Bravely Second: End Layer Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Bravely Second: End Layer.

Track list[edit | edit source]

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Disc 1 (53:36)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Bravely Second Main Theme" (メインテーマ ブレイブリーセカンド, Mein Tēma Bureiburī Sekando?, lit. Main Theme Bravely Second) - 2:21
  2. "Agnès in Distress" (捕らわれのアニエス, Toraware no Aniesu?) - 1:16
  3. "Ready to Go?" (用意はいい?, Yōi wa ii??) - 2:49
    Plays while viewing Yew's diary and certain other menus.
  4. "Battle of Oblivion" (バトルオブオブリビオン, Batoru obu Oburibion?) - 5:07
    Plays during battles with Kaiser Oblivion.
  5. "Opening" (幕開け, Makuake?) - 0:15
    Plays during the introduction of a new chapter.
  6. "Gathelatio, Seat of the Orthodoxy" (正教首都ガテラティオ, Seikyō Shuto Gateratio?, lit. Gathelatio, the Orthodoxy Capital) - 4:23
    Background theme of Gathelatio.
  7. "This would be good, too." (これもいいよね, Kore mo ii yo ne?) - 2:41
    Plays while at a shop or inn. Default music for Chompcraft.
  8. "A Moment's Rest" (束の間の休息, Tsukanoma no Kyūsoku?) - 0:12
    Plays while resting at an inn.
  9. "The Imperial Army" (帝国軍のテーマ, Teikokugun no Tēma?, lit. Imperial Army Theme) - 1:24
  10. "Theme of Yew" (ユウのテーマ, Yū no Tēma?) - 4:21
    Yew Geneolgia's theme.
  11. "The Adventure Begins" (いざ冒険へ, Iza Bōken e?, lit. Onward, to Adventure) - 3:45
    Overworld theme.
  12. "War Bells Toll" (戦鐘が鳴る, Senshū ga naru?) - 6:30
    Main battle theme.
  13. "Joy of Victory - Bravely Second" (勝利の歓び ブレイブリーセカンド, Shōri no Yorokobi Bureiburī Sekando?) - 1:47
    Victory fanfare.
  14. "Hold Your Breath" (息を潜めて, Iki o hisomete?) - 3:55
  15. "Back Then" (あの時, Ano Toki?) - 2:14
  16. "Invitation to a Tribulation" (試練への誘い, Shiren e no Sasoi?) - 2:28
  17. "Approaching Crisis" (迫る危機, Semaru Kiki?) - 3:47
  18. "Day of Loss" (喪失の日, Sōshitsu no Hi?) - 4:21

Disc 2 (55:53)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Battle of Tribulations" (試練の戦い, Shiren no Tatakai?) - 6:36
    Main boss theme. Plays during battles with the asterisk holders of the Glanz Empire and most other Bravely Second-exclusive bosses.
  2. "The Defeated" (敗北者たち, Haibokushatachi?) - 0:43
    Game Over theme.
  3. "Blabbery Second" (オシャベリーセカンド, Oshaberī Sekando?) - 3:51
    Plays during most party chats.
  4. "Sapp & Piddler's Theme" (チャラン&ポランのテーマ, Charan & Poran no Tēma?, lit. Charan & Poran's Theme) - 4:41
    Plays during scenes involving Sergeant Sapp and Private Piddler.
  5. "Theme of Magnolia" (マグノリアのテーマ, Magunoria no Tēma?) - 2:00
    Magnolia Arch's theme.
  6. "Wandering in the Darkness" (暗闇を彷徨う, Kurayami o Samayou?) - 3:46
  7. "Den of Monsters" (魔物たちの巣窟, Mamonotachi no Sōkutsu?) - 3:13
  8. "Rowing the Wooden Boat" (櫓舟を漕いで, Robune o Koide?) - 3:52
    Plays when rowing in the row boat.
  9. "Do I laugh here?" (ここ笑うところ?, Koko warau tokoro??) - 3:10
  10. "Al-Khampis, Land of Learning" (魔法学園都市イスタンタール, Mahō Gakuentoshi Isutantāru?, lit. Istantal, the Magical Academy Town) - 3:32
    Background theme of of Al-Khampis.
  11. "Altair and Vega's Theme" (アルタイルとベガのテーマ, Arutairu to Bega no Tēma?) - 3:34
    Theme of the eponymous characters. Also plays during some chapter ending narrations and during the battle with the unmasked Adventurer.
  12. "Yunohana, Land of Hot Springs" (温泉郷ユノハナ, Onsenkyō Yunohana?, lit. Yunohana, the Hot Spring Village) - 4:06
    Background theme of Yunohana.
  13. "Pushing Through in the Bathtub" (湯船でかき分けて, Yubune de kakiwakete?) - 4:08
    Plays when riding the Rubadub.
  14. "Sagitta, Village in the Sky" (山の上の隠れ里サジッタ, Yamanoue no Kakurezato Sajitta?, lit. Sagitta, the Hidden Village Above the Mountains) - 4:42
    Background theme of Sagitta Village.
  15. "Pirate Barbarossa's Grand Ship, Great Bellow" (海賊バルバロッサの巨大船、大激唱, Kaizoku Barubarossa no Kyodaisen, Daigekishō?) - 1:23
    Plays during cutscenes involving Barbarossa and during his battle.
  16. "Performer Praline's Grand Ship, God Arrange" (スーパースタープリンの巨大船、神アレンジ, Sūpāsutā Purin no Kyodaisen, Shin Arenji?) - 2:36
    Plays during cutscenes involving Praline and during her battle.

Disc 3 (51:14)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Overcoming Many Obstacles" (幾つもの壁を越えて, Ikutsu mono Kabe o Koete?) - 1:36
  2. "I'm getting serious!" (本気出します!, Honki dashi masu!?) - 1:38
    Plays when Yew uses a Special Move in battle.
  3. "I'm going all out !" - 1:35
    Plays when Magnolia uses a Special Move in battle.
  4. "Don't underestimate me!" (なめないでよね!, Namenaide yo ne!?) - 1:35
    Plays when Edea uses a Special Move in battle.
  5. "I'll finish them off!" (やっつけるぞ!, Yattsukeru zo!?) - 1:37
    Plays when Tiz uses a Special Move in battle.
  6. "Ship Flying Through the Skies" (空飛ぶ船, Soratobu Fune?) - 5:14
  7. "Battle of Anne" (バトルオブアンネ, Batoru obu Anne?) - 7:30
    Plays during the first battle with Anne.
  8. "Battle of Diamante" (バトルオブディアマンテ, Batoru obu Diamante?) - 7:42
    Plays during the battle with Ba'al Diamante.
  9. "Battle of Anne 2" (バトルオブアンネ2, Batoru obu Anne 2?) - 6:38
    Plays during the second battle with Anne.
  10. "Via Celestio" (神へと続く道, Kami e to Tsuzuku Michi?, lit. The Road That Leads to God) - 5:07
    Theme of the Celestial Realm.
  11. "Battle of Providence" (バトルオブプロビデンス, Batoru obu Purobidensu?) - 9:18
    Final boss theme.
  12. "Last Song Ending ver." - 1:44
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