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Brainpan is a construct/facer-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Pharos. The player must kill Brainpans to create green bridges to advance. Killing the red-flamed Deidars will destroy any bridges that have not been set and the player will have to kill more Brainpans to recreate them. Once a bridge is complete, it will set in place and killing Deidars will not destroy it. The player can then kill Deidars to build red bridges that lead to treasures. Brainpan has the Magepower Shishak as a rare poach.

Two Brainpans are also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode in Stage 45, alongside two Deidars. Once they have been killed Vishno and numerous Crusaders will spawn. Its rare poach in this battle is the Runeblade.

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Being statues of ill-favored aspect, set inside the great Pharos. It is said they were created in antiquity to protect the magicite that lies sleeping at the very top of the tower. Yet the magickal power of the stone they were set to guard corrupted them, and they became twisted and evil, attacking all without pause or purpose. Strong magicks seethe within these statues, gradually building up before erupting from their mouths in rays of brilliant light.

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