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The Crater left behind by the Bozjan incident.

The Bozja Incident was an event in Final Fantasy XIV that saw the entire city of Bozja wiped off the map.


Bozja was one of the many territories conquered by the Garlean Empire during its campaign of global conquest. In the center of the city stood Bozja Citadel, which served as the Empire's stronghold in the area. In the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, Bozja Citadel came to host the Empire's Project Meteor, led by premier Garlean scientist Midas nan Garlond.

Under the guidance of nan Garlond, the Garleans had discovered that the lesser moon Dalamud was not a natural celestial body, but an artificial satellite of Allagan origin. Nan Garlond surmised that within the moon slumbered a massive amount of untapped energy. With the Empire's attempted conquest of Eorzea stymied by their defeat in the Battle of Silvertear Skies, nan Garlond proposed Dalamud as an alternative method of paving the way for the conquest of Eorzea, by pulling the moon down on the Eorzeans' heads like the Empire's own meteor.

Houses miles away were destroyed.

To this end, nan Garlond sought to make contact with Dalamud, using an Allagan lunar transmitter donated by House Darnus. The scientist successfully communicated with Dalamud, and its power was confirmed at a terrible cost, as nearly five thousand years' worth of pent-up energy was directed at the transmission tower. The beam was so intense that not only the tower, but the entire surrounding city of Bozja, was vaporized in an instant, killing nan Garlond and all of the city's inhabitants.

Efforts were made by the Empire to cover-up the event, but the destruction of a major commercial center was too big to hide, and news of the catastrophe soon spread across the world and became known as the Bozja Incident, though the details behind the Incident remained unknown to those outside the imperial command for years.


With the loss of Midas nan Garlond and the lunar transmitter, Emperor Solus zos Galvus deemed Dalamud to be too unpredictable to harness, and Project Meteor was scrapped. Ten years later, Nael van Darnus, Legatus of the VIIth Imperial Legion, convinced the Emperor that he had discovered a way to control the satellite, allowing van Darnus to reopen the project. Van Darnus succeeded where nan Garlond had failed during the Battle of Carteneau, though not in the way anyone had foreseen, for the "massive energy" housed within Dalamud was revealed to be the elder primal Bahamut. Freed from the Allagan prison that was Dalamud, Bahamut caused massive devastation across Eorzea, bringing about the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Cid nan Garlond, the son of Midas who was considered a prodigy among Garlemald's scientific community, had become increasingly concerned with his father's obsession with Project Meteor and tried to warn him about the massive energy readings he was finding from the lunar transmitter in the final days before the Incident, only to be violently rebuffed. After his father's death, and in growing disillusionment with the Empire's warlike ways, Cid chose to defect to the Eorzean Alliance, where he founded Garlond Ironworks.

Lost in the destruction of Bozja Citadel were Gunnhildr's Blades, legendary weapons once held by the elite royal guards of Bozjan Queen Gunnhildr. With the techniques behind their creation lost with the weapons, the Bozjan Resistance recruited aetherology expert Mikoto Jinba to develop a means of diving into one's memories of Bozja that they might lay eyes on the weapons before their destruction. Using Cid Garlond as their test subject, they created new weapons based on the blades called Resistance Weapons.

During Alisaie Leveilleur and the Warrior of Light's investigations into the Binding Coils of Bahamut, they learned that Nael van Darnus had been tempered by Bahamut, explaining his obsession with the Meteor Project in his final days. Later, the Warrior of Light, Mikoto, and Cid learned that Midas nan Garlond had suffered the same fate when they were exploring Cid's memories of Bozja.


Cid's fragmented memories of Bozja in the final days before its destruction can be explored in the solo duty "The Bozja Incident".