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Airy: Don't dillydally here. Let's go awaken the crystals.
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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Bravely Default that was released on October 10, 2012. It was composed by Revo of the Japanese band Linked Horizon and features vocals from Revo and Joelle. Some tracks are reused in Bravely Second: End Layer.

Track list[edit | edit source]

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Disc One (75:07)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Overture to Hope" (希望へ向う序曲, Kibō e Mukau Jokyoku?) - 3:15
    The main theme. Plays at the title screen, when a new job is obtained and introduced, and when the party resolves to go on their quest to awaken the crystals.
  2. "Eternity's Moment" (永遠の刹那, Eien no Setsuna?) - 2:12
    Plays when accessing the Menu on the World Map and when accessing any of the features of the map menu.
  3. "Facing That Prayer" (その祈りの向うに, Sono Inori no Mukō ni?) - 1:19
    Plays during the AR movie of Agnès's warning. A compilation of "Prayer of the Vestal", "The Evil One", and "Overture to Hope".
  4. "Four Tales" (四つの物語, Yottsu no Monogatari?) - 4:52
    Plays during the opening FMV. Each segment features a medley of rearranged tracks; Agnès's segment contains elements of "Windward", Ringabel's segment contains elements of "The Land of Beginnings" and "Love's Vagrant". Edea's segment contains elements of "He of the Name" and "Under the Duchy's Banner". Tiz's segment contains elements of "You are My Hope", "World of Scattering Flowers", and "Prayer of the Vestal".
  5. "Prayer" (祈り, Inori?) - 0:15
    Plays when a new Chapter is begun.
  6. "The Land of Beginnings" (はじまりの国, Hajimari no Kuni?, lit. The First Country) - 3:33
    Background theme of Caldisla.
  7. "Falling Asleep..." (眠りに落ちて..., Nemuri ni Ochite...?) - 0:10
    Plays when the party rests at an inn.
  8. "Horizon of Light and Shadow" (光と影の地平, Hikari to Kage no Chihei?) - 2:48
    The world map theme.
  9. "The Gongs of Battle" (戦いの鐘, Tatakai no Kane?) - 2:44
    The main battle theme.
  10. "Joy of Victory" (勝利の歓び, Shōri no Yorokobi?) - 0:38
    The victory fanfare.
  11. "Sylvan Tranquility" (森の静寂, Mori no Shijima?, lit. Silence of the Forest) - 4:27
    Dungeon theme for the four temples and dungeons leading to important locations.
  12. "Under a Hollow Moon" (虚ろな月の下で, Utsurona Tsuki no Shita de?) - 3:24
    Plays during scenes with Tiz and Agnès.
  13. "Visitor" (来訪者, Raihōsha?)
    Plays during cutscenes involving members of various Eternian factions.
  14. "Signs of the Enemy Invasion" (敵影襲来, Tekiei Shūrai?) - 3:30
    Plays during tension sequences, such as Tiz and Agnès's escape through the Norende Ravine.
  15. "He of the Name" (彼の者の名は, Yatsu no Na wa?) - 5:38
    Boss battle theme for asterisk keepers.
  16. "Unfulfilled Dream..." (見果てぬ夢..., Mihatenuyume...?) - 0:28
    The Game Over theme.
  17. "Infiltrating Enemy Territory" (敵地潜入, Tekichi Sen'nyū?) - 3:24
    dungeon theme for strongholds occupied by enemy forces.
  18. "World of Scattering Flowers" (花が散る世界, Hana ga Chiru Sekai?) - 3:55
    Plays during scenes of sorrowful nature, such as the deaths of certain characters.
  19. "Ship Racing Across the Ocean" (海原を駈ける船, Unabara wo Kakeru Fune?) - 4:23
    Background theme when sailing aboard the Eschalot.
  20. "The Land of Sand of Time" (砂と大時計の国, Suna to Dai Tokei no Kuni?, lit. The Desert and the Huge Clock Country) - 3:41
    Background theme of Ancheim.
  21. "Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees" (木漏れ日, Komorebi?) - 3:47
    Background theme of Yulyana Woods Needleworks and the House by the Sea.
  22. "Cave of Darkness" (暗闇の洞穴, Kurayami no Hora'ana?) - 3:50
    Dungeon theme for caverns.
  23. "Fighting to the End" (戦いの果てに, Tatakai no Hate ni?) - 4:14
    Boss battle theme for significant monsters.
  24. "You Are My Hope" (君は僕の希望, Kimi wa Boku no Kibō?) - 1:33
    Plays when Tiz uses a Special Move in battle.
  25. "Windward" (風の行方, Kaze no Yukue?) - 1:32
    Plays when Agnès uses a Special Move in battle.
  26. "Baby Bird" (雛鳥, Hinadori?) - 1:32
    Plays when Edea uses a Special Move in battle.
  27. "Love's Vagrant" (愛の放浪者, Ai no Hōrōsha?) - 1:37
    Plays when Ringabel uses a Special Move in battle.

Disc Two (72:53)[edit | edit source]

  1. "Investigation of a Nostalgic Recollection" (追憶は郷愁の調べ, Tsuioku wa Kyōshū no Shirabe?) - 2:07
    Plays during scenes of reminiscent nature, such as when talking to allied characters.
  2. "A Crystal's Darkness" (水晶の闇, Suishō no Yami?) - 2:14
    Plays before a Crystal is awakened.
  3. "A Crystal's Sparkle" (水晶の煌き, Suishō no Kagayaki?) - 1:48
    Plays after a Crystal is awakened.
  4. "Windswept Day" (風が吹いた日, Kaze ga Fuita Hi?) - 3:03
    Plays during the scene when Agnès speaks to the people of Ancheim and the winds return to the land.
  5. "The Land of Radiant Flowers" (艶花の国, Adehana no Kuni?) - 3:42
    Background theme of Florem.
  6. "Foolish Event" (他愛もない出来事, Tawaimonai Dekigoto?) - 2:12
    Background theme of the Drunken Pig tavern aboard Grandship. Also plays during humorous scenes.
  7. "Strained Time" (緊迫の時, Kinpaku no Toki?) - 2:31
    Plays during the murder mystery scenario in Hartschild.
  8. "The Sinking State" (沈みそうな国, Shizumisō na Kuni?) - 3:54
    Background theme of Grandship.
  9. "The Civil War Country" (内戦の国, Naisen no Kuni?) - 4:05
    Background theme of Hartschild and Eisen Bridge.
  10. "Ship Upon the Open Skies" (大空を翔ける艇, Ōzora wo Kakeru Tei?, lit. Ship Soaring Through the Heavens) - 2:56
    Background theme when flying aboard Grandship.
  11. "Under the Duchy's Banner" (公国の御旗の下に, Kōkoku no Ohata no Shita ni?) - 4:06
    Plays during cutscenes involving the Council of Six.
  12. "The Land of Immortality" (不死の国, Fushi no Kuni?) - 3:56
    Background theme of Eternia.
  13. "Prayer of the Vestal" (巫女の祈り, Miko no Inori?) - 1:40
    Plays when accessing the Event Viewer and Party Chats.
  14. "Wicked Thing" (邪悪なるもの, Ja'aku naru mono?) - 2:09
    Airy's leitmotif, which also plays during her first battle.
  15. "The Dark Aurora" (闇のオーロラ, Yami no Ōrora?) - 4:06
    Plays while exploring the Dark Aurora.
  16. "Wicked Battle" (邪悪なる戦い, Ja'aku naru Tatakai?) - 7:01
    Plays during the second battle against Airy.
  17. "Wicked Flight" (邪悪なる飛翔, Ja'aku naru Hishō?) - 7:53
    Plays during the third and last battle against Airy.
  18. "The Horizon-Devouring Serpent" (地平を喰らう蛇, Chihei wo Kurau Hebi?) - 6:38
    The final boss theme. Plays during the battle against Ouroboros. The second half samples "Horizon of Light and Shadow", "You Are My Hope", "Windward", "Baby Bird", "Love's Vagrant" and "Overture to Hope".
  19. "Ballad to Light" (希望へ向う譚詩曲, Kibō e Mukau Tanshikyoku, sung Hikari e Mukau Barādo?) - 6:52
    The ending theme, with vocals performed by Joelle and Revo. Plays during the ending credits.
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