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Below is a list of armor in Bravely Second: End Layer.

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields can be equipped by any character provided they are not equipped with a two-handed weapon. The jobs best suited to wielding shields are the Guardian and Knight. Any job can be well suited to wield shields with the Shield Lore support ability.

Armor Image P.DEF M.DEF EVD Cost Acquire
Buckler 3 2 20 30 Buy: Gathelatio
A small, simple shield used in melee combat. It is commonly made from wood or leather and has an iron hand guard at the center. In addition to blocking blows, it can be thrust out at opponents.
Round Shield 8 4 21 120 Buy: Eternia
Find: Pilgrim's Grove, Frozen Hollows, Eternian Central Command
A large shield made of tough leather stretched over a round frame. The hard metal rivets attached to it can cause the tips of enemy swords to snap off when they get stuck in the wood.
Large Shield 1 6 22 300 Buy: Al-Khampis
An immense shield of tough wood reinforced with steel mesh for added strength. It is meant mainly for defending against arrow and spear volleys. Its large size makes it impractical for melee combat.
Mythril Shield 15 8 25 600 Buy: Ancheim
A beautiful shield made from overlapping sheets of mythril steel from Eisenberg. This latest in shield design exploits the tremendous repulsive force that two separate pieces of mythril steel have when subjected to an impact.
Serrated Shield 14 7 24 2100 Buy: Yunohana
Raises the wearer's strength by 5.
Also known as the pirates' shield, this buckler hailing from Yunohana was long favored by buccaneers of the Sea of Corsairs.
The blades extending from all sides make this the perfect tool for both offense and defense.
Icefire Shield 18 9 29 Find: Geyser Grotto
A miraculous large shield that combines both fire and water resistance. A true gem, made by a temple armorer by placing more than thirty fire and water charms between thin metal plates, and then adding further ornamentation designed to block fire and water.
Adamant Shield 22 11 26 3000 Buy: Florem
Steal: Heinkel (ch 2, 5)
A shield made from the carapace of an adamantite shell. The grip is rather slimy. It is so strong that no blade can penetrate it, and so resilient that it can absorb any impact that strikes it. It is lighter and easier to use than metal shields, making it an ideal shield for melee battles.
Cross Shield 25 13 24 6000 Buy: Grandship
A large, oval-shaped shield. It is adorned on the top, bottom, right, and left with crystal runes, and covered with a silver coating. This type of shield has been adopted by the knightly orders of many lands that defend the Crystal Orthodoxy.
Lustrous Shield BS Lustrous Shield.png 29 15 29 Find: Skyhold
A sacred shield said to be imbued with the power of light. It is a prestigious shield that the Crystal Orthodoxy bestowed upon an archbishop who triumphed over an evil heretic.
Blessed Shield 33 17 30 Find: Mythril Mines
A shield that blesses the victorious in battle. It is adorned with so much ornamentation that it does not seem practical as a shield. The glowing gemstone at the center is imbued with curative powers that heal targets when the shield is raised and a special chant is spoken.
Dark Shield 40 20 28 Find: Geneolgia Crypts
A tenebrous shield imbued with demonic wrath by continuously bathing it for 120 years in fresh blood harvested from an archdemon who was captured and slowly bled without killing him.
Pentacle 36 30 25 12000 Buy: Caldisla
This shield was created at the behest of warriors who found themselves flummoxed by magic-wielding foes.
A sorcerer from the Far East engraved a protection spell into its surface to ward off the spells of enemies.
Aegis Shield BS Aegis Shield.png 43 22 30 Find: Lontano Villa
A wondrous shield said to have been presented by the father of the gods to his daughter. It is believed to ward against all manner of calamity, evil, and lust. It was later enhanced by embedding inside it the head of a monster that petrifies its victims.
Bloody Shield 47 24 -100 Steal: Geist (ch 5)
A large, demon-faced shield found in a fortress of a clan that suffered a bitter end after being betrayed. It has been irreparably stained by their blood and malice. Only a hero of light, pure of mind and spirit, can dispel the evil that dwells within the shield.
Hero's Shield BS Hero's Shield.png 50 25 32 Equip the Bloody Shield for 255 battles.
Reduces all elemental damage taken by 50%.
Unbreakable BS Unbreakable.png 48 24 30 200000 Buy: Chompshire
The stalwart shield of Sir Argent Heinkel, ever resilient after countless blows from countless battles. "But what would happen should it suffer a blow from the mighty sword All-Cleaver?" Hearing this question countless times from countless wiseacres is perhaps more trying than any strike this shield has endured.
Astroche 48 24 30 200000 Buy: Chompshire
A shield that doubles as an astrolabe, often seen on the person of Norzen Horoskoff, Professor Emeritus of Al-Khampis. It resembles a face, one much larger than Norzen's by comparison. As a result, much to the professor's chagrin, people often address the shield instead of the man when first meeting him.
S.Berry Shieldcake 48 24 30 200000 Buy: Chompshire
The shield used by Angelo Oscar Vincenzo Olivier Panettone, pastry chef to the empire, crafted to resemble one of his heavenly desserts.
Though it appears moist and fluffy, it is hardened with the adoration of his most devoted female fans.
Spacetime Bezel 55 27 35 Beat the game beginning to end on Hard Mode.
Grand M.'s Shield Grand M.'s Shield.png 41 21 29 Find: Eternian Central Command
To govern a nation and lead it people, to protect and uplift the downtrodden masses, one needs a certain strength of character and a symbol of their resolve. This shield is that symbol.

Head Armor[edit | edit source]

Hats[edit | edit source]

Armor P.DEF M.DEF EVD Cost Acquire
Acorn Hat 12 6 1000 Buy: Florem
An incredibly light cap made by applying countless coats of lacquer to a giant acorn shell and then lining the inside with felt. Though it boasts incredible defense, some may find being seen wearing such a whimsical-looking cap embarrassing.
Ribbon 11 3 Find: Dimension's Keep
Nullifies most status ailments except for Berserk.
Royal Crown 12 3 Find: Norende Ravine
An exquisitely designed crown said to have been passed down by a royal family. No one knows which royal family or in what age they lived.
Cat-Ear Hood 12 15 Find: Grandship
A cute hood woven from magic thread and adorned with what look like cat ears on top. It is popular for the way it soothes those who look upon it, regardless of its inherent magic power.
Laurel Wreath 7 14 1500 Buy: Florem
A circular wreath woven with branches and leaves of the aromatic laurel. In the age of gods and heroes, the laurel tree was considered sacred, revered as a symbol of the sun god. In more recent history, it was used to signify royalty, and is now offered to honor the victor in sports competitions.
Circlet 10 20 6000 Buy: Caldisla
A simple crown lacking arches and a cap. A spell that heightens the focus of spell casters is engraved on the metal that rests directly on the head.
Lambent Hat 6 15 Find: Old Sagitta
A hat woven from mythril steel thread that has been hammered and stretched to the thinnest it can be. It offers astounding protection for a hat and is also said to have the ability to amplify the power of lightning.
Lamia's Tiara 8 16 Find: Vampire Castle
Makes the wearer immune to charm during battle.
A tiara wrought in the form of Lamia, a half-human, half-serpent monster. She was once human, but after the father of the gods fell in love with her, his wife killed all the woman's children in a jealous rage and transformed her into a hideous monster.
Gold Hairpin 11 22 Find: Via Celestio
A golden hairpin on which an ancient Crystalist prayer is engraved. The ancient prayer speaks directly to the wearer's mind, reducing the burden of casting magic.
Knitted Cap 2 1 40 Buy: Eternia
A cap made using the fur of wolves inhabiting the highlands of Eternia. Its soft and fluffy appearance belies its incredible toughness and resilience. This does not, of course, discount how comfortably warm one gets when wearing it.
Pilgrim's Hat 1 2 15 Buy: Gathelatio
In the years when the Crystal Orthodoxy flourished, this hat was worn by those who made their pilgrimage to the Temple of Earth. Upon seeing it, guards would grant travelers passage into the sanctified halls of the temple.
Desert Cap 4 2 100 Buy: Al-Khampis
A cylindrical cap worn by a ruler of the Harena Dynasty. During the reign of the previous ruler, Khamer VIII, it was seen as the symbol of an older regime, and therefore forbidden. When the Khamer Dynasty fell, the ban was lifted, and citizens wore this cap with pride once more.
Mystic Hood 2 4 60 Buy: Eternia
A hood woven from magic circulatory fibers made thinner than hair. The energies within it are permeated through the scalp, augmenting the power of the wearer's magic. Older practitioners of the arts avoid this hood, as prolonged use may lead to mage pattern baldness.
Harena Shemagh 6 3 200 Buy: Ancheim
Find: Harena Ruins
Steal: Jackal (ch 5)
Makes the wearer immune to blindness.
To survive the blistering sun of the Harena deserts, one cannot do without this headdress. Wrapped around the head and shoulders to protect from the heat and sand, it is fixed in place with a pin enchanted with wind magic to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.
Mortarboard 3 6 150 Buy: Al-Khampis
A cap traditionally worn by students of Al-Khampis on their graduation day. Tourists who are passionate about learning often buy them, imagining the elation of being a student at the realm's most prestigious educational institution. The square board atop this cap is reinforced with mythril, making it surprisingly sturdy.
Shako 8 4 400 Buy: Hartschild
A helmet worn by military personnel in Eisenberg during formal ceremonies. The insignia on the front of this long, cylindrical cap is made of mythril. It has been designed to protect against blows to the head, and even gunfire.
Turban 4 8 300 Buy: Ancheim
This headpiece improves upon more primitive headdresses, winding the cloth normally hanging down the back up around the head. While no heavier, it is much thicker and offers greater protection.
Hachigane 10 5 700 Buy: Yunohana
A headband with an iron plate sewn into the front. It was said to be invented in the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. It guards against frontal attacks aimed at the head. Because it is so compact, spies and assassins often stash one among their belongings.
Tactician's Hat 5 10 600 Buy: Hartschild
A helmet worn by military officers in Eisenberg. Silver has been woven into the material to ward against magical attacks.
Carbon Cap 14 7 1500 Buy: Sagitta Village
A traditional cap of the Sagitta people.
It is light and incredibly durable, made of a special carbon fiber. However, the secret to its making is known only to the Sagitta, and no armorer outside of their hidden village has the knowledge to repair it.
Ascetic's Cap 6 12 1050 Buy: Yunohana
A piece of black cloth worked into a small round cap, and blessed by a great hermit who lives in a sacred mountain of Yunohana. Those who seek enlightenment often seclude themselves there, training in the hopes of following in the hermit's footsteps.
Tricorne 16 8 2000 Buy: Grandship
Halves all water-based damage sustained by the wearer.
A hat with three sides of the brim folded up high, keeping rain out of the wearer's face. It is shaped like a triangle when seen from above. Made from silver wolf fur, it is both durable and easy to dye. This make it popular among picky pirates who favor a particular color for their cap.
Headgear 8 16 2250 Buy: Sagitta Village
Armor designed to protect the head and ears. It is made from sagitthane, a material unique to Sagitta discovered in ancient times. Both light and resilient, this headpiece is favored by the monks charged with guarding the Sagitta people's hidden village in the clouds.
Dragon Cap 9 18 3000 Buy: Grandship
A headpiece that resembles a slumbering dragon, once worn by a magician-turned-tactician who mysterious vanished several hundred years ago. His genius was near unparalleled, and even to this day, his stratagems are employed by generals everywhere to hold enemy forces at bay.

Helms[edit | edit source]

The jobs best suited to equipping helms are the Guardian and Dark Knight.

Armor P.DEF M.DEF EVD Cost Acquire
Chain Coif 2 1 20 Buy: Gathelatio
A hood made using small metal rings worked into a mesh. Some may be put off by its extreme weight and the rattle of metal rings against the rings. However, many fledgling warriors are grateful for its exceptional toughness and the much-needed protection it offers the head.
Barrel Helm 5 3 80 Buy: Eternia
Find: Pilgrim's Grove, Eternian Central Command
A barrel-shaped helmet that completely covers the head. In exchange for a reduced field of vision, the defense it offers against blows to the head is unparalleled. It is favored by warriors boasting the utmost confidence in their physical strength and stamina.
Legion Helm 7 3 200 Buy: Al-Khampis
A headdress made prominent by an ancient empire that once conquered the world. The bright red flourish resembling a coxcomb is unmistakable on the field of battle. Commanding officers adopted this headpiece to stand out from their subordinates, though it eventually fell out of favor when it was realized that this was not necessarily conductive to their survival.
Horned Helm 9 4 400 Buy: Ancheim
Two mighty horns adorn this sturdy helmet. In the bygone days of the Harena Dynasty, it was primarily a ceremonial item, used in harvest rites to pay tribute to a goat-horned goddess of bounty and fertility, but was gradually adopted for military purposes when commanders realized the effectiveness of the horns in keeping enemies at bay.
Eisenhut 11 5 800 Buy: Hartschild
A wide-brimmed hat made of iron. With less material covering the face than the barrel helm, it affords the wearer a far wider field of vision. Adventurers who must be ever aware of their surroundings are thankful for this sturdy yet functional headgear.
Ikaboshi Kabuto 13 6 1400 Buy: Yunohana
A helmet worn by the samurai warriors of the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. Its surface is marked with a great many rivets, making head-butting a viable option in combat.
Sugarloaf 15 7 2000 Buy: Florem
Find: Starkfort
Building on the design of the barrel helm, the top has been made round, allowing the wearer to parry blows to the head. It is affectionately called the sugarloaf due to its shape. Shops in Florem often sell it as a decorative item, and it is quite popular among female soldiers.
Full-Face Helm 17 8 3000 Buy: Sagitta Village
A helmet made only in Sagitta, the village in the clouds. Made of a special fiber unique to the region, its spherical designs covers the head completely. It was said to be used by cavalry in ancient times due to its sturdy construction, and transparent front which leaves vision unhindered.
Bassinet 19 9 4000 Buy: Grandship
A round-shaped helmet with a hinged visor, striking a balance between defense and an adequate field of vision. When first introduced, the cone-shaped visor was mocked by soldiers as looking like the face of an orc. Their jeers soon stopped when its worth was proven in combat.
Armet 21 10 8000 Buy: Caldisla
This helmet was made by examining the bassinet and refining it into the pinnacle of protection. It is lighter and allows greater freedom of movement, making it much easier to parry enemy attacks.
Genji Helm 11 22 Find: Eternian Central Command
A helm said to have been favored by the Genji clan from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. The Genji are believed to have been a leading clan of samurai that defeated the rival Heike clan, forging a samurai hegemony that ruled for some seven hundred years.
Crystal Helm 23 12 Find: Via Celestio
A rare helm made by painstakingly bonding together fragments that flaked away from a crystal. They cannot be mass produced, and each one has a unique shape. Some say it takes ninety years to complete one of these helms.

Torso Armor[edit | edit source]

Clothes[edit | edit source]

Armor P.DEF M.DEF EVD Cost Acquire
Tunic 5 1 160 Buy: Eternia
Adoring the fashion of Florem's nobility, common folk created their own by sewing up the sides of a simple poncho. Its simple form and comfort quickly garnered popularity. Before long, even nobles were known to wear them while relaxing at home.
Pilgrim's Robe 2 3 35 Buy: Gathelatio
A robe once worn by followers of the Crystal Orthodoxy as proof of their faith when on pilgrimage to the Temple of Earth. Despite the banning of pilgrimages by the duchy, this robe has remained popular among devotees of Crystalism in the holy city of Gathelatio.
Harena Kaftan 10 2 400 Buy: Al-Khampis
Fascinated by the simple form of the Florem tunic, nobles from Harena adopted its design and improved upon it. The loose cuffs of the sleeves are a deceptively charming embellishment used to hide an assassin's knives.
Manarobe 4 6 140 Buy: Eternia
A robe woven from magic circulatory fibers made thinner and thinner than hair. The energies within it are permeated throughout the body, augmenting the power of the wearer's magic. The fabric is easily damaged, however, and may require frequent repairs.
Caravan Coat 15 3 800 Buy: Ancheim
Halves all light-based damage sustained by the wearer.
A loose-fitting poncho with a hood to protect from the sun, aptly named for the merchants who wear it on caravans through the desert. In fact, visiting Anchiem proves to be quite the spectacle, as streets are full to bursting with merchants wearing this shirt.
Academy Gown 9 9 350 Buy: Al-Khampis
Attire provided to students who enroll in Al-Khampis, enchanted to protect these young scholars from the dangers they might face when conducting fieldwork. Because of its durability and comfort, it has gained popularity even outside of academic circles.
Doublet 20 4 1600 Buy: Hartschild
Doublets are often made with packing materials such as oakum, and are known for their stout defense and protection from cold. However, when visiting a local armorer, one will often find "plated doublets" in their place. This light armor is made using doublets reinforced with thin sheets of iron.
Kalasiris 12 12 700 Buy: Ancheim
Find: Harena Ruins
This sheer, near-translucent cloth was worn by the priests of the Harena region in ancient times. Mythril steel thread has been woven into vital points of the fabric to enhance the wearer's magic. Still valued for its beauty, the noblewomen of Florem send their servants to purchase it from the merchants of Anchiem.
Ninja Garb 25 5 2800 Buy: Yunohana
Raises the wearer's agility by 2.
Clothing worn by ninjas in the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. Present-day ninjas commonly favor black garb, but it was not always so. In the land of Wa, ninjas would dye their clothing various colors to blend in with their surroundings.
Flame Robe 15 15 1400 Buy: Hartschild
Halves all fire-based damage sustained by the wearer.
A robe crafted from the silk of hundreds of flame moth larvae. As one would expect, it is highly resistant to fire. Not even the magma that flows in the fiery depths of Mount Karka can set this garb aflame.
Justacorps 30 6 4000 Buy: Florem
A long coat that can be worn over a doublet. An enchantment has been woven into the fabric, making it unbelievably resilient. It would be foolish to judge its strength by looks alone.
Suzukake 18 18 2450 Buy: Yunohana
Vestments worn by the devout in their pursuit of enlightenment. They allow the wearer to draw on energies from the heavens above and the earth below. The black vest opens the mind to the Celestial Realm, while the leggings solidify one's connection to the physical.
Nanosuit 35 7 6000 Buy: Sagitta Village
A protective suit created using lost technology known only to the Sagitta. Despite the unpleasant appearance of ash-colored muscle, its defensive power in like nothing else seen in Luxendarc. This is due to microscopic mechanisms in the suit that work to anticipate and prevent injuries before they are incurred.
Amplifier 24 24 5250 Buy: Sagitta Village
Raises the wearer's intelligence by 10.
The very best of Sagitta's ancient crafting techniques were put into creating this jet-black robe.
Small devices have been sewn into the fabric to amplify the wearer's voice. As a result, the potency of magic is greatly enhanced when reciting a spell. Please note: this robe may damage the eardrums of allies in close proximity.
Protector 41 9 16000 Buy: Caldisla
Sap from Hamadryad trees is combined with a chemical compound said to replicate the effects of their mighty guard, then carefully heated and molded to craft this armor. Not only incredibly resilient, it is able to absorb the impact of of moderate blows, and is elastic enough to suit any size, large or small.
Dalmatica 27 27 7000 Buy: Grandship
Raises the wearer's mind by 10.
Loose-fitting vestments of pure white. Each garment is carefully woven by the expert craftsman of Grandship. Their comfort transcends physical sensation, calming one's very spirit even in the most dire of situations.
Magus's Robe 30 30 14000 Buy: Caldisla
Raises the wearer's intelligence and mind by 10.
A powerful yet conceited wizard, who claimed to be a sage, created this robe using the very essence of magic. He succeeded in furthering his own strength, but with great power comes even greater enemies. He lived as a self-styled sage, but died a self-made fool, blind to the folly of his arrogance.
Viking Coat 38 8 8000 Buy: Grandship
Halves all water-based damage sustained by the wearer.
A coat said to be favored by pirates, sailors, and other hard men of the sea. It is sturdy enough to withstand constant exposure to wind and rain, lashings from tempests, and complete inundation by waves during long voyages.
Star Corslet 26 6 Find: Yulyana Woods Needleworks
Raises the wearer's max HP by 100.
Stage wear into which the spirit of successive generations of performers has been woven into the lining. It has the effect of sweeping away pre-performance jitters and making performers think back to their hope-and-dream-filled debut.
Brave Suit 36 9 Find: Via Celestio
Gives the wearer 1 extra BP at the start of battle.
Armor imbued with the spiritual power of the god of way. Any who don this enchanted armor are emboldened when faced with battle.
Crystal Vest 45 10 Find: Dimension's Cauldron
Floral Robe 21 21 3500 Buy: Florem
A robe made from the woven petals of flowers that bloom in Florem. The flowers are picked using a special technique that allows them to keep blooming indefinitely or until they are physically destroyed.
Gaia Gear 25 25 Find: Skyhold
A robe that amplifies the earth power of its wearer. It is woven from a special fiber that was bathed in energy waves from the earth. It must be kept dry, as prolonged exposure to moisture may cause unwanted vegetable sprouts to grow.
Luminous Robe 29 29 Find: Skyhold
A mystic robe made of orichalcum steel thread stretched as thin as it can be then interwoven with glowing silk. It is said to amplify the power of its wearer's light abilities.
Lordly Robes 33 33
Raises the wearer's mind by 15.
A robe worn by rules of nations. It is steeped in the blessing of the gods for those who rule over men. Runes meaning "rule over the people and provide them relief" are stitched into the lining.

Armor[edit | edit source]

The jobs best suited to equipping armor are the Guardian and Templar. Any job can be well suited to equip armor with the Armor Lore support ability.

Armor P.DEF M.DEF EVD Cost Acquire
Padded Armor 4 1 50 Buy: Gathelatio
Padded armor constructed of cloth. The area from the chest to the stomach had been reinforced, providing additional protection to vital spots of the body. While it doesn't boast the high defense of other armors, its padding makes it invaluable for staying warm in colder climates.
Lamellar Armor 8 2 200 Buy: Eternia
Find: Eternian Central Command
Armor forged from dozens of small metal plates laced together with cords. It is relatively tough for it simple construction. Cutting the cords that hold it together, however, reveal the fatal flaw in its making. Nevertheless, novice fighters often choose this armor if only for its modest price.
Ring Mail 13 3 500 Buy: Al-Khampis
Cloth armor reinforced with a mesh forged from metal rings. While its defense is dramatically improved, the rattling of chain mail makes this armor impractical for work requiring stealth.
Splint Mail 18 4 1000 Buy: Ancheim
Ring mail constructed with a leather foundation, reinforced with metal plates similar to lamellar armor. While it boasts the defense of two sets of armor, it also bears their combined burden.
Plate Mail 24 5 2000 Buy: Hartschild
A suit of steel armor that shields all but the head and arms. These plates of armor are often worn over the chain mail. This heavy armor has been improved through years of research, reworking the joints to improve freedom of movement. As a result, people wearing it can move faster than they look.
Aka-Ito-Odoshi 30 6 3500 Buy: Yunohana
Red is a sacred color to the people of Yunohana. Symbolizing the sun, it is believed donning this color will protect them on the field of battle. However, it would be prudent to move from harm's way when targeted by a magical attack.
Liquid Armor 42 8 7500 Buy: Sagitta Village
An age old material known as dilatancy was used in lieu of padding for this cloth armor. When struck, the vicious liquid quickly solidifies, protecting the wearer. A tear in the surface of the armor, however, will allow the dilatancy to seep out, rendering it all but useless—going to show that even the most advanced technology is not without its faults.
Cuirass 36 7 5000 Buy: Florem
Chest armor with an exquisite emblem etched into its surface. Its rounded design helps the wearer avert direct attacks from enemies. Veterans of war will find his armor provides much better protection than plate mail.
Fluted Armor 46 9 10000 Buy: Grandship
Steal: Revenant (ch 4)
The metal used for this armor is worked thinner than plate armor, then decorate with flutings. These grooves in the plating serve to deflect the points and blades of assailants while improving its structural strength. The result is armor both sturdier and lighter than typical plate armor.
Dragonscale Armor 50 10 20000 Buy: Caldisla
In ages past, a massive dragon was slain by a great king, and its scales used to fashion this armor. Only the most skilled of artisans can work dragonscale, with each suit requiring nearly a year of tireless work to forge. Thus its rarity and value without equal, despite the relative abundance of the scale themselves.
Genji Armor 52 11 Find: Eternian Central Command
Armor used by the Genji clan, leaders of the samurai from the land of Wa, a mysterious island nation that vanished centuries ago. This armor was worn by high-ranking clansmen who mainly fought with bows on horseback. It is exquisitely crafted and quite beautiful.
Crystal Mail 54 12 Drop: Denys (ch 5)
A rare type of mail made by painstakingly bonding together fragments that flaked away from a crystal. They cannot be mass produced because each crystal fragment had a unique shape. Some say it takes an unfathomable length of time to complete one set of this armor.
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