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The Brave Suit is the ultimate light armor in Final Fantasy XII that boosts the wearer's defense by 57 (Zodiac) or 40 (original), HP by 500 (Zodiac) or 10 (original), and provides permanent Bravery to the wearer, which boosts the damage done with the character's weapon by 30%. Brave Suit does not have as high stats as the previous light armor, Mirage Vest, but the permanent Bravery buff is a great help; it is up for the player's consideration which endgame light armor would suit their party better.



Brave Suit found.

In the original PlayStation 2 versions, the Brave Suit can be found as a treasure in Henne Mines' Phase 2 Dig, Special Charter Shaft (25% chance to appear, 80% chance for gil, 10% chance the item treasure is the Brave Suit with the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 15 Henne Mines), and in Great Crystal's Uldobi Phullam Pratii (20% chance to appear, 50% chance to be either the Brave Suit of the Zodiac Escutcheon shield without the Diamond Armlet equipped).

Map of Great Crystal and treasure information.

The treasure in Great Crystal is the more viable method unless employing RNG manipulation for the Henne Mines. The player must have made it to the area before Ultima and have Way Stone XX activated. Using Way Stone XX, the player can teleport to Dha Vikaari Dhebon Ra, then cross Kanbhru Pis and activate the Aquarius Gate Stone in Sthaana Aquarius, then go to Dha Vikaari Uldobi and use Way Stone XVIII to teleport back to A Vikaari Kanbhru.

Once there, the player should head to Uldobi Jilaam Avaa, and take the right path to Uldobi Jilaam Praa'vaa. If Gate Libra 2 is blocking the way, the player can either take the left path and hit the Libra Gate Stone, then unlock Gate Libra, backtrack to the Aquarius Gate Stone and come back, or go the long way by moving left through Sthaana Libra, turning right and crossing Dha Vikaari Sirhru, turning right again and crossing Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii, heading straight to Uldobi Jilaam Praa and on to Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa back to Aquarius Gate 1. The player should touch it but not enter.

If Gate Libra 2 is unlocked when the player first gets there, they should head straight to Uldobi Jilaam Praa and turn right to enter Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa, touch Gate Aquarius 1, but not go further, instead return to Uldobi Jilaam Praa and take the path to the right. At Sthaana Capricorn, the player should touch the Gate Capricorn Stone before returning to Uldobi Jilaam Praa. The player should take the right path to reenter Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii and take the only path across to return to Dha Vikaari Sirhru, where they should approach Way Stone XVI before entering the first path to the left to return to Sthaana Libra. The player should head right and in Uldobi Jilaam Pratii'vaa, touch Gate Capricorn II on the right but not go through; instead, the player can return to Gate Aquarius I and enter the other path leading to Sthaana Taurus. To get there, one should take the left at Sthaana Libra, right at Dha Vikaari Sirhru, straight on at Uldobi Jilaam Praa'dii, straight on at Uldobi Jilaam Praa and left at Uldobi Phullam Praa'vaa.

After activating the Taurus Gate Stone, the player can return all the way back to Uldobi Jilaam Pratii'vaa and enter the right path where Gate Capricorn II was at. The path to the left will lead to Gate Capricorn II, and activating it will allow access to the right in the next area that holds the Brave Suit/Zodiac Escutcheon treasure, though it has a low spawn chance.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Brave Suit can be found as a treasure in Henne Mines' Special Charter Shaft (25% chance to appear, but is always the Brave Suit) and in Cerobi Steppe's Feddik River (20% chance to appear, 80% chance for gil, 5% chance the item treasure is the Brave Suit with the Diamond Armlet equipped).

Monid in Trial Mode.

The suit is also rarely stolen from Monid in Trial Mode Stage 60, and from Pylraster in Trial Mode Stage 85.

Outside of Trial Mode, the Henne Mines is the most convenient way to get the Brave Suit unless using RNG manipulation for the Cerobi Steppe treasures. To get to the deepest parts of Henne Mines, the player must have unlocked 10 Espers and then speak to the geomancer in Jahara.


The Brave Suit is a top tier light armor, giving 57 or 40 defense and 500 or 10 to HP depending on version, and bestowing the wearer with Bravery, a buff that boosts damage inflicted with weapons. In the original version where everyone can wear any equipment piece, the top tier heavy armor (Genji Armor, Maximillian, and Grand Armor), or the top tier mystic armor (Black Robes, White Robes, Glimmering Robes, and Lordly Robes), may be preferable to equip over light armor, as the latter's HP boost is not usually worth prioritizing over heavy armor that boosts Strength for physical attackers, or mystic armor that boosts Magick Power for spellcasters. However, the Brave Suit's natural Bravery increases all damage done with weapons, making it great for damage dealers.

If the Brave Suit is equipped with the Wyrmhero Blade, the character can have both Bravery and Faith permanently; this is especially viable in the Zodiac versions where any job can equip the blade, which is not the case with most equipment. Bravery also stacks with Berserk, making the character supremely powerful; again this is especially useful in the Zodiac versions where damage is not capped.

Alternative to wearing the Brave Suit, is to set up a Self:Bravery gambit, (or Name:Bravery, or Ally:Bravery). The benefit of Brave Suit is that it doesn't take any MP and time unlike when recasting with the spell, and the character can be revived with Bravery already in place, great in battles where the character is expected to KO, like the battles against superbosses (Yiazmat, Omega Mark XII, Zodiark). In the Zodiac versions only limited jobs can learn the Bravery spell, another boon to wearing the Brave Suit instead. Another way to bestow Bravery is from hitting one's allies with the Multiscale measure; this saves MP, but would likely require frequent weapon-swapping and manual control.

In the Zodiac versions, Machinist, Monk, Archer, and Shikari can equip the Brave Suit, and so it is only useful to look for if the player has chosen these License Boards for their party. In The Zodiac Age, after fighting Belias, the player can choose two License Boards per party member, and so more party members can choose from the potentially more useful heavy and mystic armor sets. For a job combination that doesn't unlock any heavy armor, the Brave Suit is excellent. In the Zodiac versions, the Brave Suit provides much more HP at 500 than in the original PlayStation 2 version. This is doubled under Bubble. With the best light armor gear and Bubble, the player can exceed the 9999 HP cap shown in the user interface.