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Bravega (ブレイガ, Bureiga?, lit. Braga) is an ability exclusive to Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is available to Synergist Paradigm Pack monster allies and increases physical damage dealt by 75%. This is similar to Bravery, but the enhancement lasts shorter than usual. It can be infused into other Synergist monsters.

Bravega can be learned by Clione (level 47), Gigantuar (level 42), Imp (level 54), Leyak (level 56), Microchu (level 40), Miquiztli (level 40), Nanochu (level 40), Purple Chocobo (level 62), Sazh (level 26), Testudo (level 14), Thexteron (level 40), and Yakshini (level 13).

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