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{{Infobox CVG |title = Bravely Second |image = 250px |japan = ブレイブリーセカンド |romaji = Bureiburī Sekando |developer = Silicon Studio |publisher = Square Enix |release = Flag of Japan April 23, 2015[1] |genre = Role-playing game |modes = Unknown

BS Rebuilding Moon

Rebuilding the Moon Mini-Game.

Bravely Second will retain most of the gameplay systems of its predecessor, such as the Brave & Default battle system and acquiring Sleep Points for the time-stopping Bravely Second ability.

In place of Airy from the previous game is a new feature titled "Tell Me Agnès", in which Agnès will assist the party as their navigation guide on the touch screen of the menu.

Bravely Second will also retain the mini-game of rebuilding a village on the touch screen. The party will be tasked with rebuilding Magnolia's hometown on the moon.[2]

The in-game encyclopedia will be U's Journal, the personal notebook of Yu that will collect information on monsters, items, and abilities.[3]

The Barter Sub-Scenario System, a revamped version of sidequests found in the first game, will be introduced and centered around Edea. Focused on having players make important decisions by solving disputes between Asterisk Holders, it will reward them with Asterisks as well as further that character's quest chain and side of the story.[4]

Job System

Like its predecessor, Bravely Second will utilize the job system, featuring several new job classes in addition to the current ones. Asterisks are still being used as the catalyst for changing jobs. There are more than 30 jobs confirmed for Bravely Second.



The story takes place in Luxendarc, seven years after the end of the first game. Among the returning locations is the desert city of Ancheim, known for its large wind-powered clock, with a new location in the city of Istantar that is a magical academy city. Other places include the Vatican-like city of Guatelatio, new headquarters of the Crystal Orthodoxy that lies between the Temple of Earth and the Holy Land.[5]


BS Magnolia Arch

Artwork of Magnolia Arch.

Playable Characters

  • Yu Zeneolsia - The main protagonist of the game. He is a 16-year-old boy from Guatelatio, styled the "Falcon of the Gale", and the leader of the Three Musketeers tasked with protecting Agnès Oblige.[6] In his artwork, he is shown with a book in the style of D's Journal with the initial 'U' on the cover.
  • Magnolia Arch - A "Ba'al Buster" from the moon, she has a sociable and daredevil personality with a habit of saying words in French. She bears the weight of being the last of her kind after a Demon Lord unexpectedly appeared. In combat, Magnolia is able to use the Bravely Second ability, which allows her to freeze time for short periods.[7]
  • Jean Engarde - A 16-year-old boy from Guatelatio, styled the "Wolf of the Inferno", and a member of the Three Musketeers tasked with protecting Agnès Oblige.
  • Nikolai Nikolanikov - A 34-year-old man from Guatelatio, styled the "Bison of Solidity", and a member of the Three Musketeers tasked with protecting Agnès Oblige.
  • Edea Lee - A returning playable character from Bravely Default. After saving Luxendarc with Agnes and friends, Edea returned to her country, where she became the leader of the newly formed Imperial Guard Knights. She will join the party in her own search for Agnès and judge the returning Asterisk bearers.[8][9]
  • Tiz Arrior - A playable character from Bravely Default. He had collapsed into a deep sleep after releasing the celestial being housed within him, and after an unknown period of time, he was found and rescued by Magnolia in a lab's white magic stasis chamber.[10]

Returning Characters

  • Agnès Oblige - A playable character from Bravely Default. Once a vestal of the Wind Crystal, she now serves as the Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy. Shortly before achieving her goal of peace, she is kidnapped.[11]
  • Fiore DeRosa - The keeper of the Red Mage asterisk. He is fought as a boss in the Bravely Second demo to obtain the asterisk upon defeat.
  • Nobutsuna Kamiizumi - The keeper of the Swordmaster asterisk. He is fought as a boss in the Bravely Second demo to obtain the asterisk upon defeat.
  • Praline à la Mode - The keeper of the Performer asterisk. She is fought as a boss in the Bravely Second demo to obtain the asterisk upon defeat.
  • Einheria Venus - The keeper of the Valkyrie asterisk. She is fought as a boss in the Bravely Second demo to obtain the asterisk upon defeat.
  • Holly Whyte - The keeper of the White Mage asterisk.
  • Erutus Profiteur - The keeper of the Merchant asterisk.
  • Jackal - The keeper of the Thief asterisk.


  • Emperor Oblivion - A mysterious masked military commander who kidnaps Agnès during the peace treaty between the Crystal Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia.[12]
  • Anne - A Cryst-Fairy who is a companion to Emperor Oblivion. Anne is cold-hearted compared to Airy's cheery façade.


  • Amy Matchlock - The keeper of the Tomahawk asterisk. She comes from a minority region in Florem and has the ability to communicate with spirits. [13] She is fought as a boss in the Bravely Second demo to obtain the asterisk upon defeat.
  • Minnete Goroneze - The keeper of the Cat Master asterisk. She has the ability to talk and understand cats.
  • Mysterious Elder - The keeper of the Astrologer asterisk. Currently nothing is known about him.
  • Geist - The keeper of the Exorcist asterisk. He is known to some as "Bloody Geist".
  • Angelo W. Panettone - The keeper of the Patissier asterisk. His sweet cologne and even sweeter confections, that he makes with the utmost swiftness, capture the hearts of women everywhere.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Bravely Default Special Movie

Bravely Second received a special movie teaser in Bravely Default, which is unlocked after completing the final chapter The End: Bravely Default. Alternatively, it can be unlocked earlier by inputting the Konami Code (SuperNintendo-Dpad-Up SuperNintendo-Dpad-Up SuperNintendo-Dpad-Down SuperNintendo-Dpad-Down SuperNintendo-Dpad-Left SuperNintendo-Dpad-Right SuperNintendo-Dpad-Left SuperNintendo-Dpad-Right B-button A-button) on the title screen.[14]

Six months after the defeat of Ouroboros, Tiz Arrior releases the Celestial that he was told he had been carrying and collapses soon afterwards. Some time later, he awakens inside a White Magic restoration tank, where a guard comments that he has had cerebral dysrhythmia. A young woman suddenly appears and dispatches of the guards, scientists, and doctors in the room, as well as using the Bravely Second technique to help take down a powerful monster. She frees Tiz and introduces herself as Magnolia Arch, telling him that they are going to "some place nice."

Bravely Second

Several years after bringing peace to Luxendarc, Agnès Oblige becomes the newly inaugurated Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, and works to bring peace with the Duchy of Eternia. However, shortly before signing the peace treaty, Agnès is kidnapped by Emperor Oblivion, and it falls on her protectors—Three Musketeers Yu Zeneolsia, Jean Engarde, and Nikolai Nikolanikov—to rescue her.

Spoilers end here.


Supercell's ryo will be in charge of the game's soundtrack. Many tracks from Bravely Default will also return, including tracks exclusive in the English release and For the Sequel versions.[15]


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Production Credits


Director Kensuke Nakahara
Producer Tomoya Asano
Lead Artist
Main Character Design
Akihiko Yoshida
Scenario Writer Tomoya Asano - Shinji Takahashi - Souki Tsukishima
Music ryo (supercell)

Voice Cast

Character Japanese English
Magnolia Arch Ayumi Tsunematsu Amanda Winn Lee
Yu Zeneolsia Daisuke Namikawa
Jean Engarde Yasuyuki Kase
Nikolai Nikolanikov Toru Okawa
Agnès Oblige Ami Koshimizu
Tiz Arrior Mitsuki Saiga
Edea Lee Mai Aizawa
Emperor Oblivion Kazuya Nakai
Anne Hiromi Tsuru
Amy Matchlock Mayumi Shintani
Minnete Goroneze Hisako Kanemoto
Mysterious Elder
Geist Takumi Yamazaki
Angelo W. Panettone Mamoru Miyano
Holly Whyte Chiaki Takahashi
Erutus Profiteur Masaki Terasoma
Jackal Nobuyuki Hiyama
Einheria Venus Yûko Kaida
Fiore DeRosa Jōji Nakata
Nobutsuna Kamiizumi Hikaru Midorikawa
Praline à la Mode Fumie Mizusawa
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BS Collector's Edition

The Collector's Pack.

The Collector's Pack of the game can be acquired through several locations and comes with exclusive bonuses from each retailer:

  • Square Enix eShop - includes Trinity Sword which has the "Divine Night" ability.
  • Amazon Japan - includes Demon Strike which has the "Shell Divide" ability.
  • Game Tsutaya and Tsutaya Online Shopping - includes the Holy Lance Garuda which has the "Haste" ability.
  • Geo - includes the Dragon Breath which has the "Physical Up" ability.

The pack includes a copy of the game, a specially made mini-figure of Pope Agnès Oblige, an art album, the art and novel of Bravely Default 200 Years Later: Shrine Maiden of the Wind, Edea Oblige, a CD containing a mini-soundtrack, a U Notebook, a rubber strap of Magnolia Arch and a serial code that can be redeemed for a costume in-game. It will be sold for ¥15,984. The standard edition of the game will be available for ¥6,458.[16]



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