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The following is a list of alternate outfits in Bravely Second: End Layer.

Many outfits were previously included in Bravely Default.

Many outfits were altered to be less revealing in the overseas release.

List of outfitsEdit

Outfit Character Obtain Design influence
Freelancer Garb
Yu Zeonelcia Model
All party members Buy: Chompshire (200000 pg) Allows characters to appear in their Freelancer outfit regardless of their job.
BS Magnolia Washcloth
All party members Buy: Chompshire (200000 pg) These towel outfits are normally never seen, but during the Yunohana bath scenes, the character models actually include the washcloths under the opaque water.
United Garb
Yu Render
Yew Geneolgia Buy: Gathelatio (990000 pg)
Scholar's Gown
BS Yew Costume
Yew Geneolgia Buy: Al-Khampis (990000 pg)
Dimensional Garb
BS Yew Dimensional Officer
Yew Geneolgia Buy: Sagitta Village (150000 pg) Originally Tiz's Dimensional Garb from Bravely Default.
BDFTS Tiz Bonus Costume
Onion Knight Garb
BS Yew Onion Knight
Yew Geneolgia Buy: Caldisla (990000 pg) Originally Tiz's Onion Shirt from Bravely Default.
Planeswarden Garb
(Japanese on Left, North American on right)
BS Censored
Magnolia Arch Buy: Gathelatio (990000 pg)
Bonsoir Bunny
(Japanese on Left, North American on right)
BS Censored3
Magnolia Arch Buy: Al-Khampis (990000 pg) Based on Agnès's Bravo Bunny from Bravely Default with inverted colors.
BDFTS Agnès Bonus Costume
Vestal Garb
BS Magnolia Costume3
Magnolia Arch Buy: Caldisla (990000 pg) Originally Edea's Garb from Bravely Default.
Edea Lee Prayer Costume
Research Lab Coat
BS Magnolia Costume2
Magnolia Arch Buy: Sagitta Village (150000 pg)
Cadet Uniform
BS Magnolia Costume
Magnolia Arch Buy: Florem (100000 pg) Originally Edea's Cadet Uniform from Bravely Default.
BDFTS Edea Bonus Costume
Sky Knight Garb
BS Edea Plain Tunic
Edea Lee Buy: Hartschild (50000 pg) Edea's outfit from Bravely Default.
Knight's Tunic
BS Edea Knight's Tunic
Edea Lee Buy: Caldisla (990000 pg) Originally Agnès's Knight's Tunic from Bravely Default.
BDFF Agnès Knight
Bravo Bunny
(Japanese on Left, North American on right)
BS Censored2
Edea Lee Buy: Al-Khampis (990000 pg) Originally Agnès's Bravo Bunny from Bravely Default.
BDFTS Agnès Bonus Costume
Chompette's Coat
BS Edea Render2
Edea Lee Buy: Gathelatio (990000 pg)
Shepherd's Garb
BS Tiz Plain Tunic
Tiz Arrior Buy: Yunohana (80000 pg) Tiz's outfit from Bravely Default.
Minstrel's Garb
BS Tiz Melodist's Shirt
Tiz Arrior Buy: Caldisla (990000 pg) Originally Ringabel's Melodist's Shirt from Bravely Default.
BDFF Ringabel Composer
Sagittarius Garb
BS Tiz Render
Tiz Arrior Buy: Gathelatio (990000 pg)
Eastern War Garb
(Japanese on Left, North American on right)
BS Censored4
Tiz Arrior Buy: Al-Khampis (990000 pg) Originally Ringabel's Eastern War Garb from Bravely Default.
BDFTS Ringabel Bonus Costume
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