980 Buy: Hartschild
Element: Water
Weapon deals water-based damage.
The name of this sword expresses the drizzling early summer rain.
It is modeled after a legendary warrior princess's enchanted sword that was said to have the power to wash itself of the blood of her slain foes.
In the volcanic clime of Hartschild, one is kept in every home as a ward against the debilitating heat.
Kotetsu KotetsuBS.jpg 29 90 15 3325 Buy: Yunohana
This katana bears the name of a master smith from the land of Wa, a long-lost island nation.
Kotetsu's straight edge, known for devastating sharpness, is said to be capable of splitting stones and iron helms. The secret of its making has been lost, so no new blades of this kind are being produced.
Kiku-Ichimonji Kiku-IchimonjiBS.jpg 34 90 15 4750 Buy: Florem
Swords made by the master smith Norimune from the last land of Wa are known as Kiku-Ichimonji Norimune. They are said to be slender and refined, but legends mention the existence of a straight sword by Norimune. If it truly is one of his making, it is an epoch-making find.
Raikiri RaikiriBS.jpg 39 90 15 Find: Grandship
Element: Lightning
Weapon deals lightning damage, and nullifies lightning-based damage taken by the wielder.
A famous katana said to have cut down a lightning strike. It is featured in legends from the land of Wa, which vanished centuries ago. The charge that remains within its blades adds a lightning effect to its attack.
Masamune MasamuneBS.jpg 37 90 15 7125 Buy: Sagitta Village
The works of Masamune, a master swordsmith from the legendary lost land of Wa, sometimes bear his name. However, many of the blades he made do not, which makes it difficult to determine their authenticity. The existence of multiple apprentices and offshoot schools only compounds the difficulty.
Muramasa MuramasaBS.jpg 41 90 15 Find: Florem Gardens
Steal: Yōko
This katana bears the name of Muramasa, a famous swordsmith from the lost land of Wa. It came to be feared as cursed after it claimed the lives of the shogun's grandfather, father, and eldest son.
Mutsu-no-Kami Mutsu-no-KamiBS.jpg 42 90 15 19000 Buy: Caldisla
A masterpiece single-edged katana that is so slightly curved that it almost qualifies as a straight sword. Created by Mustu-no-Kami Yoshiyuki. It was wielded by Saitaniya, a leader of a successful rebellion in the land of Wa, which vanished centuries ago.
Doujigiri-Yasutsuna Doujigiri-YasutsunaBS.jpg 40 90 15 Find: Geyser Grotto (blue chest)
A legendary sword named after the red ogre king it beheaded. The soul of the king inhabits the blade, giving it incredible strength against demons and ogres. Because of this, it is also known by the name "Ogre Killer."
Ama-no-Murakumo Ama-no-MurakumoBS.jpg 45 90 15 Find: Via Celestio
It is said that this sword issued forth from the gigantic tail of Yamata-no-Orochi when it was slain by the god Susano-o during the land of Wa's Age of Myths. It later came to be known as Kusanagi and became one of the three sacred relics handed down since ancient times.
Futsu-no-Mitama Futsu-no-MitamaBS.jpg 48 90 15 Find: Dimension's Hollow
Hundreds of years ago, in the lost land of Wa, the first emperor used this holy sword to expel the demons that threatened his soil. The first part of the sword's name represents the sound it makes when being swung, as well as the emperor's childhood nickname.
Nagareboshi NagareboshiBS.jpg 45 90 15 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A blade favored by Swordmaster Nobutsuna Kamiizumi.
It was named such because it was forged with metal which fell from the sky. Possessed of unsurpassed firmness, it can cut even the strongest steel as if it were butter, earning earning it the second name of "Zantetsuken."
Kogitsune-Maru Kogitsune-MaruBS.jpg 45 90 15 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A sword once wielded by Yōko, the ancient spirit who took human form to accompany us on our journey.
Legends say it was made through the cooperation of both men and gods. It is said to possess the strength to deflect a bolt of lightning from the heavens with a single swing.

Knuckles[edit | edit source]

All knuckles deal 50% more damage to inorganic foes. The job best suited for wielding knuckles are the Catmancer and Monk. Any job can be well suited to wield knuckles when equipped with the Knuckle Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Iron Knuckles Iron KnucklesBS.jpg 21 90 3 220 Buy: Eternia
An iron weapon worn on the hand to make punches more deadly. It extremely short reach makes this a poor choice for anyone who has not yet mastered hand-to-hand combat.
Mythril Knuckles Mythril KnucklesBS.jpg 42 90 3 1100 Buy: Ancheim
Find: Miasma Woods
Knuckles forged from mythril steel mined in Eiseberg. The guard portion and spikes are forged separately to exploit the tremendous repulsive force between two separate pieces of mythril steel when subjected to an impact.
Toxic Claws Toxic ClawsBS.jpg 53 90 3 2200 Buy: Hartschild
40% chance of poisoning target with standard attack.
A knuckle glove with hollow claws. Upon impact, it delivers poison to an opponent through its claws.
Mandarin Fists Mandarin FistsBS.jpg 64 90 3 Find: Geyser Grotto
A weapon used by the monks of Wa, an island nation that vanished centuries ago. Strangely shaped, as if two crescent moons were joined together, they are used in the same manner as the more commonplace knuckle-type weapons.
Thumbing Claws Thumbing ClawsBS.jpg 74 90 3 5500 Buy: Florem
40% chance of blinding target with standard attack.
This knuckle guard has claws that move with a snap of the wrist to gouge the target's eyes.
Bear Knuckles Bear KnucklesBS.jpg 80 90 3 8250 Buy: Sagitta Village
Steal: Barras (ch 3, 5)
Knuckles worn by the Sagitta monks that use their hands to defend their hidden village. The claws have been taken from the paws of actual grizzlies, with scholars positing that the double meaning of their moniker is entirely coincidental.
Spiked Knuckles Spiked KnucklesBS.jpg 87 90 3 11000 Buy: Grandship
Sharp steel spikes attached to thick steel knuckle guard. The spikes extend the reach over plain knuckles and deliver substantial damage to opponents. This weapon can easily break knives and other smaller weapons.
Divine Fists Divine FistsBS.jpg 89 90 3 Find: Skyhold
Element: Light
Divine knuckles adorned with shining spikes that strike foes with the holy light of the heavens.
Hadean Claws Hadean ClawsBS.jpg 91 90 3 Find: Ba'al Crater
Element: Dark
The dark weapon used by the lord of the underworld who plotted to overthrow the gods during the Age of Myths. He used this vile weapon to slay all he suspected of betraying him, even his own wife and son.
Bastet Claws Bastet ClawsBS.jpg 93 90 3 Find: Florem Gardens
Crafted and advertised by merchants as the knuckles of the beast god. Though their effectiveness against other beasts is unquestioned, many have noted their striking resemblance to the paws of a simple house cat.
Hammer Knuckles Hammer KnucklesBS.jpg 94 90 3 22000 Buy: Caldisla
Heavy knuckles completely encased in a thick lead and steel cover. Its sturdy construction allows it to deal major damage, even cut through armor, and stop a blow from a large axe.
Kaiser Knuckles Kaiser KnucklesBS.jpg 99 90 3 Find: Via Celestio
Knuckles of the legendary conqueror and god of fists who was driven out of the Celestial Realm during the Age of Myths. It is said he wore them on both hands when waging his fierce war against the lord of the underworld in the land of mortals.
Cannon Knuckles Cannon KnucklesBS.jpg 105 90 3 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
Knuckles thought to be made from a metal nonexistent in Luxendarc, they have an unrefined shape. Along with the accuracy with which they strike, a small explosive mechanism in the knuckles emits flames, burning enemies to a crisp.
God Hand God HandBS.jpg 100 90 3 200000 Buy: Chompshire
Knuckles crafted to resemble the hands of the brawling monk Barras Lehr.
The question of who commissioned and created a weapon of such uncompromisingly bad taste will likely forever remain a mystery.

G.Swords[edit | edit source]

All g.swords deal 50% more damage to dragonkind. The job best suited for wielding g.swords are the Templar, Kaiser, and Knight. Any job can be well suited to wield g.swords when equipped with the Greatsword Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Zweihander ZweihanderBS.jpg 22 85 1300 Buy: Ancheim
Find: Harena Sea Caves
A large steel sword bearing a name that means "two-handed sword" in the old language of Eisenberg. Due to its size and weight, this weapon is often used in bold attacks seeking to crush the bones of enemies rather than simply slashing them.
Shamshir ShamshirBS.jpg 28 85 2600 Buy: Hartschild
A greatsword said to have been designed in Harena. Its curved blade resembles a crescent moon. Despite its graceful appearance, it is widely used among the nomadic desert tribes when conflict arises, earning it the nickname "blood-soaked moon."
Bastard Sword Bastard SwordBS.jpg 39 85 6500 Buy: Florem
Sometimes referred to as a "hand-and-a-half sword," this weapon can be used in almost any situation. It bears a flat tip that can be used as a blade in itself to pierce deep into foes. Though a potent weapon, it takes time and skill to master.
Faussar FaussarBS.jpg 42 85 9750 Buy: Sagitta Village
A large sword with a jagged blade, making it more effective at rending the flesh of enemies. Though shunned by most soldiers as a weapon of unusual cruelty, it is popular among sellswords who have little regard for appearances or etiquette.
Claymore ClaymoreBS.jpg 46 85 13000 Buy: Grandship
Steal: Kaiser Oblivion (ch 5)
Said to have once been used by giants, this huge weapon of the Norende region bears a name that means "great sword." Its massive size and weight make it difficult to wield, but its terrible destructive power makes it a favorite of mercenaries and other warriors who pride themselves in their strength.
Flamberge FlambergeBS.jpg 49 85 26000 Buy: Caldisla
Steal: Braev (ch 6)
A large sword with a wave-like blade that evokes the image of a raging inferno. Unlike the faussar, it is designed to cut deep into enemies' flesh, inflicting nigh-invisible but lethal wounds, and has thus become a popular weapon among knights seeking to avoid overt displays of gruesome violence.
Chaos Blade Chaos BladeBS.jpg 47 85 Steal: Denys (ch 5)
A legendary magic sword said to have been bestowed upon a wicked priest by an evil god of chaos back in ancient times. It had been hidden away in the Orthodoxy's treasure vault, but sensing its dangerous power, Yulyana took it and sealed it away.
Durandal DurandalBS.jpg 52 85 Find: Via Celestio
The renowned sword of the legendary hero Roland. Its name means "eternal blade." Of all the weapons Yulyana took from the Orthodoxy, Durandal is said to have been the most perilous, but try as he might to destroy it, he failed to cause so much as a scratch.
Excalibur ExcaliberBS.jpg 48 85 Find: Geneolgia Crypts
Element: Light
A sword wielded by a legendary king, who pulled it forth from a rock inscribed with the words "whoso shall lift this sword from the stone is the rightly born king."
The magic of light sleeps within the blade, and can grievously wound creatures of darkness.
Dragvandil DragvandilBS.jpg 55 85 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
A sword wielded by many heroes, and carried onto countless battlefields. Although bereft of magic spells, the greatsword glows gold with the souls of the warriors that sleep within, imbuing it with unfathomable strength.
Shieldcutter ShieldcutterBS.jpg 53 85 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A greatsword used Argent Heinkel to cut through countless enemies.
As its name implies, this unwieldy blade has the strength to cut an enemy clean in two, armor and all.
Lightbringer LightbringerBS.jpg 53 85 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A sword wielded by Braev the Templar.
Sage Yulyana entrusted the sword to Braev along with the templar asterisk.
Revolution RevolutionBS.jpg 53 85 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A greatsword wielded by Denys Geneolgia.
Anne presented him with the sword, along with the flying fortress that would become his Skyhold, on the day he renounced his old name and was reborn as the Kaiser Oblivion.
Grand M.'s Sword Grand M.'s SwordBS.jpg 50 85 Find: Everlast Tower
An indispensable weapon for one who would lead a nation, it has the power to cut through numerous foes, while serving as a symbol of the wielder's willingness to do so.

Firearms[edit | edit source]

All firearms deal 50% more damage to aerial foes. Damage calculated based on DEX rather than STR. The job best suited for wielding firearms is the Hawkeye. Any job can be well suited to wield firearms when equipped with the Rifle Lore support ability.

Weapon Image P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Tannenberg TannenbergBS.jpg 40 95 1250 Buy: Ancheim
The very first firearm in Luxendarc's history, invented by a doctor of the same name. Its primitive construction consists of only the barrel attached to a piece of wood, but it still wreaked havoc in battles before more advanced guns appeared. Its easy maintenance makes it popular in harsh climes even today.
Serpentis SerpentisBS.jpg 50 95 2500 Buy: Hartschild
Element: Water
A gun developed to meet the needs of desert tribes, who lived in fear of sandhoppers and sandworms. Named after a water snake, it is imbued with magic that gives all of its attacks water properties, making it effective against the beasts of the desert.
Tane-ga-Shima Tane-ga-ShimaBS.jpg 60 95 4375 Buy: Yunohana
In the doctor's later years, he visited the spring of Yunohana to treat his rheumatism. He also knew that the country was home to many skilled smiths, and worked with them to create a rifle of incredible force and precision. The gun was named for the doctor, as read in the traditional language of the land of hot springs.
Petronel PetronelBS.jpg 70 95 6250 Buy: Florem
Typical guns are not suited for firing during movement, forcing battle from stationary positions. The petronel sports improvements to the gunstock that make it easier to stabilize it against the chest, allowing for quicker aiming even during intense movement. This has made it popular amongst the nomadic horse-riding tribes.
Brown Bess Brown BessBS.jpg 82 95 12500 Buy: Grandship
Unlike the slow-firing matchlock and hazardous wheellock designs, the brown bess utilizes a flintlock to fire rounds quickly and safely. It was named for the beautiful auburn tresses of the inventor's daughter, Elizabeth, whom the soldiers came to love as an icon of protection.
M2348 M2348BS.jpg 88 95 25000 Buy: Caldisla
Steal: Aimee (ch 5)
Looking back at six decades, any veteran soldier will tell you no firearm was finer than the M2348. One pull of a lever below the breech would both extract a spent shell and reload the next round. This distinct feature greatly reduced the burden placed on soldiers when reloading in mid-battle.
99 Carbine 99 CarbineBS.jpg 94 95 Find: Lontano Villa
In the year 2399, two engineers, Steiner and Neuer, would compete to see their designs used for the official Shieldbearer firearm. Though Neuer was the winner, some attribute her victory to backdoor deals with the selection committee. These rumors have never been substantiated.
Fortuna FortunaBS.jpg 85 95 Find: Grand Mill Works (blue chest)
There was once a man loved by an enchantress of fortune. So much so, she gave him a gift: a blessing for his weapon, that it should always punish the wicked. With this blessing came power, and soon after, boredom. Longing to be free of her love, he turned the gun on her. But the blessing held strong, and the gun misfired.
Dragoon DragoonBS.jpg 100 95 Find: Dimension's Hollow
An ancient firearm that draws upon the power of the stars. Its strength increase as one approaches the heavenly bodies above. And so, knights of old would ride atop dragons to mount their attacks. Many believe this to be the origin of "dragoon," the name given to these knights.
Guncleaver GuncleaverBS.jpg 98 95 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A unique multi-purpose weapon used by Aimee Matchlock in both long- and close-range assaults. It was created from an old bolt-action rifle found in the woods, mounted with a halberd in the image of her people's guardian deity. When the barrel becomes worn from use, it can be replaced with the long, slender mandibles of giant ant-type creatures.

Other[edit | edit source]

The unarmed weapon counts as knuckles for the purpose of specials, however unlike knuckles one can equip a shield in their second hand. Monks can also boost the power of unarmed using the Knuckle Lore skill, boosting its attack power to twice ones level.

Weapon P.ATK M.ATK Aim Critical Cost Acquire
Empty Default when not equipped with a weapon
Nothing equipped.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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